Rottweiler Puppies - Must Know Info!

Potty Training Rottweiler Puppies

You've seen an ad for Rottweiler puppies for sale and you've decided a Rottweiler would be a great addition to your family. Respond to the ad and ask them a few questions. When it comes to Rottweiler puppies for sale, you don't want to buy them from just anyone. Imagine getting attached to some new puppies you just brought home only to out they're not going to last long because of a defect you should have known about. So make sure you prepare a list of questions for the person who left the ad. You'll want to know if the ad is for a breeder, a pet store or a private seller whose pet had puppies. The questions you'll want to ask refer to the lineage the puppies come from, any diseases or defects the parents might have had, whether or not the puppies have their shots and whether or not they have any health certifications.

When you find the place where they're advertising Rottweiler puppies for sale, make a visit so that you can see what they're offering. You can often tell what kind of quality the puppies are just by looking at them. If they're fur isn't shiny, if they're bone structure is funny looking, or they just look like they're not very healthy, you will know that you want to look for your Rottweiler puppies elsewhere. If the puppies look healthy, however, you'll still want to do a little investigating to make sure you're getting healthy Rottweiler puppies. Ask for certification, either on the puppies or on the parents. Pet stores and breeders should always have these documents. If it’s a private seller, whose pet had puppies, ask to see the parents and ask about any diseases or defects. These are great ways to determine if your Rottweiler puppies will live a long and healthy life.

Make sure you get your Rottweiler puppies to the vet to get their proper shots before you bring them home. When you see an ad for Rottweiler puppies for sale, you'll want to know that the Rottweiler puppies have had their proper inoculations. And if they haven't, you need to be sure to get them. Puppies at that age are very susceptible to certain diseases and infections. Some of them can get sick from mingling with other dogs at a pet store or breeder's shop, and some can get sick from other pets if it's a private person selling their pet's puppies.

If you have other pets at home, you want to make sure you get your Rottweiler puppies to the vet immediately to ensure they stay healthy. You'll want to know your puppies will live long and healthy lives and you can ensure that by taking them to a licensed veterinarian immediately before you bring them home to meet the rest of your family.

Making sure the Rottweiler puppies are healthy before you buy one requires asking if they have any diseases or infections, inspecting veterinarian health reports and personal observation.Rottweiler puppy care can include a lot of tasks check with your vet and the breeder for details.

Rottweiler Puppy : Get Ready With Proper Supplies

When beginning your search for a Rottweiler puppy for sale, know that while it is a little harder then it was a few years back, it is not impossible to find the perfect dog. Although many years ago it was easy to find puppies that were being given away for free just so they could have good homes, there are more people now who have made dog breeding into their occupation. Having to fork out several hundred or several thousand may not be want you desire, but to get a certain breed of dog that your family wants, you may have to do just that.

There are always ads being placed in local newspapers or signs being put up at bulletin boards all over the place and this is often a great place to find Rottweiler puppies. There are also sites popping up daily that are completely devoted to helping people find the puppy of their dreams. This also is an excellent tool for breeders as this gives them a wider target audience.

With the world evolving the way it has been, more and more people are becoming dependent on the computer for everything from their banking to purchasing their puppies. And there are many wonderful reasons to find a Rottweiler puppy for sale on the Internet as you are able to scan through several hundred pups within a much shorter time period then driving around to see each one in person. Also, you can also find great deals on the purchase price as some dogs sell for much cheaper in certain parts of the country.

But with anything worth having, there are many downfalls to using the Internet for finding Rottweiler puppies and that is that you really aren't going to know what you are getting until the puppy arrives at the airport. You are left to trust someone who you have never actually met and pray that their living conditions that the puppy has been in were up to par so that your puppy does end up with emotional trauma which would now be your responsibility.

There is also the route of the newspaper or flyers that are often found hanging in grocery stores or at your local pet store. Finding a Rottweiler puppy for sale through your local newspaper is often the way that you are able to go and see each puppy in person which means you will know exactly what you are getting and you can detect any signs of abuse by seeing how the puppy behaves and where its been living. This is also true for finding puppies through signs or posters that are hung up in various places around your town.

The downside to finding Rottweiler puppies this way is that it could turn out to be a much slower process then the Internet if you didn't find the right one for you right away. Depending on the size of your town and surrounding areas and how popular the breed is, you may have to wait several weeks or a few months before finding the perfect puppy for you. Also, if the breed is a popular one, you may find by the time you call on the ad, someone has already gotten there first.

