Pond Vacuum Cleaner Reviews - It's Almost too Easy!

Vacuum Cleaners for the pond!

It doesn't matter what filter system you have you will still end up with silt and muck at the bottom of your pond! I discovered this when I recently installed a new brick pond to my garden. At first it looked absolutely stunning, and the water remained crystal clear with my hozelock 6000 pump. However, after a few weeks had passed, I noticed that the sides of the pond were beginning to collect a stringy type of blanket weed. Just one month later and the blanket weed was beginning to get really thick and was taking over the pond (the water still remained clear though!) and ruining the appearance.

I removed the blanketweed using a broom and brushing it against the sides of the pond. If i had of tried to do it by hand I think that I would have been there for weeks on end. As I removed the blanketweed the pond became extremely disturbed and became so misty that you could not see 2 inches under the surface.

Having removed as much of what was now loose blanketweed using a handle net;  I added a liquid blanketweed killer to the pond. This worked very well and within 1 week all the blanketweed had died back and the pond liner looked like it was practically brand new. However the water wasn't going crystal clear like it previously had, due to the amount of muck which was now broken up and sitting on the bottom of the pond. I don't think any pond filter would have been able to clear this, unless it was strong enough to suck the fish up with it. Therefore I needed to find a way to clear the muck 1) without emptying the pond  2) without killing the fish! 3) without making the water so misty looking again. What a dillema!

This was when I discovered pond vacuum cleaners. At first sight they look just like an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but these are in fact designed with a purpose! To clean up your pond! I decided to invest in one of these machines as I thought it could save me some serious time, effort and money in the near future -plus I didn't really want to add more filters to the pond because I now had nowhere to run them seeing as the pond had been completed.

Using the pond vac was super easy. In fact it was so easy that you could be hoovering the carpet in your house. It is amazing to see how much gunk is removed from the pond by using one of these things, and without causing too much of a stir whatsoever. I would recommend these fantastic devices to any pond owner, anywhere in the world. It even solves the problem of having to put a net over your pond in the autumn and winter months, and allows you to keep the pond clean, tidy and maintain it's natural beauty.

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Kevin Warhus 6 years ago

Really interesting little pond vacuum. This looks like a great way to clean my pond from the mess the filters and cleaners miss. Thanks!

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