Doreen & Allan Tan
Doreen & Allan Tan
Sushi the abused toy poodle
Sushi the abused toy poodle
Tears on the dog's eyes
Tears on the dog's eyes

It breaks my heart to see a recent footage of a toy poodle being abused by it's owners and being filmed as well. At the time of writing this, it seems that the abusers are yet to be caught and justice is not brought for the abuse of this dog.

I am going to attached here a footage of the dog being abused and please be warned that it is rather disturbing.

Attached screenshot links if you don't want to watch the whole video

Doreen Loo & Sushi
Doreen Loo & Sushi

I saw this through a link that was sent to me and I wanted to do my part to assist with the manhunt of these abusers. In the footage, the dog was severely punished for not standing on it's hind legs. It was hit on the face and thrown across the room repeatedly and it clearly showed that the dog was exhausted and terrified.

I find it so difficult to watch the footage and I can't imagine how the person holding the camera could actually filmed and watch the dog being abused and not stand up and protect the dog. I can't understand what is wrong with these people who could succumb to something so low and in humane. Is this the future of mankind if left 'untreated'?

This footage has indeed caused outrage amongst not only animal lovers but any decent human being. A lot of anger were vent out on the social network sites but what was done to prevent this or even to bring these abusers to face their punishment?

This was discovered when the pen drive containing the footage was found within the vicinity of KLCC and was then aired on youtube which lead to an outspread through the social network links. It is through these links that the two abusers were apparently identified as Allan Tan & Doreen Loo and the abuse toy poodle was called Sushi. It seems that the poodle had died from it's owner's abused and the next victim in line is a new shih tzu that these abusers now own. There is already a photo showing the shih tzu standing on it's hind legs which leads to a probable conclusion that this new dog could also be abused into performing such circus act.

The Next Victim
The Next Victim

So what have been done to try to bring these abusers to face their punishment? A local newspaper published this news and an online petition was formed to urge the authorities to put these abusers behind bars. The maximum penalty for animal abuse in Malaysia is only RM200 (USD65) and /or 6 months imprisonment which is definitely way too lenient. This in my opinion got to change with stiffer fines and imprisonment to deter other possible animal abusers out there in Malaysia.

It is sad that from the information that I gathered, Sushi the abused toy poodle died and now these two abusers own a shih tzu who is already ''trained'' to stand on hind legs. If you are reading my hubpage and have the authority to do something about this, please I urge you to ensure the abusers are caught and put behind bars. Something must be done to stop such violence. A suggestion perhaps to put a note on their passports as 'Animal Abusers'..perhaps make them carry a stamp of shame for the rest of their lives.

I have included the link below for you to sign the petition to bring these criminals the punishments that they should face and not walk away Scot free.

HD5 News reporting this incident and the search for the abusers are still on.

Mission to save to track the abusers

A group of people are now being formed and spearheaded by Andrew Boey are tracking down the abusers to save the lives of the dog or dogs (if sushi is still alive) and to ensure the abusers are caught and punished for their criminal act.

This gentleman and his team managed to raise funds donated by the people who wanted to help locate the abusers and save the dog(s). With the monies, a Private Investigator from an International Firm was hired and they also got a legal advisor assisting them in this case.

Now they are in pursuit of tracking the abusers down and had gather not only information but manpower from the public who had volunteered to assist in the hunt. However the team still need manpower to physically look for the abusers and if you would like to participate in this manhunt please visit this site for more information.

Anyone who wish to donate to assist them in their mission the link is as follows:

We wish Andrew and his team the best of luck in their mission to save the dog(s) and bring these abusers in to face the punishment they deserve.

Looking for updates 4th Feb 2010

Well, it is the 2nd day of Chinese New Year today... so will it be a taboo subject to talk about such inauspicious topics..I don't know..but what I know is that I am still wondering about the fate of the dogs and if the dog abusers are being rooted out?

