Pug Names

Did you just come home with a new Pug puppy...and now you are looking for terrific Pug dog names for your precious baby Pug???

Where to start???

There are 1000's of possibilities...and you only get to make this choice one time.

Who doesn't love a face like this???
Who doesn't love a face like this???

Many people have asked me for some good names for their new Pug, so I compiled a list of the top 100 Pug Dog names from some of the best, most popular Pug communities online.

Here is the first 10 Pug dog names from the top 100 list, in alpahebtical order:

  1. Audrey
  2. Bean
  3. Beatrice
  4. Bella
  5. Biggy
  6. Bob
  7. Bogart
  8. Boofy
  9. Brody
  10. Buddha

Go check on the rest of the list here...you're sure to find inspiration perfect for your new Pug!!!

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_Benjamin profile image

_Benjamin 8 years ago from Queensland, Australia

Nice little Hub :). I think the name Bean sounds cute for a pug! Keep up the good work abaler!

abaler profile image

abaler 8 years ago Author

Thanks Ben! Bean is a cute name, isn't it! Appreciate you stopping by!

profile image

progolfer79 8 years ago

Man, if my girlfriend does get a pug I want to name him Budda. That way I can try and pretend he's the epitome of calmness- yeah right.

profile image

indrapramit 8 years ago

Cool names, thanks a lot!!

profile image

nixbox 8 years ago

I like the name Boofy. Thanks for the list.

profile image

feyi2007 8 years ago

Bella sounds femmine and romantic would love that for my yorkie, thanks for the list.

profile image

Union 8 years ago

Thanks for the names, we used to call our dog's with the names Rocky, Keky, Lucky. Beky... next time, I will refer the list and pick up a nice name for any new puppy.

profile image

Navs 8 years ago

good names these. Boofy is my pick

profile image

Navs 8 years ago

the other names in the extended list are also cool

solowpoet 8 years ago

Bogart,that is a great name it fits this breed well,what about Bogey?

profile image

s0m1c 8 years ago

haha , funny, you shoule get name Bush? it ok right?

Sarah Eve Nichols profile image

Sarah Eve Nichols 8 years ago

I wonder why the B names are so popular for pugs? Though the name Bogart stands out to me as a winner :-)

profile image

rabia06 8 years ago

nice list of names provided...it makes it easy for me to choose one...its always a problem for me to choose a name for pug.

profile image

skings81087 8 years ago

My puppies name is Bob. I don't know how it came to me, but when I first saw him, i knew that's what his name was. I love this list and some of them I might consider for my next yorkie.

Fancy That profile image

Fancy That 8 years ago

haha.. Why would you name a pug Audrey??

Lisa 8 years ago

We have a baby pug puppy. We named her Matty Cakes Magoo.

My husband liked Matty, her little face reminded me of patty-cakes and then their are her eyes so we went for Magoo.

Sarah 7 years ago

I have 4 pugs 1 black 3 fawn. Tia(f), Carlos(m), Candi(f),and Styx(f)

plus we have labX named 73

kajari 7 years ago

cool names...bean is my pick....:)

pugieeeee 7 years ago

thanks for the list and i hope i get a pug

opupiong 7 years ago

i reallllllllyyyyyyy want aaaaaa puuugggggg theyyyyy arrreee sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Trina 7 years ago

Pablo Pugcaso. Al Pugcino. Louis. Franklin. Orville. Virgil.

Rebecca 7 years ago

I got ten pictures of pugs to use a nail printer and print on my nails!!! these are so cute i hav two puggies

Olly 7 years ago

ive picked my pug its a girl. might name it Poppy or Audrey. taking it home on 24th december as it is to young to leave the mom

Big C 6 years ago

Buddy Lee, Meatball, Dude, Doug, Vito, Horhay, Ike

Those are Male Pug Names I like. I had a female pug named Sheila for almost 12 years. She just passed away a week ago.

millie  6 years ago

I love puggggggggssss they are so cute hope i get one i love them aaarrreeexxxxxx

edward 6 years ago

i would name it edward and call it eddy

shruthi 6 years ago

hi guys.......my frn rags has bought a male puppy pug.... so......could u plz suggest him a puppy pug name..u need not worry about the features that our puppy pug has...all that rags looking for is a male puppy pug name which is cute, cute and only cuuuuuuuuuute....plzzz help me in this.......

bkjhiulhruifhuihvigtufrrfti 6 years ago

im getting a pug (boy) soon i was thinking of thesse names

maxi cosmo kirby oscar rocky

tell me which name you like best

Susanah Lee 6 years ago

In one week today I am anticipating my new arrival. I have waited and searched long hours, to find my new baby boy, My Pug. I have no idea what to call him or even if he will like to me. I always like my "children" to chose me. So I am going in with nothing but love and hope he loves me too. Wish me luck.


Tarah 6 years ago

We r getting a 7 week year old pug tomorrow. My dog for 3 years now had ran away today. :( I am so sad, but now my mom says we should get a pug. I'm not so sure of these names, but thanks for some of the ideas! xoxo.

brianna 6 years ago

i have a 2 pugs female and male the female is named Gypsy and the male is named Lucky because he was lucky to be born!!!!!!!

chlowyy 6 years ago

I would love a male pug and for some reson I would call it Elvis... Just think its a brillent name for such a small dog:)!

pug lover 6 years ago

i luv the one Bella thx!!!!!

Pug Names - PugPups.com :: Pugs, pugs and more pugs!Got Pug? But don't have a name, yet? Look through the list to find the perfect ..... Babby Girl Babs Baby Doll Baby G Baby Girl Baby Mee Baby-kay. Baccardi ...

www.pugpups.com/pug_names.php - Cached - Similar?

Mary 6 years ago

His so cute I'll die for him

lisa 6 years ago

I am going to name my pug Kirby :)

ZIZO 5 years ago


ZIZO 5 years ago


Mary 5 years ago

sassy names huh

Mima. pug. cat 5 years ago

I love pugs they ar my best dogs mn ar cald Dorthoy and vins ley ar so nays.

blanca 5 years ago

Cute names, i had always wanted a pug and guess wat?...... my hubby finally got me a gorgeous little girl she is 10wks and i named her britny. I totally love her she is spoiled rotten.

bitch 4 years ago

i love pugs

Pugl 4 years ago

I like weenie.

Puglie 2 years ago

I love the name Pugley.

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