Should I Get A Guinea Pig or A Bunny Rabbit?

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are both popular small animal pets, but which one will suit you? When deciding on a small animal pet, there are many things to take into consideration. This article will guide you towards the best pet for your home, lifestyle and pet expectations. Please note that it is usually not recommended that you keep a guinea pig and a rabbit together, as the rabbit is capable of doing serious damage to the guinea pig.


Rabbits make great solo pets. They don't need the company of their own kind, indeed, some are very territorial and will not be impressed if they are made to share their home with another bunny. That said, once rabbits do bond with one another, that bond is a very strong one that should not be broken lightly.

Rabbits can be housebroken, which is great news for owners who want a pet that can come out of its cage sometimes. Even a housebroken rabbit is still a risk for chewing on things like electrical cords however, so if you do get a house bunny, make sure you bunny proof the room it is allowed out in.

Rabbits have very different temperaments. Some are lovely and calm and like to be petted, others want absolutely nothing to do with their owners. This can be disappointing for people who want to cuddle their pets occasionally. If you get a grown rabbit, you will know what kind of temperament it has, so it is recommended that people who want a bunny and want a friendly bunny choose an adult instead of a baby.

Rabbits are very smart and will amuse you with their antics. Even the meanest bunny can still be quite adorable and sweet when she is at play.

Guinea Pigs

Must be kept in groups of two or more. If you are only allowed one animal, then please, don't get a guinea pig, it will be terribly sad and miss the company of its own kind. Two female guinea pigs are recommended for most people who want to keep guinea pigs, although males can sometimes get along, or a neutered male and a female will also do well together. Keeping a male and a female together is a sure fire recipe for lots and lots of babies.

Unlike Rabbits, Guinea Pigs cannot be housebroken, which means they will need to be confined in a cage or run when you are not handling them. On the plus side, Guinea Pigs make far less mess than Rabbits. A Rabbit can turn its cage into a pigsty within a single night, and their pee stinks to high heaven. A Guinea Pig, on the other hand, may keep its cage relatively clean for a day or two, and even when it comes time to clean it out, it will usually not smell quite so bad as a bunny cage.

Guinea Pigs will almost always try to run away if you try to catch them, but most of them are quite happy to be petted and held once they have been caught. In my experience, Guinea Pigs are much more docile and calm than most rabbits, so a person looking for a nice calm pet they can hold and hug would probably be better off with a guinea pig than a rabbit.

Guinea pigs are on average, less smart than rabbits and will most often sit about calling to one another. It's really a trade off between intelligence and the chance of a bad temper, versus a slower mind but a more docile nature.

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NINA 6 years ago

My parents are deciding on weather to get a guinea pig or bunny but i think i want to get a guinea pig because i read the article!!!!!!!! I LOVE GUINEA PIGS

jr zoo 6 years ago

I've had both bunnies and guinea's and I would pick guinea's ten times over a bunny. Bunnies are sooo adorable, but yes they stink to high heaven and are super messy. Guinea's language is charming to hear, and are so gentle and loveable.

Sal 6 years ago

I have 2 female guinea pigs and 1 male rabbit, i got the girls first then my rabbit and have now had the 3 of them for almost a year.

So from personal experience, a rabbit is a much better pet. My rabbit comes up to me for cuddles and kisses (he will lick me) and always looks like he's happy to see me.

The guinea pigs however, run and hide whenever i go near their cage and basically aren't much fun.

My rabbit is potty trained so i can sit and watch telly with him without having to worry about mess.

My rabbit is a little bit messier than the guinea pigs but the love and affection you get from a rabbit makes it all worthwhile as you can't really do much with guinea pigs other than look at them!

michael 6 years ago

My mom said that i could get a guinea pig and rabbit but at different times. She told me to choose one and i don't know. I know if i get a guinea pig i atleast have to get 2 guinea pigs. Same goes for rabbits but i well give it lots of care anyway and besides i have 2 cats and they well play together hopefully.

michael 6 years ago

I have just decided to get 2 guinea pigs and a rabbit but i don't know what to get first. I have had rabbits before but never guinea pigs i heard that they are loud but very playful i'll try to persuade my mom to get all at the same time so it won't be hard

michael 6 years ago

I have a bunch of questions i have first do you think straight eared bunnies are better or lop eared bunnies their both cute but i don't know which one to get. Also do i have to get a cage for my small pets or could i let them rome around the house but with supervision

victoriaaa  6 years ago

hey itold my parents i want a bunny but they wont let me at alllllllllllll unless i make a realllllllllllllllllllly good point and that i will ake care can u give me a really good reason to get a guinne pig or a bunny i want either one imwilling to pay 200$ wich do u thik is best please helppp

victoriaaa  6 years ago

hey itold my parents i want a bunny but they wont let me at alllllllllllll unless i make a realllllllllllllllllllly good point and that i will ake care can u give me a really good reason to get a guinne pig or a bunny i want either one imwilling to pay 200$ wich do u thik is best please helppp

Rabbit Breeders 5 years ago

Bunnies are awesome! I highly suggest that you get a bunny instead of a guinea pig. Also if you need help finding rabbit breeders check out this site: . P.S: Good luck to everyone who chooses to raise bunny rabbits

XX 5 years ago

bunnies are the closest small animals to a pet dog! They are much more interesting to look at and to bond with. Most of the guinea pigs i see at pet shops are so skittish and run away at the slightest human touch, but a lot more rabbits are actually friendly and will lick your hands.

