Will Superior Extraterrestrials Treat Humans The Way We Treat "Lesser" Creatures?

Seeking Alien Life On Mars

By Rena Dictor LeBlanc

You've seen the science fiction movies.

Humans discover aliens from some far off galaxy.

Or an extraterrestrial (ET) finds us!

Well, we're closer than ever to finding the answer to what will happen when we finally encounter extraterrestrials. A NASA spacecraft, the Phoenix Mars Lander, successfully touched down on Mars. Its robotic arm will dig in the permafrost seeking evidence of some form of life.

What happens if we find intelligent life in outer space? What happens if aliens find us first?

In science fiction movies there's the usual "war of worlds" where the good guys (human beings) win. But, are we really the good guys?

What if you were an alien studying earthlings? In fact, what if you were an alien of vastly superior intelligence who possessed a highly evolved sense of right and wrong? Wouldn't you be appalled by the way humans treat "lesser" creatures on our planet?

If you were an alien who had a highly-developed conscience, wouldn't you want to save the non-human creatures on earth from their enslavement, torture and slaughter by humans?

We humans do treat lesser creatures in this way mostly because we want to eat them. We've even come up with factory farming to prepare creatures for their fate in the most highly efficient, cost effective and cruel ways..

We find it acceptable to experiment on animals in the most horrific ways hoping this will provide benefits for people. But many experts believe that these experiments are not useful, are often misleading, and can be replaced with modern non-animal research methods.

We even enslave "lesser" creatures merely for our entertainment. We imprison millions (or is it billions) of creatures we call pets, in cages, bowls or aquariums, denying them the freedom to live in their natural habitats.

The search for alien life in the universe is the great quest of humankind.. But, what will happen if superior ETs discover the reality that there's far too little of the humane in humanity?

British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking says aliens are out there, but it could be too dangerous for humans to interact with extraterrestrail life, according to a story by the Associated Press.

I wonder what happens if these ETs determine that, compared to them, it is humans that are the "lesser" creatures.

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Andrew Culver profile image

Andrew Culver 8 years ago from Los Angeles

Great article. There are so many important questions raised from the possibility of alien life. You brought up a lot of unsettling questions. Thanks for checking out my story. I haven't published any sci-fi yet, but this is a great place to put it out there.

loislane profile image

loislane 8 years ago from Los Angeles Author

You're on the right track Andrew. I believe you will have your sci-fi published. Rena

jeff 5 years ago

To sare this on facebook would rock

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