Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat: An Intelligent And Unique Looking Cat

For long, cats have made ideal companions to us humans and in the olden times they served the important purpose in keeping away household pests, though in modern times, they are admired for their intelligence and also because they don’t require much maintenance as well as for the warmth of their personalities. Though many popular breeds of cats are known to us, the Siamese cat is perhaps the most popular and also most widely recognized.

Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat

Originally From Southeast Asia

The origins of the Siamese cat can be traced to Southeast Asia though it is not known for sure where exactly they originated from in those parts of the world, and it was only as recently as the twentieth century that the Siamese cat gained in popularity in the western world. Today, they are a very popular breed of cat and that is not at all surprising because of their appearance that is quite unique and also because they seem very stately as well.

In fact, the Siamese cat has a shape that can best is described as being streamlined, it has striking facial features, especially its almond shape to their eyes, and also it has very appealing and contrasting colors that make it look very distinctive and very different from other types of cat breeds. However, the Siamese cat is not all about being good to look at because they are also famous for their intelligence and also striking personality as well.

The Siamese cat is thought to be one of the most extroverted as well as social of all cats in the world and their personality is one of affection and warmth and they closely gel with their owners, which however does mean that they are not quite as independent as some other cats and they are also known to like staying indoors with their owner. Another feature of this breed of cat is that it has a very loud and distinctive as well as low pitch to its voice, and even though they are very intelligent, they don’t train all that easily.

There are some Siamese cats that will obey you though others, thanks to the inquisitiveness of their nature, may be more mischievous and will often scratch up your carpet, or even the scratching post of your expensive sofa.

You should also make it a point before buying your Siamese cat to source it from a breeder of good reputation which will ensure that it has pure bloodline and that it has already been properly inoculated, and also its physical as well as social abilities will be well developed.

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Jenn Gregory 7 years ago

I am a proud owner of a Siamese mix. He's albino, and very active! I can't believe he plays fetch, just like a dog! He is very intelligent and can hear anything that we open like a bottled water. He loves to chase the plastic ring we take off the bottle. This is when he plays fetch. He will get bored batting it around on the floor, and bring it to us to throw it, then he brings it back. He knows when I say, wanna play fetch? that means mommy and daddy want to play with him! He is so amazing the way he wants to interact with us! He has done wonders between my other two, they didn't like each other at first. We introduced 2 adult males, and when we got Snowball as a kitten, he played with them, and the other 2 started getting along! I'm not saying get a kitten to make your other 2 adult cats get along, but, for us it worked!

kjanine 6 years ago

I have a siamese mix too. a foundling. tuxedo in color. She is amazing - plays fetch...her idea...tries to open doors, wants to be around us whereever we are...although she has bounded to me...and tolerates others. climbs up door jams...she is now 4 and 'mother's our 16 year old cat' licks his head and grooms him. I just love the siamese mix!

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