Rottweiler puppies have made their way into the hearts of thousands and causes many to go out and find their own puppy. By making sure that your home is already stocked with the right Rottweiler puppy supplies, you will be making sure that the Rottweiler puppy that you end up bringing home will have all that he or she will need.

Choosing A Rottweiler Puppy

After decided to adopt a Rottweiler puppy you need to know how you can find a healthy and happy Rottweiler puppy to add to your household. The first time dog owner or Rottweiler owner can find this a bit difficult unless you follow a few general tips to find the right dog for your household. The most important tip when selecting your Rottweiler puppy is to select the dog that approached you or doesn't shy away from you when you approach them. Don't choose puppy if they are fearful or aggressive. You want a Rottweiler puppy that is friendly and allows you to hold and handle them.

The next tip is to try to meet the parents if possible. Before adopting a puppy you want to observe the behavior of the parents. Ideally the parents of the puppy will be friendly, well behaved and easy to touch and handle. If the parents are well adjusted then there is a great chance that the puppy will adapt just the same with proper training.

It is important to carefully examine the back legs of a Rottweiler puppy. Rottweilers can have problems with their back hips that are costly to fix because of their large size. You can reduce the risk of having a dog with these problems by avoiding a Rottweiler puppy that has hips that grossly turn out, rather you want hips that for the most part face forward. Since some of these disorders can be hereditary you also want to make sure the puppy's parents don't have a history of hip disorders.

You also want to carefully consider how the breeder treats and trains their puppies, don't just take things at face value. How your Rottweiler puppy will turn out later on depends greatly on how the breeder raises the puppies. Just keep an open mind when looking for your puppy and remember that you will never be able to find the perfect animal but you will be able to find a loving companion that is loyal to you for years and years.

When looking for a Rottweiler puppy it is very important to ask questions and you should never be afraid to ask even the most difficult questions. An important question to ask is how many times the mother has had puppies. For Rottweiler's the general rule is that a female should only have three litters in her lifetime in order to have the best breeding results. It is also important that the mother be given adequate time to recover after having a litter before she is bred again. If a female Rottweiler is over bred then there can be some problems with a puppy's health and behavior.

It can be difficult to ask questions but always remember that a good breeder is eager to answer your questions and will be very helpful. The best breeders will often give you all the general facts without you even asking and then allow you to meet the parents to assess their traits. A good breeder is not pushy and wants to help you raise your puppy to be happy and healthy. So don't be afraid to ask any necessary questions including those about the health history of the parents.

When selecting Rottweiler puppies you should consider their health and history as well as asking the right questions. After you have selected the right puppy for your household then you can focus on choosing Rottweiler puppy names.

Which Rottweiler Puppy Is Right For You?

Getting a new puppy is so much fun, and Rottweiler puppies are so adorable, you'll be tempted to choose the first puppy you pick up at your breeder's. Resist that impulse, and take a measured approach to selecting your Rottweiler puppy. After all, getting a dog is a big commitment. Rottweilers live to be more than ten years old, so you are making a ten-year commitment when you pick out a new puppy.

When you look at Rottweiler puppies, you want to make sure you select the right dog for you. You want healthy Rottweiler puppies, and you want dogs that will socialize easily and respond to training. You'll want to buy your Rottweiler puppy directly from a breeder instead of from a pet shop so you can see the Rottweiler puppies' parents on site to get an idea of how big the puppies will be when they are adults.

Everybody wants healthy Rottweiler puppies. Genetic diseases to check for in Rottweilers include elbow dysplasia. The Rottweiler is ranked second on the list of one hundred breeds that may suffer from elbow dysplasia. Cardiac problems and hip dysplasia are also common ailments. The Rottweiler is ranked number thirty on the rankings of breeds most likely to have cardiac disease or hip dysplasia. Unfortunately, Rottweiler puppies are ranked fifty-fifth most likely to have patellar luxation, so the risk is relatively low, but test for this disease too, just to be safe.

When you choose your Rottweiler puppies, ask the breeder whether the sire and dam are certified by the OFA, the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. The OFA acts to reduce the occurrence of orthopedic and other genetic diseases in animals, especially in purebred dogs.

Unfortunately, Rottweiler puppies cannot be Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certified until they are at least two years old, but preliminary examinations can be done when the puppies are just four months old. Furthermore, if both of the Rottweiler puppies' parents are certified, then chances are good that a puppy will also attain the OFA certification, so look for breeders who have Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certified dogs.