Society did try to help..but did the Malaysian police force intervene with the promise that they will seek these felons out..what will happen?? Will it be swept under the carpet?? or will it be solved??Unfortunately from my past experience..the theft case that i reported about 4 years ago is still unresolved...

Anyway, to stay focus on this particular case..i followed the Andrew & Michelle's facebook link to monitor the situation..and the donations collected to hire private investigators are now being refunded and the case is apparently in the hands of the Malaysian Police. In the first place, why would the public try to resort in trying to help each other out to resolve such cases..Do we not have confidence in the Malaysian Police Force?

Well..sad to say.. I think this case has gone cold.. let's just keep our fingers crossed that someone will do something about it. If the law cannot solve this..we will have to succumb to the hands of the divine.

Updates 18 April

I don't even know where to start looking for answers..Bottom line is that these 2 abusers are still out on the loose. SPCA is also looking into this and a police report was made.. But as I suspected, the malaysian police will probably not look into this matter or push it further and hope that people will forget.

However, this case brought awareness to many people about cruelty towards animals and hopefully other animal abusers or potential abusers will think twice before committing such crime.

Updates 15 November

Been checking for updates from time to time but unfortunately they aren't any positive news to date. It seems that Doreen Loo now have a new facebook page with a picture of her holding another dog.

Updates 19 January 2012

Mistaken Identity

As per the per the picture beside, this gentleman received over 130 calls accusing him of abusing the poodle. It seems that someone created a twitter account as one of the abusers, using the gentleman's phone number. More of this as per the link below:

Doreen & Friends

I was just wondering if her friends were questioned by the authorities of the whereabouts of Doreen Loo? I am living on the other side of the world and I was able to find out the possible links that the abusers would have with.

As time goes by, been a year now since I started this hub and still no news of catching the dog abusers. Well, it comes as no surprise as I've said earlier that the local authorities will pay no or very little attention on this matter and hope that it will be forgotten. But I will continue to do my part as best as I could to remind society justice is still not brought forward and I will continue to collect and report as much information as I could.

So, as identified on facebook (photo below), her friends posing with her are as follows:

1) Davyln Lily -

2) Wendy Wendy Song -

3) Darling Yen -

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geri martin 6 years ago

This thing (person) has to be stopped. He doesn't deserve to even be on this earth. That poor dog suffered unbelievably. Now he has another dog. Please bring him to justice.

Fiona 6 years ago

Sushi is innocent

Fiona 6 years ago

How can someone be that Cruel?We cannot have Peace among Men whose Hearts feel Delight in killing another Living Creature.R their heart made up of Steel?They should be severely punished and bring them to Justice.Animal Abuse has to STOP!

Ee ee 6 years ago

Bastard. Go to hell. Next life may u n bitch gf reincarnate as stray dogs.

claudia 6 years ago

do you guyes know if they arrested these disgusting persons?

My heart cries for these dogs :(((((((((((

margaret 6 years ago

I was going to holiday in Malaysia in 2 weeks time,,, now I will not spend my time or money there,.. This not meant in offence to all the decent Malays but until something is done about these people and the slack animal protection laws in malaysia I for one am boycotting the country

MummyDearest profile image

MummyDearest 6 years ago from Kildare, Ireland Author

There are a lot of people who are deeply hurt and angered by the acts of these criminals. Hopefully they will be caught soon..but the next question is..what are the maximum punishment they will face?

Where is your compassion Doreen Loo & Allan Tan??!!  6 years ago

My blood's boiling too after knowing what has happened. That 2 monster MUST be cruelly punish!!

If i were judge, I would life sentence or death sentence them both! I can't wait for their news to be murdered by all the VERY VERY VERY angry public!

Any updates today?

Lynn 6 years ago

Ee ee, love knows no padegree !!!

