Shorkie Tales Cont'd

Four Days at Home

The trip to pick up Bella and her sister were uneventful. It was a nice drive down and an uneventful drive home -- no puppy accidents in the car for more than 12 hours. We got home and immediately fed Bella. She hadn't eaten since the night before -- the breeder suggested we not feed her on the way home because she may become car sick, especially considering the distance we were travelling. We met up with Bella's sister's owner about an hour out from home so that we could give him his precious little one. It worked out nicely...we were all set to drive down when someone else wanted a puppy from the same breeder. We worked out a deal where we'd pick them both up and stop on the way home to drop off the other one. The fee he agreed to pay certainly made the trip down and back much easier financially!

Bella is a beauty! Dark brown brindle with a "layer" of black over the brown. She has the epitome of the trademark teddy bear face known for this breed. Bella, however, is a howler!! The first 3 nights she yiped and cried the entire night long. So bad on the second night that I got up and put her in the bed with us! Then, on the third day, I realized that when we put Bella in her crate but did not cover it, she may wimper for a minute but then settles right down and either starts to play with her toy or go to sleep. Miss Bella doesn't like her crate covered! That night we tried putting her down for the night in the crate without covering it. Just as I thought...she wimpered for a minute or less and then settled down and slept ALL night! Our prayers had been answered...

We've managed to get Bella to go on the puppy pad a few times. We've got about a 50/50 success rate -- 50% of the time she goes on the pad, the other 50% is in the house or her crate. Not too bad for a little one less than 8 weeks old! This I can see, however, will be a long and tedious process...she just wants to play when she's taken to the puppy pad. The stringent training starts on Monday. Miss Bella will be 8 weeks old then and her surroundings will no longer be new to her. Hell...she already runs around the house like she's been here forever!! I will keep you posted on this one. What works; what doesn't work. I'm sure there are others out there who have these same questions.

Today, Bella and I have been hanging out alone. The boys are at the sitters' house and the husband is at work. Just a day for us ladies to hang out together. After waking her at about 6 a.m. to go out for potty break (and she of course did not go while out there) and then giving her breakfast, we proceeded to play for about 30 minutes. I took her out again to see if she would go, and of course nothing. We came back inside and I put Bella in her crate. It was time for Mommie to do her hair and I couldn't leave her out unattended for hours (locs that reach down to your gluteous maximus take about 3 hours to maintain, more hours if you want a fancy hairdo...which I always want). About 5 hours later, when I put the last rod in my hair so I could have curls, I took Bella out again. She hadn't gone in her crate and she had eaten a pretty good breakfast. I was frankly surprised that I didn't find her in a soiled crate 5 or more hours after she'd eaten but hadn't gone potty. Again, nothing. We stayed outside for at least 15 minutes because I was talking to my sister and lost track of time.

I did the big "no-no" of not crating Bella immediately upon bringing her inside. You see, when you crate train a dog you initially need to put them directly back in the crate after coming in from potty break if they do not potty. This helps keep your house from being soiled -- the dog is contained in a small place and unable to potty on the carpet or in a hidden location, and the dog should not potty in the crate. You see, dogs do not like to potty where they eat and sleep. Putting them directly in the crate after taking them to potty without success gives the dog the natural inclination to not potty in the house (at this point she's in her house -- the crate) and helps to make potty training/housebreaking easier. Well, she pooped in my bedroom! I was on the phone with my sister (again) and keeping a very close eye on Bella since she hadn't went potty yet. I turned around for one minute to grab my phone charger and she had pooped by the time I turned back around. Needless to say, Miss Bella is back in her crate...

I believe that Bella will be a wonderful addition to our family...once she gets this potty thing down pat. She is a sweet and loving little girl who likes to play and who absolutely loves to lay at your feet. She is happiest when she is around her humans! The boys love her. They play with her, watch her, feed her, and take very good general care of her. They even ask to help with the responsibilities for her!!! Now only if I could get them to clean their rooms...

At Auntie's House...

Bella having a drink
Bella having a drink

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