Pug House Training

Pug House Training - What Method Is Best For Me?

When it comes to Pug house training, the most important question to answer is "which housetraining method is best for me and my Pug?"

Here are 5 steps to help you pick and implement the right Pug house training method for you.

#1) Ask yourself what sort of lifestyle and flexibility you have to house train your Pug.

Are you mostly at home during the day, or do you spend long periods of time away from the house? Do you have any help from a spouse, child or dog-walker who can assist with the training?

Here are three preferred methods to housetrain a Pug and the lifestyle they are best suited for:

Crate Training - teach your Pug to hold themselves when in their crate - best if you are home some of the day

Paper Training - teach your Pug to go on a designated spot of house training paper - best if you are not home most of the day and do not have help

Schedule Based Training (SBT) - teach your Pug to go out at consistent, regular times - best if you are home most of the day or have help who is home, and you can be absolutely regular with the schedule

Pick a method that works best for your lifestyle, as it's critical that you be consistent and set yourself up for success.

#2) Research your preferred method so you know it inside-out and come up with a game plan.

Once you've selected the method to train your Pug, be sure to apply it correctly. This means doing some homework to research the method, understand it and create a game plan for your Pug and your lifestyle.

Don't short-change this step! I've found the root cause of most Pug house training failures is applying a method incorrectly. Each of the methods listed above works well for Pugs, but only if implemented properly. Do your homework and don't be afraid to look to trainers or other resources for help here.

#3) Think like a Pug!

Try to step into your Pugs' "shoes" for a few minutes to consider the challenges of housetraining.

Here's the deal.., "you" are small in size... "you" have a little bladder... "you" have to go pee pretty often when young

So don't expect to last 8 hours between pees! And if you're under 3 months old, "you" can't really control your movements...so expect the housetraining to take some time before "you" get it!

This step will help you set realistic expectations for training your Pug.

Pugs Are The Cutest!

House training makes me happy!
House training makes me happy!

#4) Be patient...very, very patient!

Housetraining your Pug is not an overnight thing. You need to be consistent and patient.

Let me break this to you now...your Pug is going to have accidents. Don't get angry or upset or give-up, it is simply part of the process. Yelling at your Pug is the worst idea here because they don't understand what the problem is and why you are so upset. Absolutely, positively do not hit your Pug.

So stay calm, cool and collected, clean up the mess and stick with your game plan. Training your Pug is an investment in time and energy...it takes several weeks to start to work and potentially longer if you have a young puppy. Remember, you'll have your Pug for 10 to 15 years if healthy, so this training time is a "drop in the bucket"!

#5) Stick to the plan.

This is the critical step - you've got to stick with your plan to make it work.

Don't abandon hope when accidents happen. Stay with your method, make sure you fully understand it, and apply its methods consistently. Don't bend or make exceptions, as this will only confuse your Pug and potentially set your training back.

Pug Accidents Will Happen!

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Angel 9 years ago

i heard that its possible to litter train a pug, i got all the necesities to do so. my pug is 3 months old. is it too young to train yet, and what are your thoughts on litter training

fearfree 8 years ago

I'm already starting to "think like a pug"....!

THnaks for the two free videso to get started with. Great idea.

onestoptreatment 8 years ago

I love the dog pictures in your Hub, great content

lesleyk1 profile image

lesleyk1 8 years ago from Australia

Great information. I love the photo ....soooo cute!

LindsayD 8 years ago

I think your advice on knowing your training method inside-out is spot on.

progolfer79 8 years ago

Are pugs harder to house train than larger breeds of dogs? I'm new to the little dog world.

indrapramit 8 years ago

Wow, great information, would surely help me out!!

nixbox 8 years ago

Haha. I think the most useful one is "Think Like a Pug"

feyi2007 8 years ago

Very useful information on pugs.Loved and found useful Be patient...very, very patient.

Navs 8 years ago

Your positive approach is helping me train my pug. Thanks for advocating patience, I sure need it.

Union 8 years ago

Yes, pugs are the cutest. I will try out the training with my dog soon. Thanks for the information.

abaler profile image

abaler 8 years ago Author

Wow, folks, thanks for all the great comments!!!

Sarah Eve Nichols profile image

Sarah Eve Nichols 8 years ago

The photos of the pugs are excellent! They really ad to this hub page :-)

solowpoet 8 years ago

this was very very infomative and thourough...about the crate training i didn't think that was possible.

thanks for the info.

s0m1c 8 years ago

wow very funny and usefull thanks you

rabia06 8 years ago

Useful information is provided and explained very well about Pug House Traing. I like the photos :)

skings81087 8 years ago

I really enjoy the things you spoke about in this page. I like how you put it really easy so that I can create a training plan for my pug. Thanks a lot!