MummyDearest profile image

MummyDearest 5 years ago from Kildare, Ireland Author

Sorry for the long a bad cut on my finger. will check and see if there is any update.

profile image

Memories1932 5 years ago

Humans can be one of the cruelest beings on earth. I hope they find these losers and hang them. I know that won't happen but it should. Any punishiment less than the death penalty would not be punishment enough.We don't need such rotten people like these here on earth. Please everybody take a minute out of your day and say a prayer for all the mistreated and abused animals of the world.Do what ever you can to protect all the innocent,helpless animals.

monique 5 years ago

when i saw that viedo of the man abusing that dog i cryed i realy hope something happens to that man

PrincesssK 5 years ago


Dogg 5 years ago

Don't judge a book by its cover, look at her, she seems gentle but she is evil inside. May she be cursed to rot in hell.

profile image

jasper420 5 years ago

this makes me sick if you ask me everyone invovled needs there ass kicked!!! The sad thing is there only gonna get a slap on the wrist and that poor dog is gonna live with the damage for the rest of its life!!! Im so glad you had the courage to bring awarness to this issue

MummyDearest profile image

MummyDearest 5 years ago from Kildare, Ireland Author

Yes Jasper, it is sad that these dog abusers are still not found and it is now almost a year if not more since the leak of the footage. Unfortunately, the local authorities either don't care or are just incompetent. Another theory is that the authorities are there to protect only the rich and influential..So, if justice is questionable for normal civilians..what more could i say for an animal.

Since the authorities are so weak, i thought we could at least raise awareness and make it known that such acts are not accepted by society and it would be frown upon. We have to be brave enough to tell these bullies off, otherwise they will think that it is alright to torment and torture animals.

Hopefully, it will also prevent possible animal abusers to think before they do such cruel acts because people are watching!!

profile image

Harsheen K. 5 years ago

Great hub.I especially liked the idea of you using the screen shots .It's quite an innovative idea!

Voted your hub up:)

MummyDearest profile image

MummyDearest 5 years ago from Kildare, Ireland Author

Thanks for your kind comments and vote Harsheen.

Gracenduta profile image

Gracenduta 4 years ago from Kenya

I feel sorry for the Dog, why do they have to to treat it like this

MummyDearest profile image

MummyDearest 4 years ago from Kildare, Ireland Author

Hi Gracenduta, I feel sorry too and what is worst is that these abusers are still not brought to justice...

CK 4 years ago

I too have a red poodle like sushi but mine is really spoilt like most of us do with the pets..

My poodle- Do Do has bought so much laughter and joy to me and my wife and it saddens me to the guts that such violence has been incurred to an innocent creatures.

It is such a shame that after a year has gone by and not much has been done to the Abusers. I do not have much faith to the local authority and it all depends on the public now.

I thank you MummyDearest in keeping this hub alive and with constant updates. I will join in to keep updating this until justice has been brought to such violators.

Will be checking in regularly.

MummyDearest profile image

MummyDearest 4 years ago from Kildare, Ireland Author

Hi CK,

Thanks for reading my hub and leaving your kind comments.

Do Do is really lucky to have you and your wife care and love him/her so much. My family back home have a shih tzu and we love him and spoils him too. As much as I want a dog as a pet now, but I know I am not able to care for it the best I would, so we decided not to have a pet just yet.

The local authorities are really not reliable unfortunately..that is a story for another day. And I agree with you that it is up to the public indeed to ring the alarm bells or report any animal abusers that they know of.

I will do my best to keep the hub alive and welcome any comments and even any information from anyone out there who knows the whereabouts of these abusers.

Your input and updates are most welcomed and I truly appreciate your contribution.

lost one 4 years ago

Unfortunately in most country's Dog abuse and even spousal abuse is not illegal meaning he can do what he wants and will most likely not be punished for it.

MummyDearest profile image

MummyDearest 4 years ago from Kildare, Ireland Author

Hi Lost one..thanks for your comments.

