Chester the Lab Enjoys Holiday Turkey

Don't Thaw Your Thanksgiving Turkey Outside

Thursday we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and already our turkey is beginning to thaw. Ingles, a grocery chain here in the Carolina's, allowed shoppers to earn points to receive a free Butterball turkey. Shoppers had to earn a total of six points while doing grocery shopping at any of their stores in order to receive a 12-14 pound turkey for "free". I picked mine up earlier today and it is a beautiful bird weighing in at 14.31 pounds. Thanks to a helpful check out clerk who informed me I had a fresh turkey in my cart and not one of the frozen ones in the promotion, mine was hand picked just for me. No problem, I am a man and not much of a shopper.

Several years ago we had a Black Labrador which was given to my son who is visually impaired by a relative. Gary loved that dog and named him Chester after the Gunsmoke character who was Marshall Dillon's deputy and side man. Chester became a great pet for our son. We live in a rural area and never thought about putting him on a chain but allowed him to run free. He would lie in the yard on sunny days rarely venturing too far away from our house but would go down to the river to get water and chase the birds feeding on grains of corn lying in the fields harvested in the fall. My wife's brother built Chester a house but he rarely stayed stayed in his nice new home.

One day Chester was lying near the carport when my wife left to go to town. When she returned home a couple of hours later Chester hadn't moved from where he had been when she had left. She reached down to give him a playful pat on the head,and noticed there was a small animal trap attached to his front paw. She asked me to check Chester's foot and upon closer examination I discovered it was a trap that had been set by a trapper along the banks of the small creek just below our house and appeared to be for a muskrat. The trap appeared to be old and rusty apparently long forgotten by the trapper who had set it hoping to catch a muskrat for its hide. As gently as I could, I removed the trap.Chester seemed to be greatly relieved as I took the pressure off releasing the trap's grip and whimpered a little sigh as I tossed it onto the carport. Fortunately, the trap was a minor inconvenience for Chester and had not broken any bones in his paw.

Thanksgiving came that year and as has become our tradition we had one of those Ingle's turkeys. It was a little unusual for her but my wife decided to let the turkey thaw on the picnic table on our deck overnight. It was still frozen and in the plastic wrap just as it had come from Ingle's in a metal pan. When she went to get the thawed turkey Thanksgiving morning to begin preparing it for our dinner Chester was sitting on the deck smiling. At some point during the night even though it was a safe distance from the deck floor and on a table Chester had discovered the bird and helped himself to an early Thanksgiving meal. Our turkey was now lost to a Black Labradors natural instict and appetite. He hadn't eaten all of it and the leftovers would also be his minus any stuffed dressing and cranberry sauce.

Hoping all of you have a great Thanksgiving but if you have a Black Labrador, don't leave a big old hen or a tom lying around where he can get to it. I still smile at the remembrance of Chester who ate one of our Thanksgiving turkeys.

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Kris Heeter profile image

Kris Heeter 5 years ago from Indiana

A fun story...sounds like Chester had quite a meal!

diogenes 5 years ago

Ha! I can just see Chester, head on paw, bright eyes alert as he waited for that bloomin' bird to thaw so he could get his teeth into it!

Few animals can chaw down frozen meat: dogs and wolves cannot easily, but polar bears and wolverines sometimes do...Bob

Cousin Fudd profile image

Cousin Fudd 5 years ago from From the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina

Thanks for stopping by today diogenes.

Alladream74 profile image

Alladream74 5 years ago from Oakland, California

Awwww, what a story, lucky Chester!

b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 5 years ago

Loved this Story of Chester and the Turkey...He looks just like my Son's dog "Milo", also a Black Lab, and a Devil, but SO SMART...So what did you guys have that Thanksgiving for Dinner? A can of Chester's Dog food! Fun Hub Fiddleman.

Fiddleman profile image

Fiddleman 5 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina Author

LOL b Malin. No Gravy Train. We are blessed with a large family and our turkey contribution or lack of it was hardly noticed.

profile image

Tina Truelove 5 years ago

Nice story. Did you get another turkey that year or did you do without? I'm sure Chester expects at least a few slices of turkey every year. :)

Fiddleman profile image

Fiddleman 5 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina Author

Thanks for stopping in Tina and your comment is appreciated. Sadly Chester is no longer with us to celebrate Thanksgiving. He died rather unexpectedly and although I did not take him for an autopsy, signs pointed to poisoning. I found him lying under one of our Bradford pears and buried him near the woods on my property.

profile image

Tina Truelove 5 years ago

Oh, I'm so sorry! Loosing a pet is like loosing family. I'm glad you have fond memories of him. I hope you enjoy a nice Thanksgiving.

samsons1 profile image

samsons1 5 years ago from Tennessee

good story Putz. Hoping you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.


grandmapearl profile image

grandmapearl 5 years ago from Southern Tier New York State

Loved this story! Thanks for sharing. My friend once had a black lab that went blind when he was very young. He seemed not to mind much, got around very well. They lived in a rural area with a pond, which their lab found to be irresistible. He lived to a ripe old age and was very well loved. Thanks for jogging my memory!

SmartAndFun profile image

SmartAndFun 5 years ago from Texas

Our labrador is yellow instead of black, and his name is Charlie instead of Chester, but they sound very much alike! Polishing off the Thanksgiving turkey is certainly something he would do! I hope you were able to eat your bird yourselves this year!

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