Protect Your Horse and Other Pets From Fly and Mosquito Irritation With Homemade and Non- Toxic Repellent and Spray

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How To Make A Safe, Non Toxic and Effective Fly and Mosquito Repellent or Spray

Summertime can be a very uncomfortable time for your horse and other outside pets.All different types of flies and mosquitoes can be brutal.Horses spend all day and night trying to get rid of the flies and mosquitoes.Do your animals a favor and help them out with some type of insect repellent.

I manage a horse ranch with over 30 horses.I spray each horse everyday with a repellent.You can buy fly spray that works but it can get very expensive and you can only use it on a limited basis because it can be toxic if used too often.

There are several home remedies available, Avon Skin So Soft,Citronella oil and water, etc.Skin So Soft and water is very oily and Citronella oil can be hard to find.

I personally use white vinegar and water.It works extremely well, inexpensive and is non toxic.You can use as much as you like.I have even used it on myself.Like I said it works great.The only problem I found is that it may make your horse smell like a tossed salad but they will have some relief.

To make the vinegar and water spray just use a 50/50 mixture with a tablespoon of dish-washing liquid mixed in to help the mixture stay on your animals longer.If the insects are really bad you can use more vinegar than water.This is a completely safe and inexpensive way to repel the pests from your animals.

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trakker14 profile image

trakker14 8 years ago from franklin

Great information thanks so much I will passs it on to friends with horses.

NMEquine profile image

NMEquine 8 years ago from Rio Rancho, NM

WOW, Thanks for the information. I have rescue horses and I go through 4 bottles of fly spray a week in the summer months. At $7 a bottle, its about $100 monthly for the stuff. I am going to use your method now.Thanks so muchVal

wammytk profile image

wammytk 8 years ago from Iowa

I use this recipe except I use apple cider vinegar. I have noticed that when I first started to use it, I had a couple that did not like to be sprayed, they seemed to relax and it was not as hard to spray them. I think that it was the smell of the apple cider vinegar. They smell better too and it works just as well. 8 years ago

thank you for getting the word out we do not need harsh chemicals to kill flys.

sharkarama profile image

sharkarama 8 years ago

Great tips, Thanks! 8 years ago

Thanks so much for the tips! I Thanks again!

bengriston profile image

bengriston 7 years ago

Thanks for the tip. I have 4 horses and 6 heifers and the flies seem to be just horrible. The commercial spray I used did not seem to last and I do not want to continually use it.

gymnast101 6 years ago

i love horses so much!

lizberger profile image

lizberger 6 years ago

Have you tried any methods to reduce the population of mosquitoes near the horses? There are some mosquito traps that kill mosquitoes in large areas. They lure the mosquitoes by releasing an attractant and CO2. Then, they vacuum them into the trap where they dehydrate and die. By running the trap for several weeks, the mosquito breeding is interrupted and you don’t have a mosquito issue anymore.

Here's one I found online:

DTroth profile image

DTroth 5 years ago from My Little Hole In The Wall, HubPages, USA

Great info! I use white and apple cider vinegar for all kinds of things, but never even thought about using them for a fly spray! ...duh...

I have several horses that I take care of and this will be a completely inexpensive way to protect them from the biting flies and skeeters. Plus, I'm highly allergic to most commercial sprays, so I can't wait to try this!

Thanks for the hot tip!

peace to you...always,


AMY 4 years ago

This is what i was reading in this article take a look

its very important FOR YOUR HORSE!!!!


The recipe includes apple cider vinegar, dish detergent, bath oil, and citronella oil - and (this is where it become VERY dangerous) it SPECIFIES "citronella lamp oil for tiki torches". someone is circulating a very dangerous "recipe" for home-made flyspray. I know this because over the last few months, at least a dozen people have sent it to me.

Reason One: Citronella oil can be photosensitive - and your horse may end up being badly burned by sunlight that would not normally cause him any problems at all.

Reason Two: Some horses (like some humans) are sensitive to certain oils. Some are VERY sensitive to certain oils. If your horse is sensitive to citronella oil, and you use it on his skin.

shannon 3 years ago

Someone mentioned a mosquito magnet machine... At the cost of almost 800 dollars most of us cannot afford such a device, hence why we search for CHEAP mosquito remedies online :-P

I'll definitely try this vinegar trick, but I don't have any on hand at the moment damnit.

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