Well, as far as I know it is illegal for anykind of abuse in Malaysia. The question is, what are the authorities doing about it and are the penalties imposed stringent enough to deter people from such wrongdoings. That is why, I think as part of society, we should bring such awareness. Also with the advancement of the today's media, with the presence of the internet..abusers or potential abusers are being the very least, make life difficult for them.

Whoever who published the recordings of the abuse (in this case) on the internet has made an impact already to the culprits lives (not enough though) but at least it disrupted them and they had to leave their home because people did hunt them down.

Unfortunately, till today they are not caught but they will probably have some fear over their heads. As long as we keep reminding the society that these culprits are out there.

uu 4 years ago

this sick bastard!!!!

rama 4 years ago

I hope these 2 stupid twits suffer an die a terrible death...i curse them to death....

TINA 3 years ago


Lorraine Riordan 3 years ago

i was so upset about this video I contacted Craz Loo who is Doreen's sister ( as she was easy to find on fb) and she confirmed to me today (02/07/13) that sushi was killed.

Craz loo can still be found on Facebook and shows no remorse or concerns about her sisters actions and has pictures of her and Doreen cuddling other poor dogs!

Lorraine Riordan 3 years ago

Meant to add if anyone wants to contact me to see email from crazi can be found on Facebook - Lorraine Riordan in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

Surely it's not to late for them to pay for this?

walterlond 3 years ago

I am too far away to actually do anything for that poor dogs (which upsets me) but I can help dogs who are near me.

BTW, I really hope those two die crushed by a truck or something. It is such a horrible death, I think it would suit them perfectly.

Chris Prasch 3 years ago

Wie unendlich grausam. Sofort aufhören !!!!!

Angeline 2 years ago

I pray for these innocent animals dogs to be safe and be happy with love owner not abuse... I was heartbroken about Sushi is dead because of them.. Sushi is now in Heaven with no more pains..he will happy playing in around Heaven... I want these abusers must banned from adopt any animals forever...

profile image

Renjen 2 years ago


How in the hell can you say "please be warned ( this footage) is 'rather disturbing"? My God, it is horrific! Doreen Loo is just as guilty as Alan Tan for abusing and killing little Sushi. She stood there and permitted the abuse to happen, while he committed it. Not only did she do nothing to stop it, she filmed the sadistic son of a bitch Tan inflicting his blows and kicks on tiny defenseless Sushi! Doreen Loo should have grabbed the heaviest thing she could find, smashed Tan over the head, picked up critically injured Sushi and raced with him to a veterinarian. The vet might have been able to save the little dog's life. Then the vet could have reported Tan to the police who would have arrested the violent criminal. If Sushi had lived he would have been adopted by people who loved him and showed him kindness and compassion, things he had never known. But not one rotten, ugly piece of garbage in that house protected Sushi and saved his life. So he suffered horrible abuse, which happened even before and after this video, you can be sure of it. Then they killed him. I believe in an eye for an eye. The coward animal abuser Alan Tan's sentence~to suffer exactly what he inflicted on Sushi~repeated punches, repeated kicks, and strangulation until he is dead. The women who stood watching Tan abuse Sushi and did nothing to save the little Poodle, sentenced to spend a minimum of 5 years hard labor in a filty disease ridden prison. I hope to God the authorities saved the little Shih tzu that was Tan's next victim. How much you want to bet Tan never spent one day in jail for his crimes? These criminal animal abusers don't stop until we stop them. If the government and the police and the courts won't stop them then the public must stop them any way we can.

krystal 10 months ago

please dont give up


MummyDearest profile image

MummyDearest 9 months ago from Kildare, Ireland Author

I haven't checked my post in a long time but I have to say that this is one of the posts that I would think of from time to time...after these few years...I do wonder if these people were caught...There are times when I read of abuse not only to animals but to helpless individuals...children , the old and the sick...It troubles is unfortunate that there are beasts amongst us. But in my humble opinion...we do what we can do around us..educate the young ones to love, respect and be kind..and to lead by example.

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