Once you have taken steps to ensure that the Rottweiler puppies have parents that are healthy and have pleasant personalities, watch each puppy in the litter one by one to see what each dog's temperament is like.

Rottweilers are bred to be basically the same one generation after another – that's why people like purebred dogs, because they know what to expect with a purebred. If you have a strong preference for a male over a female, or vice versa, that will help narrow your choice of Rottweiler puppies. One puppy in the litter may be more timid or more aggressive than another, and it's up to you to decide what kind of personality you want your dog to have. Visit the litter on several occasions before you decide on one particular puppy. Remember, this is a big decision. Watch the Rottweiler puppies playing with each other, and look for an alert puppy that socializes well with its brothers and sisters.

Whichever Rottweiler puppy you choose from the litter, insist on getting a health guarantee from the breeder and take the puppy to your veterinarian for a wellness examination as soon as you can.

Rottweiler puppies should come from a sire and dam that are OFA certified against orthopedic and genetic diseases. You can find out how choose the right Rottweiler puppywith these simple tips.

Raising Your Rottweiler Puppy

After selecting your Rottweiler pup you will be entering into a lifelong relationship with your new Rottweiler pup as well as the breeder you are buying them from. Typically a Rottweiler pup is a handful and will require your constant attention for at least their first two years, which is the most critical part during which the character and personality is being developed.

The Rottweiler is easy to train but they are a bit slow. This isn't because the Rottweiler isn't smart, rather they are slow because they want to see how much they can get away with before they need to obey. So once you establish that you are in charge you can train your Rottweiler pup easily as long as your treat them right. Don't try to bully your Rottweiler pup, as bad training can cause many behavioral problems. Bad training doesn't mean just abuse and harsh behavior but can also include soft and indecisive handling.

The first thing you should teach your Rottweiler pup is house training. You will initially notice that your Rottweiler pup needs to go to the bathroom every two to three hours. The best way to house train your Rottweiler pup is to crate them and as soon as you let them out lead them to the littering place. Just remember that training a Rottweiler pup requires a lot of patience and control. If you handle the training well then ideally by six months you will have a Rottweiler pup that is completely house trained.

When training your Rottweiler pup you need to be aware that they like to use their mouth a lot. Therefore they will bite and sometimes pretty hard on whatever they can get into their mouth including your feet, hands, furniture and anything that drops on the floor. It is extremely important to train your Rottweiler pup to stop these behaviors before they become a habit for the dog.

In order to train your Rottweiler pup not to bite things you will have to admonish them every time they are found biting things. If the pup bites you and doesn't respond to your loud vocal command then you should tap it with a newspaper roll which will be sufficient to deter any further attempts at biting you or other people. It can be a bit hard to restrain a Rottweiler pup and since it will be at least two years before you have them completely under your control it is a good idea not to have small children around during this time. The youngest child that you should have around a Rottweiler pup should be seven or eight years old at the least. No matter what the age of the child you should never give them charge of the dog since the dog will immediately act up upon sensing the child's inability to control it. There is a lot that goes into raising your Rottweiler pup, but it is worth it for the love and loyalty you will get in return.

Proper house training is required to raise Rottweiler puppies. Rottweiler puppy care involves teaching them from a young age.

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mick 8 years ago


Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 8 years ago

Detroit Rottweiler owner jailed for 6 months because his dog mauled and killed a baby sitting in a car seat on the living room floor. He's also being sued for damages by the baby's parents.

laurasue 7 years ago

im 26 years old and my whole life i have grown up with rotties. my dad was a k-9 trainer with hcso for 20 years not to mention the army like i said i have grown up with rotts. about 11 years ago we got gretta! she came with a scar on her nose and a wild personaity, but for some reason she was more of a family member than a dog???? as crazy as it seems she never ever showed any aggresion twards anyone, my mother gave her facials and manicures, and treated her like a human and that's the way she acted. she had her gretta pillow and blanket we would put on the couch for her to sleep on, mind you she wouldn't get out of bed tell we called her to get up and go potty. i have never seen a dog act like that. she wanted hugs when you came in the house no matter if she knew you or not. she was so good with our neighbors kids?? she watched them. everything we said to her she did...go pick it up where is gus gus the cat, want taco bell. what's going on. say please. she knew it all. i just don't understand how we got this dog this way. she was an amazing friend!!!! and now i have sig my 3 month old rott and want to know what i did with gretta that i can make sig just as happy and reliable and quote, "mans best friend"

shahzore meraj 7 years ago

i think rottweilers are adorable and we should not blame the breed because of its anger.the anger of any dog depends on how their owners treat them.I kept rottweilers in my whole life and will keep it on.

