Red Point Siamese Cat

What Is A Red Point Siamese Cat?

Siamese cats are among the most recognizable breeds in the world. There are many variations of the Siamese cat but all of these have the distinguishing points, which are darker than the breed's base coat color. Among the many different kinds of Siamese breeds are the seal point, the blue point, chocolate point and lilac point. These four are the ones accepted by the traditional Siamese cats fanciers club. Other variations such as the red point Siamese cat and the tortoiseshell are not fully accepted in some clubs.

Red Poing Siamese Cat

Red Poing Siamese Cat
Red Poing Siamese Cat

The Red Point Siamese Cat Variation

The red point Siamese cat is pretty much the same cat as other more traditional Siamese cats but instead of the dark chocolate or black points, they have red or orangey points. These non-traditional point patterns are only variations in color and do not affect the temperament or health of the red point Siamese cat.

These new breed of Siamese cats also have the same placements of their points, in the extremities like the ears, snout, lower legs and paws, tail and scrota in most males. They also have the same or similar blue colored almond shaped eyes as the traditional Siamese cats, but these newer breeds sport the modern bodies of Siamese cats instead of the traditional.

Background Of The Red Point Siamese Cat

In the year 1948 Dr. Nora Archer acquired a male red point Siamese cat which was a product of crossbreeding a seal point male and a domestic cat which was half Siamese. The first male red point Siamese cat was then bred with a seal point female, which resulted in a litter of a tortoiseshell female who then produced the first ever-female red point Siamese cat.

From then on, the history of the red point Siamese cats was made. Selective breeding resulted in perfecting the red point Siamese cat strain and eventually the breed was introduced to the general public. The recognition of the new breed of Siamese cats had a difficult time gaining admission to most certified clubs but has gathered many fans. Those who fancied the breed started their own club, which was eventually affiliated with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in 1967.

Today, many people have accepted the red point Siamese cat as a variation of the Siamese breed. The breed variation also has many followers who adore the different shades of red that can be achieved in the new breed.

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Comments 28 comments

steve 7 years ago

ive got a got one and hes 3 yrs old and he always at my side even waitting at the door we DON'T have any other cats or dogs cuz he don't get a long with them hes fine with kids but how do i get him to stop falling me around the apt.

Carrie 6 years ago

You don't. He is Siamese!

geolee 6 years ago

I was asked to care for a small white kitten with light ginger points and beautiful blue eyes for a few weeks - later the 'owners' did not want him back.

He was called Bucko for a day, then Frank, and he responded to "Blue".

He lived with me for over 16 years; what a wonderful cat!

14 years on, I still miss him.

budd 6 years ago

im getting one in a few weeks and cant wait

Helene 6 years ago

I was told that red point siamese are only males and turtoise siamese are only that exact. I have one of each and another lilac point. Please clarify this for me. thank you

Jackie 6 years ago

I just got one and I love him he's so smart and affectionate!

Dawn 6 years ago

I have a 3 yr old Red pt named Haruki-Ru-Japanese for shinning light and red, because he is the bright spot in my life.He has a seal pt buddy, Miisu,same grandfather-and he is my shadow and so busy and smart. I love the dynamic personally and hope to always be owned by a siamese!

Gail Naude 5 years ago

I have a red point who looks identical to the picture above. He is like a little person. When I come home he talks to me for 5 mins. He carries soft toys from upstairs in his mouth to me, that are the same size as him. He is the most lovable, intelligent siamese that I have ever had. I have had a seal point, a lilac point, and a chocolate point. Definitely a one person cat.

katy 5 years ago

i have a female red point and she is sooo cute

Linda 5 years ago

We have a kitten that we just got fixed. I thought she was a type of siamese from the markings. Turns out she is a redpoint Colorpoint Shorthair. She is gorgeous!

Tanya 5 years ago

We have a red point siamese named Sugar. I always thought of myself as a dog person until he came along. He's so affectionate and he makes me smile everyday. Best cat ever.

jackie 5 years ago

I have two red points 7 weeks old from my tortie female and chocalate male. they are perfect. and i have a blue snow shoe female litter coming from choc male. the most awesome kittens ever . 815 276 6867

lexie 5 years ago

i have one that is white and red .it is so nice it has a brother that is black and white .i just got it yesterday so i don't no what to name it.

melody 5 years ago

i have a 11 yr old red point male ive had since he was 5 weeks old. hes very affectionate and when im gone from home he is usually waiting in the driveway upon my return.he is the smartest cat ive ever had. I adore this little guy hes my best friend.His name is Tigger Too.

