Some Dog Breeds Age Slower Than Others

One of these signs of aging is when your dog isn't as frisky as before. Just as your body and mind changes as you age, so does your dog's body and mind change with aging. Still your dog can stay healthier and more active with the proper care. Different breeds age differently, meaning that some are older at six years and other later on. The average age at which dogs reach old age is seven years depending on their breed and size. Large does usually age faster than smaller dogs. None-the-less, there are certain signs of aging in all dogs that you can notice.

One thing that makes your dog less frisky as he ages is his metabolism slows down. Your dog's body metabolism reacts to aging in a similar manner to yours. It slows down when he ages and he begins to gain weight, particularly when he's eating basically the same diet he did as a young adult dog. Your dog could become obese and like humans this is a precursor to disease. This slowed or diseased metabolic rate, plus less exercise reduces caloric need as much as forty percent and at least by thirty percent. This in turn makes Fido's energy level decrease. An overweight dog has less energy just like an overweight human.

When you see these signs of aging in your dog, it most likely means you need to change the food he's eating. But many dog owners don't understand when their dog is overweight. Your obese dog is in more risk of bad health and it's like a yellow flashing light that's trying to alert you to this fact. Why would you not take notice and heed this warning? Numerous vets have found that pet owners tend to see their dog's weight as normal, though it isn't. Obese or not is a subjective opinion or they just see their dog as beautiful. They think that the weight is normal for their dog's size and view correct weight as too thin.


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