mary ann 7 years ago

We have been honored to have two rotties in our lives and are about to purchase a rottie pup. Our male rottie, Syd, died last October from bloat. It was heart breaking and happened within hours. Our female rottie, Abby, is 6 years old and is wonderful. We are looking forward to adding the male pup to our home. I have had many dogs but the rottie is by far the most loyal, attentive, protective and loving dog I have ever known. We will never own any other breed but the rottie. They are fantastic animals.

yaassir 7 years ago

me i think that rottweiller are like every dog on that world

a rottweiller behave like u make it behave if ur rottweiller does not see people in the day he will behave like a man killer ,but if he see many people every day and don't bark he will be like a GOOD dog

thanks hope u will read it yaassir

Ashley 6 years ago

We just got our first rottie pup,he is 8 month old. I Love him more than he world!!!! He is the best dog i have eer had in my life, He just stole my heart when i went to pick him up from his previous owner. He does very well in the house, very pertective over me, always is watching out for me. I can not explain how happy i am to receive this dog. He diden't come from a good home, so i hope he is a a lot happier being home with us!!!!! I cant tell you and explain how happy i am for my rottie!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

eric 6 years ago

i have a beautiful 3 month old female rottie... she is wonderful but the bad thing is that she loves to bite EVERYTHING!!!but other than that she is great and she gets along with my other 2 chihuahuas

eric 6 years ago

i have a beautiful 3 month old female rottie... she is wonderful but the bad thing is that she loves to bite EVERYTHING!!!but other than that she is great and she gets along with my other 2 chihuahuas

Mikew 5 years ago

I've own 3 Rotties, and they were all wonderful dogs. The last was a female, and apparently I failed to inform her she was a dog. She followed me to every room and wherever I sat down she laid down and faced the door, as if she was always in protect mode. She truly was my best friend.

anne 5 years ago

I have just been given a 4 week rottie to hand rear as mother has become aggressive and no longer feeds she's a clever wee thing and very pretty I see some of the things in her mentioned in comments I think she's going to make a great family pet and companion

susan 5 years ago

I have just got my second Rott, an 8 wk old male. I LOVE these dogs. I am not a dog person but there is just something about Rott's, they are the most beautiful LOVING dogs I have ever known. My last one dies several months ago and I miss him terribly, he was my best friend. I have been looking for a pup every since and finally found him and fell in long immediately. Rott's are just wonderful, loyal, protective family memeber's and I feel safe and secure with them. There awesome!!

Izzy 5 years ago

I am getting a rottie in 5 weeks and I am super excited but I have no idea how to train it good do you have any more advise for other than what I just read

Modoc 5 years ago

We have a wonderful Rotti.Her name is 2say.We love her &she is so smart.She just had 6 great looking puppies.We don't want 2sell,course,we must sell them.We got their tails cut.They're just wonderful.We love the breed.

November 15th,they will be ready4sale.Order now!

Holrob 4 years ago

I have a 16 week old rottie and I

Love her so much, the only problem is house training her! She goes where ever she want and we have a massive living room and dining room which is making it even harder because she just wanders around and goes I am struggling so much with this now! She is so good at everything else and such a loving dog! I hVent loved any dog like I do her but it is soooo hard now!!

ArmyWife33 4 years ago

My husband and I just adopted our first Rottweiler puppy. Jasmine is 8 weeks old and is so loving. She has the funniest but sweetest personality...spoiled rotten already! She acts as if she doesn't have legs. If she gets tired of walking, she stands up beside my feet and looks up at me and whines until I pick her up. The only problem I have is she is submissive to our Jack Russell. I really hope she grows out of that! :)

Tracey 4 years ago

what do i feed my month old rott? and can i give her a bath?

bignasty 4 years ago

I've got a female rott bout to bust, full blood german rotts, can som1 tel me wat 2 look 4 wen she bout 2 have her pups

Vanessa 4 years ago

Hi, I was hoping that someone could shed some experience.I have got a new Female Rottie she is currently 2 months old this is the first dog that I have ever owned she is getting good at toliet training but still isn't quite there as yet she will sit and come as well. I am just worried what kind of things will I need to do with her everday, I take her out for walks and runs then she has a snooze when we get back and is ready again so i play with her and try to teach her some rules of not biting things but i am not sure if i am doing the right thing i do plan on taking her to puppy preshool but just have to wait a few weeks till her next vacination i would apprechiate any tips that you could give me. THANK YOU.

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