Interesting Puffer fish facts

Puffer fish in normal shape
Puffer fish in normal shape | Source

A Puffer fish is widely known for its ability to turn itself into a ball. It can ingest huge amount of water to blow up its body. It is also known as "Blowfish" or "baloonfish". In this Hub I will share some interesting facts about Puffer fish.

Puffer fish are not good at swimming but they can use their natural defense skill to protect themselves from predators. Puffer fish are mainly found in the tropical and subtropical waters. But some of the species are found in the fresh water too. There are more than 150 species of puffer fish are found in all over the world.

Interesting Facts about Puffer fish

1) Puffer fish can inflate into a ball shape by ingesting huge amount of water.

2) Puffer fish are the most poisonous fish in the World. A puffer fish has enough toxins to kill several human.

2) A Puffer fish can inflate its body several times larger than its original size.

3) There are more than 150 species are found in the world. Among them 29 species of puffer fish are found in the fresh water.

Puffer fish Info

  • Length : 2.5 - 60 cm
  • Weight: Adult puffer fish can weight from 10 to 30 pounds
  • Puffer fish Life span : 5 years on average
  • Family: Tetraodontidae

4) Puffer fish are very bad swimmer. But they can protect themselves from predators by blowing up their body. Moreover they have a poisonous gallbladder which makes them potentially dangerous to other predators. Check out the interesting video to see how a puffer fish protecting itself from a predator.

5) Puffer fish has good eyes and they can see very nicely.

6) The poison of Puffer fish can be deadlier than Cyanide. But this poison is useless against Sharks. As a result a shark can eat them without any trouble.

7) In Japan puffer fish are known as "Fugu”. Japanese people love eating dishes prepared from it. The dishes are prepared carefully by removing the toxic organs. Any mistake in preparing the dishes can be fatal. This is why special license is required to become a "Fugu chef".

8) Some species of Puffer fish has spine on their skin. Puffer fish with spine is less vulnerable to predators.

A Puffer fish protecting itself from an otter by blowing up

Puffer fish caught
Puffer fish caught | Source

9) Puffer fish have very thick and rough skin. This rough skin protects them from the attack of the predators. You can see it in the above YouTube Video.

10) The stomach of the puffer fish is very elastic. They can ingest lots of water to turn into a huge ball.The stomach of the puffer fish can expand several times larger than the body of a puffer fish.

11) The gallbladder of the Puffer fish are very poisonous and there is no known antidote available for it.

12) Puffer fish have 4 teeth. All together those 4 teeth forms a beak-like shape. They can crack clams and mussels with their strong teeth.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all these interesting Facts. Please share your thought about Puffer fish in the comment section and don't forget to rate this Hub. Thank you very much for reading this Hub.

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Rachelle Williams profile image

Rachelle Williams 5 years ago from Tempe, AZ

I learned something new here, I did not know that there were so many different kinds of puffer fish, I thought it was only one specific fish.

Thanks for sharing :)

Rachelle Williams profile image

Rachelle Williams 5 years ago from Tempe, AZ

I learned something new here, I did not know that there were so many different kinds of puffer fish, I thought it was only one specific fish.

Thanks for sharing :)

tnvrstar profile image

tnvrstar 5 years ago from doha, qatar Author

@Rachelle Williams,

Thanks for the comment

shabbu 5 years ago

it is happy to know something new like puffer

fish to me

killer 4 years ago

Hi i like puffer fish

Simon 4 years ago

Please other post more facts :)

Simon 4 years ago

hey im killer and Simon :)

Venkat Chavakula 4 years ago

Learned something NEW and interesting facts about FUGU.

mike 4 years ago

can puffer fish go with other community fish?

carol 4 years ago

wont get one if they carry toxins

britt 4 years ago

i love puffer fish there too cute

Alexia 4 years ago

I ? FOOD!!!

chloe 4 years ago

thank you for this, i want to be a marine biologist and this helped very much with my research! will you do one of these on jellyfish please?

sheri 4 years ago

i never knew how they puffed out!

dona 4 years ago

I've learned very interesting new facts about the puffer fish. Thank you!

taylor tomblinson 4 years ago

i agree puffer fish are pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taylor brown 4 years ago

i love puffer fish they are so cool

taylor 4 years ago

i have learnt so many facts today thankyou very much

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this hub has some very interesting facts!from where do you get them

lilly edson 4 years ago

i loved the facts... it really helped me in my science project.. :)

lalaboola 3 years ago

puffer fish are so funny just do NOT play beach ball or toss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abby 3 years ago

I love pufferfish they are soooooooo cute

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dennis 3 years ago

Please comment on the claim a puffer fish makes elaborate sand designs to attract female to mate and lay eggs at 80 ft below the surface near Japan.

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akeela 3 years ago

i did not no there were so deadly

Emma 2 years ago

who knows a website for amazing but trure facts???????????

jaswincy 2 years ago

I have seen puffer fish..but at that time I do know that it was the puffer fish..when reading the above facts I am very happy that I have seen puffer fish which is rarely present in our locality..thank you..!

mahizha ashokan 2 years ago

puffer fish is cute but i did not think they are this much deadly

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