Savannah Cat Breed

Profile Of The Savannah Cat Breed

Cats are among the top animals preferred as pets by humans. Among the many cat breeds found in the world, the Savannah cat breed is one of the most recent ever developed. This cat breed is a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval, an African wild cat. The effect of the hybrid resulted in a beautiful cat that is quite large compared to other domestic cats.

Savannah Cat Breed

Savannah Cat Breed
Savannah Cat Breed

What The Savannah Cat Breed Looks Like

The Savannah cat breed is characterized by either a light or grey colored coat with dark or black markings. The markings are civet-like and are all over the body of the cat in a definite pattern. The size of the Savannah cat breed depends on whether it is a first generation cat or after. The first generation cats are usually larger than the ones that come afterwards.

The markings on the Savannah cat breed are also called marbling and can have a variety of patterns. One thing that is usually consistent in this breed of cats is the tear marking on its face similar to that of the cheetah. These tear markings are always black and run from the inner corner of the cat’s eyes to the side of the cheeks near where the whiskers start. These tear markings help to reduce the glare of the sun and aid the cat in hunting during the day.

The Personality Of The Savannah Cat Breed

The Savannah cat breed is basically a friendly and outgoing breed of cat although human interaction and that of other animals need to be introduced early on to ensure that it will properly acclimatize to interaction as it grows. Most of the Savannah cat breed species are not afraid of water or dogs and are even said to enjoy immersing or playing in water.

They are more filial than other breeds of cats towards their human owners and are highly intelligent. They are known to follow their owners around the house or property and can learn to open all sorts of doors and containers, which need minding since they might learn to sneak out or get into trouble.

Brief History Of The Savannah Cat Breed

Its owner named the very first Savannah cat Savannah. Savannah was produced from breeding a Serval with an ordinary domestic cat. When Patrick Keeley, an avid fan of wild looking domestic cats, saw the offspring he purchased one and immediately sought ways to make the cat breed part of The International Cat Association. This was in 1986 and in 1996 the very first breed standards were outlined for the Savannah cat breed. The International Cat Association did not recognize the Savannah cat breed until the year 2000.

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kristene  7 years ago

I think this was a great thing to read. But most of all as I read it I saw that this cat is not afraid of dogs. that is amazing but I have to say my cat is not afraid of some dogs like poodles chow chow and very amazing she is not afraid of the saint bernard. P.S. I am a horse cat and dog and rodent fan. P.S. I have to rodents

izzatul aliya 4 years ago

kucing ya comel ada jak ya kmk suka kucing tuk

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