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Many parents avoid the quail topic every time it is brought up by their children. This is because the first thing that comes to their minds is the high cost of raising quail birds, the amount of work required during raising these birds and the time and effort that will be required for them as parents in relation to the raising of these birds. However, raising these birds does not have to be very difficult .It could actually be interesting, fun and very profitable.

Many parents are right about the cost of raising these birds but they forget the end profit of the same. Therefore, before starting the process of raising these birds, the parents should consider the cost, space or room available for raising these quails, the availability of equipments needed in the raising of these birds and the best type of quail birds that will work best for them. It is however important the parents start small with only a few or a couple of quails. The first step to raising quail birds is to incubate the quail eggs. In this case, the parent has to choose the best incubating method that will help hatch the eggs. You can purchase an incubator with egg turner, or you can go the all natural way and turn the eggs 3 times a day, like a hen would do. My opinion is incubator with egg turner, a lot easier especially if you are new to hatching . After the fertile quail eggs hatch you will have chicks.

Brooding of the quail chicks simply means containing or keeping the chicks in a certain or controlled environment. The brooding of these chicks requires the right amount of heat, food, water, air and space. Quail birds are mainly raised for food; other people sell the quails for meat and can bring in a nice little income or for fun as well. The marketing demands for quail meat and eggs are very high. The following markets include restaurants, gourmet stores, hotels, and bars. This is because the quail bird is a very special delicacy that is very popular. Quail eggs can be sold as fresh fertile quail eggs for breeding. The eggs can also be sold as boiled, salted or pickled. Quail meat is on high demand because it is served barbecued, fried, and in many other ways that makes it a great delicacy. The quail eggs are also used to make popular soup in some restaurants and hotels.

In this case, raising quail birds is very profitable to the parents and fun for the kids. It is not only a promising project but also an additional source of income for the parents and the whole family as well. In addition, the nutritious value of these birds is of great value. These birds and the eggs are a great source of protein for malnourished children. Therefore, raising quails is not that hard and with all of the benefits that they have, this would be a great science fair project for the kids and parents.

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