Simple things to do to get fertile chicken eggs

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Are my hens laying fertile eggs?

Have you ever thought of how to tell if a chicken egg is fertile or not? At this point, you may be in a location where you intend to have little chicks, or you may be developing a certain curiosity in regard to the eggs' quality which you get. It is important to understand that most people actually think that fertile chicken eggs are usually very nutritious as well as tasty, in comparison to other infertile eggs. In fact fertile eggs are thought to provide greater details on how the respective hens are maintained.

It is important to understand that there are simple things to consider that will definitely help you choose the best fertile eggs for chicken. This basically includes the fact that any hen which is over five months will automatically lay some eggs. Here, it does not matter if it has been near the rooster or not. What this means is that if the hen has not been seen around the rooster, it will definitely lay infertile eggs. Besides, you should also know that any rooster with over 20 weeks cans fertilize a hen.

Therefore, it is advisable that if you want your hens to have fertile eggs, keep them around a rooster. One rooster is normally recommended since if many, they will keep on fighting for dominance. Note that fertilized chicken will only lay fertilized eggs for about seven days. In order to obtain the best fertile eggs, it is of great advantage to begin focusing on the egg laying chicken. It's most likely to be five months or less. At this point, you must ensure that it has the right laying temperatures, such that they should not fall below freezing point or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If this happens, these hens will just stop laying.

The eggs fertility directly depends on the chicken breeds and how the temperature is being controlled within the rooster. Here, you must have in place a better and clean laying box which has the capabilities of easing laying of all eggs.

In order to establish whether your chickens are really laying fertile eggs or not, the best thing to do is simply to crack one of the eggs into a smooth and clean bowl. Then check the availability of white mark by looking through the York. To some extent, you may turn the York using a spoon. The fertile chicken egg will have a round white mark while an infertile egg has an irregular mark. If it takes too long to reach the mark, it is advisable to exercise patience as it will finally appear.

Therefore, if it happens that you find yourself with fertile chicken eggs, there are various options in which you can use them. Generally, you can incubate them and hatch, eat them or better still allow your hens to hatch them and raise the chicks on their own. For artificial incubation, it is advisable to begin by learning the best ways to candle fertile eggs in order to witness the embryo growth. has a large inventory of different breed fertile chicken eggs for sale, they also carry most anything that you would need for your chickens. Visit us today!

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