How to Save a Drowning Dog!

I can still remember the horrifying screams

My daughter yelling "Mommy!" , "Mommy!" and screaming to the top of her lungs as she was coming down the stairs. I said, "what's wrong", feeling my heart beat getting faster. She yelled, Lucky drown! My first reaction was disbelief and I immediately said, "what did, you do"...and started screaming along with her as I held his soaking wet small limp body in my arms. She would scream and then I would scream, then realizing the screaming was not going to bring him back. I told her to run and get me a towel and when she returned, I noticed he had defecated and I told my daughter "I think his gone, he's gone to heaven."

One mighty prayer...

My daughter ran outside to the car yelling NO!, NO! Let's take him to the vet and kept screaming, I told her to stop screaming and come back in the house, he was gone. Then I said, "Let mommy try to give him "mouth-to-mouth" and for her to pray to the Lord, I could hear her asking for the Lord to please save him. I laid him on the love seat and start blowing in his nose and mouth at the same time, while pumping his small chest with two fingers. I started to feel him sucking in my air and a couple of minutes, he raised his little head. HE WAS ALIVE!!! IT WAS AN AMAZING MIRACLE, I REALLY DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD WORK!!!

More Astonishment from the Vet Office, Doctor and Staff

After he raised his little head, we rushed out of the house to the Vet, racing against time, I knew they closed early on Fridays. When the staff technician asked if she could help me, I whispered (not to embarrass my daughter) that he was getting a bath and had drown to the point of defecation, so I gave him mouth-to-mouth, could he be checked. She couldn’t believe it! The first thing she asked me was if I had taken a CPR class on how to give mouth to mouth to a pet. I told her, I have never taken a CPR class on pets, or human beings, it crossed my mind to perform CPR and I just did it. The doctor examined Lucky and determined that he had ingested a lot of water, so he took an X-ray which showed his lungs were clear and all the water had been pushed down to his little stomach. The doctor was amazed at the X-ray and said most pets don't make it even after the CPR, and for us to watch him close through the night. He gave him a shot to help to him urinate the water from his system. We left the office with our blessing, miracle and what we call him "Little Luck".

This is our Little Lucky Yorkie..Alive & Well!

"I really didn't know dogs could drown"

Evidently, this happens more than people think, I really didn't know a dog could drown. Come to find out, my daughter had left him alone just for one to two minutes in very little water. So, think of your pets as you would a child, don't ever leave them in water alone! If it happens to you, try CPR, it just might work.

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wendy  7 years ago

Amazing story and yes it is true that dogs can drown in small amts. of water just as easy as a toddler. It is also common for dogs to drown in backyard pools. Cpr for dogs is a good thing to know if you are a dog owner! I am glad you were able to save Lucky the name say's it all.

Beautiful dog!

Wendy Robertson

Tricky Triskuts Bakery for dogs

SmartLook profile image

SmartLook 7 years ago Author


Thank you for your comment and including the link for trickytriskuts. I have two Yorkies, Lucky and Angel who love baked treats and I will checkout the site. I hope that others who read my article will do the same.

Lenore 7 years ago

Lucky is oh-so-cute and not only lucky to be alive but also to have you as his owner. Great story and, I believe, a miracle as well. Regards, Lenore, goodnreadytogo

SmartLook profile image

SmartLook 7 years ago Author


Thank you for taking time to read my article about our dog Lucky and making such a great comment.

Judy Wauford 7 years ago

Great Story. I'm so glad everything turned out well for Lucky and all.

Zoe Sutton 7 years ago

Zoe, Teresa is my auntie, it must have been heart breaking to think that Lucky was gone. But..... TERESA THE HERO GAVE CPR AND SAVED LUCKY!!!!!!!


Luv U, Zoe

SmartLook profile image

SmartLook 7 years ago Author


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

SmartLook profile image

SmartLook 7 years ago Author


Thank you for the HERO remark and we're all blessed to have Lucky still here as part of the family. Luv U too!

fits4life profile image

fits4life 6 years ago from Richmond

You have good information for all of us (pet lovers). Keep up the good work.

wowinok 6 years ago

So glad to know your dog is ok!! My daughter thought our little Chi could be a whale and tried to ride him in our pool just a few hours ago!! I was inside with her brother for only a few minutes and never would have thought she would do something like that. We just got back from the vet and our little guy needs to be watched for pneumonia for the next week. Glad to know I'm not the only one this happens to!!!! Thank you for your story!!!

SmartLook profile image

SmartLook 6 years ago Author


Thank you to for your wonderful comment. I am so glad to hear your little Chi will be okay too!

Jen 6 years ago

The same thing happened to me just the other day my daughter was giving our dog a bath and she drowned. She wasn't lucky like yours however. I keep kicking myself for letting her give the dog a bath. I feel ashamed and a bad parent and pet owner how do I get over this??????

SmartLook profile image

SmartLook 6 years ago Author


So sorry to hear about your dog drowning. Please don't think you're a bad parent or feel ashamed. You don't know it was going to happen. Please don't have these bad vibes, your daughter will pickup on them. Let her know that she did nothing wrong and talk about all the silly, cute and fun memories of your pet. Also, don't punish the family from being able to provide a great home for another pet. If your daughter is upset, go out and get a puppy or adopt. You're a true pet lover, or you wouldn't have these feelings. God bless you and your family. Thank you for reading my article and sharing your story.

kasia 4 years ago

my dog had drowned in a small pool of water he was only a minature daschund...when we took him out he was unconscious we tried ur best to revive him but it was no use he did splutter water but i wasn't sure what to do to help him im so happy for you that your little dog survived this..

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