The Importance of Rabbit Poop

How to get rid of it, and what the different kinds mean!

I'm a rabbit breeder located in North Carolina that breeds show rabbits- mainly Holland Lops, Mini Lops and Jersey Woolies. I maintain a rabbitry website and blog in addition to this one and I like to share my thoughts on rabbits. We own quite the menagerie and you knowwhat that means-

We spend an amazing amount of time around poop. Dog poop, chinchilla poop, hamster and rat poop, turtle poop- you name it we see it. But I'm pretty sure we spend most of our time hauling rabbit poop! That's pretty amazing, considering how I got grossed out just hearing about someone having to go change a baby diaper!

As you can guess, we cleaned a few cages today- that's what got me to thinking about poops.

In rabbits, we love to see the normal poop. The nice, medium sized little balls in their pan that indicate everything is going well! We're currently dumping these trays on a compost heap, and as soon as we finish digging out potatoes, pulling beans and harvesting corn, squash, zucchini , peppers and 'maters, we'll have a much shorter journey to a dumping ground! Yep, the bunnies are going to be put to work fertilizing our garden plot. Nothing better than bunny manure to revitalize plants and soil!

Then there is not so helpful poop- diarrhea. I'll admit, my heart stops every time I see it. Usually there is no reason- a new rabbit is stressed from the move, weanlings are a little creeped out without mama- there are a 101 reasons for normal rabbits to have diarrhea. Most of the time, there are no problems, a little hay and some time to calm down- maybe a butt-washing or two, and everything is peachy-keen. However, sometimes it's so much more serious.

Then, we get the cecotrophes, the little slightly mushy "poop" that appears to be a clump of tiny brown grapes. These usually get eaten, but occasionally my rabbits prefer to step on them, creating a huge mess that is nearly impossible to scrape off- mostly because they hide the evidence for a few days, pooping on top of the mess and creating their own little compost heap right in the cage. Add to it a bit of hair from whoever is molting at the moment and BAM! you've got a nasty cage that isn't going to be easy to clean. We have a few like this at the moment- we'll have to torch them if it EVER stops raining!

We've also got the no-poops stage. I'm so lucky we've not encountered this yet *knock on wood*. Like diarrhea, no-poops can signal some very bad problems for your bunny! Hopefully, lots of hay and some papaya will get everything flowing again.

Poops are an amazingly helpful insight to the secret health of your rabbit. Because rabbits are prey, lots of time they don't exhibit signs of illness the way we do- or when they start exhibiting them, they are almost always too far gone to help, unless you're particularly observant. It may not be the best view in the world, but try to pay attention to your rabbit's poop. It might just save their life!


Keep's Rabbitry

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Terri 8 years ago

Very helpful, thanks! :)

Jackilyn profile image

Jackilyn 8 years ago

not very pleasant but it is ever so helpful.

Bueller's Way profile image

Bueller's Way 8 years ago from Massachussetts

This probably wasn't supposed to be a funny article but it had me rolling imagining tons of out of control pooping rabbits. I have ferrets and all they do is crap everywhere. They get in trouble if they don't go on the papers so they usually do

Keeps Rabbitry profile image

Keeps Rabbitry 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

:lol: I appreciate it Bueller's Way! It was to be helpful, but I realized it was going to come out sounding funny, so I had fun with it :).

ramlat 7 years ago

not clear

kimmy 6 years ago

It is good to know that rabbit poops are good fertilizer.

But I don't want to see the hundreds of rabbits poops in my back yard. Any idea how to keep the wild rabbits to come to my backyard to use it as their toilet?

david glennon 6 years ago

rabbits are geat pets

ajjromine 6 years ago

i raise lionhead rabbits and reading you're article made me feel better about the mini manure piles in the corner and the occasional stained butt. we often use our rabbit scat without composting. The first cage cleaning was scarey for me as I was thinking what am I going to do with all this stuff... by the time I got the second of thirty cages cleaned I had standing orders from the neighbors on the next block over, in the Historical District, who wanted to keep their flowers and greenery up to snuff with their neighbors. Now I save the rabbit feed bags and just dump the manure into the bags. Hate to say it, and its funny as Im a germaphobe, I am the scat queen. From bear to wolf to my pit bull versus the neighbors doberman. Since we are what we eat, its a good idea to know what you put on your plants.

ang pangit 6 years ago

kung cno man ytong nag lagay ulol

paige 5 years ago

how cute:}

stephanie A. 4 years ago

i wanna buy a bunny and the pic is really cute what kind is it n where can i get one? :)

anna brickey 3 years ago

thanks for the notes they relly helped,

Bab1204 3 years ago

(Stephanie... I would check with local humane societies... that's where we got our great little girl)

If I didn't know about the "no poop" being extremely serious our bunny would have died. I noticed she hadn't pooped overnight (which she usually does quite a bit 24-7) and called the vet immediately. Her intestinal track was totally empty and she didn't want to eat. We force fed her, they gave her meds to keep her system moving and while it was super scary she did recover and has been doing great. The minute her poop looks anything but perfect we're making sure she has something she wants to eat that will keep her insides going. Poop is the thing to watch!!!

Daisy 2 years ago

OMG I am looking for a bunny I live now hear near u but what kind of breed is that one right there in the picture

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