Jessica Munn 5 years ago

i think bunnies are much better than guinea pigs because bunnies are much cleaner because poos aren't all over the place.

Hannah the ninja 5 years ago

I really wanted to get a guinie pig but then I saw that rabbits r so cute! After I read this article bunnies are still cute just not the one for me this article was very helpful!



Michael Goldsmith profile image

Michael Goldsmith 5 years ago

i have a rabbit and all it does does it run away from me, i done a silly thing, i went for a rabbit because he look sweet but he maybe sweet but i hate making him because he runds away from me, so if you are going to get one make sure you find out more about them

Maddy 5 years ago

I want to get a pet for Christmas it's between a rabbit or a guinea pig. I can't get 1 guinea pig because it will be lonely, as I found out after reading the article. I read some comments too, rabbits seen much friendlier but my mum will KILL me if it stinks the house out. Guinea pigs seen nice if you get to know them. HELP ME CHOOSE!!

gigi 5 years ago

i think u should get a giuin pig cause there cute depends what person u are

izzle808 profile image

izzle808 4 years ago

If you want a soft, furry, silent friend you'll be wanting a rabbit, because they make no obvious noise and have downy soft fur while guinea pigs have coarser fur and make A lot of cute little noises. Guinea pigs interact with you more, but you can get very active playful rabbits depending on the breed. :)

Fizzu 4 years ago

Having a guinea pig need patience to get them used to you.. My guinea pignever want to be near me when I first got him and would bite when I try to lift him but now after 2 months he would come to me for treats, let me pet him in his cage and doesn't bite anymore when I lift him..

jessica laura 4 years ago

i dunnu witch one to get

mkart 4 years ago

i was thinking about getting a bunny or a guinea pig but then read this i know that a guinea pig is right for me.

Cassidy 4 years ago

I recently just lost my bunny yesterday i've had him since 2001 for about 11 years. In my opinion rabbits are the way to go, i was blessed to have my pet bunny for as long as i did & he had a huge part in my life.

Xelah Rain 4 years ago

I think that rabbits are easy pets to care for but guinea pigs can be kept indoors. still you would have to clean ther cage more often.

Danielle 4 years ago

I own both a rabbit and a guinea pig and I think guinea pigs are much less maintenance than a rabbit. Also guinea pigs stay smaller, rabbits grow quite large. My suggestion is if you want low maintenance go for guinea pig. My rabbit is needy and wakes me up at 7am every morning coz he wants out.

victoria 4 years ago

My friend has a bunny and there really cute but kinda moody... another friend of mine has a guinea pig and its the sweetest thing! I havnt had a rabbit or guinea pig but I've done a lot of research and found guinea pigs are very clean, social, and aren't very loud. I'm trying to persuade my mom into letting me have a guinea pig.

tina 4 years ago

I don't know which one to get! they are both adorable! i had a rabbit and it was verry skitish and scratched and kicked. sometimes i could pet him but i couldn't really hold him. i think a guinea pig sounds a little better but i still don't know.........

Linzy 4 years ago

Bunnies are much better there bigger and if u litter box train them then they never need to be kept in a cage ... And when there very fun to watch and play w/ because they have such big personalities

Kayla 4 years ago


So I'm finally allowed ro get a pet. Ive been wanting a guinea pig for a while, until i saw adorable bunnies in the shop. they wouldn't run away like the guinae pugs. so not im lost abd dont know which to get

guinea pigs rock 4 years ago

i think gp are better but that's me 2day i went to the fair and saw some bunnies they didn't do anything but drink and sleep and i saw some videos about the 2 and i think if you r having a hard time choosing i would go with a gp

i love pets 3 years ago

its very hard to choose I don't know what to choose but probably more towards guinea pigs after reading this article.

Aerial 24 months ago

Oops.. i'm confuse now..i want a very cute and friendly pet ..i want to hold and cuddle it for a long time... But i need the one which is less maintainence for it. Help me :(

Camryn 20 months ago

I have had both a guinea pig and a rabbit. I currently have 2 rabbits ( male and female ) (male is neutered ) and 6 baby bunnies from lilac ( the female ). They are the mosh loving creatures I have ever had ( except for dogs ). Lilac runs over to you whenever you show up and Clover ( male ) was skittish at first. I figured I should get him a friend which I did from our local pet store. I volunteer at the store and I was given lilac. When Clover and Lilac met, it was love at first sight. He suddenly perked up. These animals are very docile, humerous, and social animals. I have had a guinea pig before too. I got her when I was 9 ( 3 years ago ) but I didn't take the best care of her. She would squeak EVERY time we opened the fridge to get her veggies. She did smell. She bit once ( only once ). She was also very skittish ( which is in a guinea pigs nature ). Today, ( may 18, 2015 ) I am going to adopt our new member of our family which is willow! I also am getting a guinea pig ( I am adopting one ) once all the baby bunnies are sold. I started off with 9 babies but 3 got eaten by a snake.... I personally would have a rabbit just because they are bigger but you can pick them up, they are very sweet, and they make a wonderful pet! Guinea pigs are cute, sweet once tamed, and funny creatures as well! It is really if you want a squeaking piggy or a hopping bun!

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