TP2008 8 years ago

My pug is only 17 weeks old. Your blog about crate training was very handy. He has had minimal accidents and I've already trained him to sit on command. Pugs are very smart animals. They require alot of attention, but you get so much more in return. You give them love and attention- they will train easily!

trudsco 8 years ago

We've had our pug for two weeks. She seemed to take to the paper training by second day we had her, and she had very few accidents all week.

Thinking she was "ready" we decided to try litter box training her (how hard can it be after she picked up on paper training, right?). We tried for a half day, and it seemed to confuse her.

She had more accidents in a couple days than she had the entire first week. She's back on paper training buy now my girlfriend and I feel we need to watch her almost constantly because we don't trust her.

Sometimes she pees or poops right after we try to get her to go on the paper.


shawna 8 years ago

My pug has been more mischievious lately than usual. In the last couple of weeks he has developed a habit of relieving himself on my youngest daugthers bed. We take him outside regularly, and it doesnt make any sense. Why is he doing this?

casie44 8 years ago

Thanks. This info helped me alot

Meilun 8 years ago

i jus luv pugs + i am going 2 get on in 3 weeks!!

sharon66 profile image

sharon66 8 years ago from bunbury

he is so cute

Elizabeth 8 years ago

My suggestion is "get to know your Pug". My cutie is now nine month old and I have found that she has a schedule and if I observe this and take her out on her schedule, she doesn't have too many accidents in the house. I use a simple command; "Go pee" or "Go poo" and this usually works. I have found that she will almost always "poo" after a good, brisk walk/run. Oh yes, I use the crate method. Whenever I think it's getting close to the time she'll need to go out, I crate her for an hour or so before taking her out. In our case, this seems to work.

I have had different breeds before; cocker, poodle, dachshunds and now my sweet little Pug. She is different than any dog I've ever had and by that I mean, she's absolutely adorable - not that the others weren't. She is a comedian and keeps me entertained with her antics. I find she likes to be talked to in a gentle voice and doesn't like to be scolded. I have also found that a Pug LIVES to eat and food is constantly on their minds. Consequently, rewarding their actions with a treat is very effective. A treat is almost necessary when potty training your Pug.

Atlas 8 years ago

How can i make my 3months old to pee outside? i love my dog?

Hugh Harrison 8 years ago

How can I stop my 11 month old Pug from chewing all the time? He likes newpapers couch cushions and shoes. He has all his toys and chew objects available in and out of his crate.

maddie 8 years ago


maddie 8 years ago

the pug pic is cute my dog is just a little bbit bigger than that one

maddie 8 years ago

the pug pic is cute my dog is just a little bbit bigger than that one

maddie 8 years ago

hugh i don't know you but u can by ure dog some chew toys.also if he dosen't listen when u tell him commands by some dog treats tell him the comand and hell do it 2 get the treat.but if he dosen't do the comand still just like if u tell him 2 sit get on ure nees and make him sit.like put his back down and make him stay.

hannah 8 years ago

are all pugs breath stinkey?

maddie 8 years ago

that black baby pug just kills me its sooo cute!!! i have a fond colored pug shes a baby her name is ruby beth holcomb.

hannah 8 years ago

did u know pugs r chinese dogs

maddie 8 years ago

yeah they used 2 be chinese emperors pets.i found that in a pug book.that is so awsome huh.we have chinese emperors pets living with us.

hannah 8 years ago

i wonder if pugs understand us

clb 7 years ago

i have a pug that is three years old and will not stop using the bathroom in my living room someone please help...

Mariposita 7 years ago

I have a year old Pug. I take him outside to "do" every morning at 7 and in the evening at about 8. He will not "go" everytime I take him outside. Most of the week he will go in the house or do peepee. He does not "do" in the house everyday but he does peepee everyday and it is usually in or near the same spot...in the kitchen by the fridge or in my kids room. He won't go on his training pads. I'm a little frustrated and looking for some support. I want to keep my Pug...we all love him very much.

Michelle 7 years ago

I have a male pug and he pees everywhere to mark his territory. Really hes drivin me insane. If your in his presense he doesnt do but as soon as you turn your back, there he goes. What can I do? Please help me....

