Silver Hatchet Fish

Typical silver Hatchet Fish
Typical silver Hatchet Fish | Source

Hatchet Fish

Level: Intermediate

Care: Hatchet Fish will swim at the top of the aquarium. They thrive in community aquariums, and like to live with other of their own kind. They live in temperatures of 26-28 degrees celcius. As long as there is swimming space at the top of the aquarium the fish are happy. Plants are also always good, but not so much floating plants. A 10+ gallon aguarium will do fine for theese fish.  

Feed: Feed them at the top of the aquarium, they only eat floating foods. They will eat most live, fresh, and flake foods. They should have blood worms, or brine shrimp every day.

Looks: They are a deep bodies fish with a silver color and a horizontal back line going through the middle of the body. The mouth is close to the top of the body. Females look more plump. They can grow to 2.5 inches.

Breeding: They lay eggs, but have not been bred in captivity.

Species: There is also a smaller, moarbled hatchet fish, which breeds easier. It has basically the same care as the silver hatchet fish, though.

Why Fly?

Hatchet fish are well known to fly out of the aquarium. Make sure you have a tight lid that covers the whole aquarium. They will jump through any little opening, so be careful. Many beginners expirience flying hatchet fish. They are bult to fly with fins tilted up, and they stay near the top of the aquarium, so, beware of a flying hatchet fish!

Smaller Marbled Hatchet fish
Smaller Marbled Hatchet fish | Source

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