Julie 5 years ago

I have two red point males (brothers) that I got when they were six weeks old...they're now almost 5 years old. They're affectionate, funny, sweet natured, and just a little bit bad...I adore them. Their real names are Ferris and Bueller but we call them Bubba and Chubba because these names just fit. Of course, they're beautiful (handsome) too. My home wouldn't be the same without them.

Andrea 5 years ago


We have what I believe to be a red point siamese(male) based on web research. He was a stray in our neighborhood. We would leave food out and he would stop by and eat. It took months to be able to get close to him. However one day he deceided we were his best friends so we decided to bring him into our home. We have 2 other cats we rescued from the amimal rescue league 10 years earlier. The transition went better than anything we could have hoped for. We could not have kept him if our other 2 did not at least tolerate him. He is the most affectionate cat ever. He loves to be picked up (he will practically jump up) and cuddled. I cannot believe someone abandoned him. Their loss our gain.

Bridgette 5 years ago

We have had our guy for 5 years now. Phoenix has gotta be one of the most affectionate cats I have ever known. Though he is VERY vocal, but our family loves "chatting" with him, and listening to his many different responses.

Not to mention with his peachy colored points, blue eyes, and little pink nose he's just irresistable!

russ 5 years ago

Ib rescued mine two and a half years ago from a family who didn't want him. avery and i have become real cliose that is he likes it when i'm home. he is affectionate and then playful, he likes to watch nickelodeon on tv. i really love him a lot. he has made a pleasant addition in my home

Kelsie 5 years ago

we were on our way home from town one night a few years back, and we passed this white blur on the road.

my mom made my dad go back, and to our surprise, there were FOUR little white kittens with what we thought were dirty tails.

we found out that we actually had 4 red point Siamese kittens. All identical.

Sadly, they're all gone now.

the last one we had, we think our neighbor stole. :(

I sure do miss those cats.

we ended up with a Siamese with Snowshoe markings though.

Apparently he ended up mating with one of our tuxedo domestic short haired cats.

Jeff in Australia 5 years ago

I got a 3 year old Red Pointer from an animal shelter. At first he drove me crazy waking me up, loud meowing and wanting lots of attention. I almost wanted to take him back at first. I have grown to love him as he is such a unique character. He is fearless of dogs and goes visiting my neighbours often. He settled down after a few months and recently my daughter bought home a little black kitten. Monty the Red Pointer tried to befriend the kitten but the kittens instinct was to fight. After a week (on Christmas night) I turned to see them both snuggled on my bed. What a relief! Now they are companions and Monty is less demanding for my attention.

I get a lot of joy watching the two chasing, playing hide and seek, and play fighting with each other. They groom each other and sleep together. I am so glad I found Monty the siamese, I would never give him away!

Lara Sala 5 years ago

I am looking for a red point siamees kitten. Does anyone know a good adres/cattery in Europe?

Can you pleae let me know. To live with me and my other redpoint siamees.

JT 5 years ago

My ginger point siamese x persian, Bailey, is my best friend. He is very beautiful, very vocal, and I just adore him.

He has long white hair from his Persian roots, piercing ice blue eyes and his gorgeous reddish points. I saw him at our local animal shelter and couldn't resist.

He had HUGE personality issues for the first 6 months, he wouldn't come out from under the couch - I had to leave his food there for him. Someone discarded him as a kitten in a dustbin if you can believe that level of depravity. I got him at about 6 months old. He HATED

people, men especially. With a lot of time, patience, and love though he's really blossomed. It took 2 years for him to allow me to stroke him - worth every second.

Best decision I ever made. He always waits and calls for me at the door and that's really cool when you get home.


Val 4 years ago

I just learned of this breed of Siamese (Red Point) and they are gorgeous! I had a lilac point for 20 years, her name was Tylo and the best cat I ever had, unfortunately she passed last year, but she's always in my heart and always on my mind! Right now, I have a tuxedo, a tortoiseshell and a gray tabby. When they pass, my next two will definitely be the Red Point Siamese, I love all Siamese cats and Orange Tabbies and the combination is just beautiful!

simba 4 years ago

i have a male red point and he is simply the best in the world! his name is simba albert mills

Me 4 years ago

i have a male red point named Sugar, he is 1 and a half years old. he is adorable, im glad we saved him....i have another cat in the house recently, at first i thought they wouldn't get along, but now their fine togather.

Monica 4 years ago

I have resuced a red point I don't know how old he is but he is apart of the family my kidder love him and we all play with him

Allison 3 years ago

I have a 18 month old red point and he is the best pet i have ever had! His name is Oliver and he is my baby. He has the best personality and he makes me laugh everyday. He is so loving and sweet and could not ask for a better cat, and trust me ive had many over the years. I will only get red points from now on and i encourage any cat lover to add one to their family!

holly johnson 2 years ago

My kitty is biscuit flame point he is 6 wks he kinda mean help

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