Pug l0ver08 7 years ago

thank you so much for the advice this is my 3rd pug ever in my life and i have took my technics and your to try and yours worked even better my baby girl listens to me. Now to get the other ones to do the same =)

paul from ireland 7 years ago

Brilliant advise made very easy to follow. thank you so much and i love the picture its soooo cute.

ivy 7 years ago

my pug is a cute fawn named Layla!

puglover18 6 years ago

What do I do if I take my pug outside to potty but when she is on the floor she pottys on the floor

stephanie spinner 6 years ago

i just got my pug about a week ago. I take her out side cery often, but as soon as i let her in side she will mess on my floor. Can some one please help me, i love my dog but i have two little kids in the house and i cant have that.PLEASE HELP ME!!

e-mail: stephiebear6906@yahoo.com

Sabrina 6 years ago

My pug is 11 months, he's barks for us to open the toilet door and relieves himself in a specific corner. It was quite easy to toilet-train him, but I find it very difficult to train him otherwise. He knows what we are talking about, and responds only f he wants to. I want toknow how to train him to respond to commands.

AK 6 years ago

Im getting a pug soon, (hopefully) and its going to be just a baby and this is the most helpful information i have gotten all day. (:

dj 6 years ago

it dosnt explain how to train them in the crate or any of them...i dont get it.

Connie 6 years ago

I got my pug about 2 weeks ago. Her name is Gracie, she goes pee and poo on paper but will not go outside to relieve herself. I have another dog that is trained and I take Gracie out with him and she just plays and tries to eat anything in sight she will not pee or poo on the grass. I have a crate I believe I will try that. That is how I trained my other dog. Does anyone else have this problem about not wanting to go outside on the grass? And does anyone have any Ideas on what to do? Thanks for any help.

Celina 6 years ago

hey i have 2 pugs and they should so be added 2 this web site

savita 6 years ago

How do I train my 10 month old pug not to scratch on doors?

monique 6 years ago

hi everyone....I have a serious problem with my 2 yr old male pug, who is 2 yrs old, he is marking in the house, at times right in front of us, we have had him for a yr. I love him soooo much but he is causing damage in the house, i dont want to give the prob to anyone else...My hubby is ready to euthinize, his character is sooo awsome and i want ant ideas or tips anyone can give me....please help

BRENDA KING 5 years ago


daisyrat 5 years ago

We had gotten a pug that someone dropped off at my work. She is about a year old and she obviously wasn't cared for properly both caring wise and house training. We have had her for about 7 or 8 months now and she still pees and poos in the house. We have a taining mat down and she goes all around it and for some reason not on it. We put her out with our other dog and she will go outside but then after being in the house for a short time she goes again. Does anyone have any advise, we are in desperate need of anything.

John 4 years ago

We have a Pug, since he is 6 month old he is living inside with us and it took us 2 weeks to train. He does not pee inside, he does not scratch or eat the furniture, he Is a really nice dog. They are really stubborn to train so you need to be patient.

To train him to pee outside, take him outside every time he drinks, plays or every 2 hours and wait until he pees. If you have a yard, don’t go out with him, they get easily distracted and always want to play, if you do go out with him it will take much much much longer. Watch from inside and only let him in after he pees, it is important that you reward him and make a big fuzz of it. The first times you need patience.

You should convine this with a little bit of hard hand if he misbehaves. If he pees inside the house (or jumps into furniture, scratch doors, etc), try to catch him in the act and then scream at him and hit him in the but and/or a smack in his face. There are some people that will tell you this wont work and will judge you, don’t listen to them. The dog is not hurt (don’t exceed yourself) and they will learn that what they did was wrong (only if you catch them in the act). If they don’t listen to you is probably because they don’t respect you and don’t see you as their leader. Also, if you still have doubts, use your commons sense and think about the animal kingdom, how does the pack leader control the pack if one gets off path or tries to control the pack...

If they play too tough and you don’t like it, just turn him facing up in submissive position, don’t let him move for some minutes, at first he will resist, but with time he will see you as the leader. Do not let him up until you decide so. After that stop playing with him for some minute and he will soon stop doing that as well. It also works a small smack in the face or a touch in the neck and then stop playing. Whenever you do this or you want to stop playing with him, use a key word and try to use always the same body language.

aashima 4 years ago

the photo is not so clearbut as i love pugs so the cutestttttttttttttt..........dog in the universe is pug

Michelle 4 years ago

For those of you who asked how to stop your pug from scratching the door.........I hung a bell for my pug to ring when she needs to go out. You can find them made for that purpose at Petland. My pug caught on to ringing the bell to go potty within a day. The problem I have with my pug is, she likes to go outside even if she doesn't have to potty. So, I'm constantly running her out, it doesn't matter if it's raining or 100 degrees. She loves it outside. I have medical problems , I'm not supposed to be in the extreme temperatures,(like pugs) so I thought I was getting the perfect dog for myself! Does anybody else have this situation/problem?

Tiffany 2 years ago

Hey I have a pug who is 8 months old and she been potty trained for awhile and she just poops on the house when I'm gone idk why she does this she is in heat so I'm wondering if that is it. Thanks for your help

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