Should You Get A Patterdale Terrier

Patterdale Terrier Mix
Patterdale Terrier Mix

A Highly Vocalized Dog

If you are new to the market of pet searching and you thought "hey the Patterdale Terrier looks adorable" you might want to think twice before you make the final decision before getting one. While they are indeed precious looking and sometimes mimic great puppy eyes, if you are searching for a dog that doesn't bark too much then the Patterdale Terrier is not the dog for you.

A car door shuts, your dog will bark. The neighbor's dog barks just a little bit, your dog too will start barking. Needles to say just about anything will send your Patterdale into a barking frenzy.

Untrained Patterdales

Patterdale Terriers are highly energized dogs. Like many terriers they do need to be trained and if they are not they can show excessive barking traits. They are also known to escape out of homes when you open the door. All it takes is a split second, believe me it happened to me on several occasions. Therefore one of the best tricks to teach a Patterdale is the Stay command. It will come in handy.

They are like any other dogs, however, if you give them regular exercise the chances of them acting up like this will lower. My own dog, she's a Patterdale Mix. If I happen to skip a walk she will end up acting up, as if on cue. That's another think about Patterdales. They are smart.

Put Other Pets In Consideration

If you have any other pets, especially any non-canine's, you should consider the fact that Patterdales don't always handle them all that well. Unless you know and trust the history of the dog in question with other animals and know it will be safe.

My dog for example, I knew before I got her that she handles cats just fine. Sometimes she'll try to play a little rough with them so I'll have to keep an eye on her but besides that she's fine. But it's surely something you should put into consideration.

Small Dog Syndome

Yes, the Patterdale Terrier can be prone to Small Dog Syndrome. If you haven't heard this term before it's basically when the a small dog starts acting very big and headstrong. My own dog will do this on occasion. This is when you have to show that you are alpha.

Patterdales require mental and physical simulation. Challenge them, make them believe that you indeed deserve to be alpha.

Everything Else To Consider

While grooming isn't all that bad with a Patterdale you must keep in mind that apartment life really isn't all that great for a patterdale. However, if you do keep the dog well exercised then it should do well.

These dogs grow to be about 12 inches and weigh anywhere between 11-13 pounds.

If you have a strong mind, need a dog to cuddle with but are able to prove that you are the leader in the household then maybe this dog is the one for you. I know that every so often my dog's barking will get on my nerves but I believe that this breed is a wonderful breed and that I made the right choice.

patterdale terrier mix, eating a dog treat that she got for her birthday
patterdale terrier mix, eating a dog treat that she got for her birthday

Patterdale Terrier Book& Supplies

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