Seven years to find Angel

My story

Finally after 8 years and the loss of my beloved Timmy, and Jasmine Cay I am able to again love a pet. Angel is so special it did not matter how much he cost, I knew he was for us and I was right.

He is so small yet he has so much love to offer everyone he meets. He has made me a better person in 1 week.

I lost my Timmy to the poison gog food, and my Jasmine had a heart attack. I tried over and over different pets, it did not work, this guy got me real quick.

Angel - Male- 11 weeks old

11 weeks old and entered in the Petmed Pet Contest
11 weeks old and entered in the Petmed Pet Contest | Source


Hi I am angel and last week I was living in a pet store with my brothers and sisters. I heard the lady say how much I cost and I said to myself, wow mucho dollars! I thought no one will pay that much just for me!

That afternoon as I woke up from my nap, I saw a lady looking at me, we connected right away, and she asked that same lady if she could hold me. I really laid on the charm, being quiet and cute, and it worked.

She paid all that money to take me home, I really like her and especially like her fiance. he always plays with me, makes sure I have my water and food, and of course lots of love.

They already know in just a week how smart I am, I am already housebroken, I have my own cage and toys and a bed too!

I attract lots of attention and everyone wants their picture with me, even in stores, parking lots or people just driving up, I am too young for all this attention.

And guess what, today I heard my Grandma who really doesnt,t like much of anything, saw my picture and loves me too.She said I am real cute.

Well to show my appreciation for my new home and love I have just entered the PetMed contest so I can win and show all the world how to spread the love, like I do.

I think it will work out just fine, thanks for Angel

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