Spotted Cat Breeds

Speckled, Freckled, And Spotted Cat Breeds

Spots here, spots there, spots everywhere! Spotted cat breeds are one of the most popular breeds among cat lovers. Their interesting appearance makes them a top choice at pet shops and animal shelters alike. Spotted cats can be found in pure breed cats and mixed breed cats. In addition to there being a few basic spotted patterns, there are also a few common breeds that comprise the spotted cat group.

The Tabby Pattern

When describing the patterns and colors of cats, there are several terms that are usually used. These terms are: solids, calico, tortoise shelled, and tabbies. The pattern that typically includes spotted cat breeds is the tabby group, although spots can sometimes be found on calico cats as well.

Spotted Cat Breeds
Spotted Cat Breeds

Being A Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are one of the major spotted cat breeds, and it is a large cat with shiny fur. Bengal cats typically display the brown spotted tabby pattern, but sometimes you might find a Bengal cat with a marbled pattern as well. Sometimes, a Bengal cat will be referred to as being “rosetted.” This means that more than one color tone can be found within the spots.

Mew Mew Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau cats are unique because they are the only spotted cat breed that has been spotted from the beginning. All other spotted cat breeds have been bred to display spots. Egyptian Mau cats are thought to have originated in Egypt, but there is no documented proof of this. However, it is known that the Egyptian Mau cat was brought to the United States sometime around 1956.

Ocicat Combo Cats

Ocicat cats are another spotted cat breed. This breed of cat is a combination of the Siamese, Abyssinian, and American Shorthair cats. Although the Ocicat has a wild appearance, there is no wild cat in its blood. In addition to being spotted, Ocicat cats can be mackerel, ticked, and classic tabby. However, only the spotted Ocicat cats are considered for competition in cat shows.

Safari Cats—From The Jungle To Your Living Room

The Safari cat is a new breed of cat, and there are less than 40 of them that exist right now. This cat comes from breeding the spotted Geoffrey’s cat, which comes from South America, with the common domestic cat. This is quite a feat because, while the domestic cat has 38 chromosomes, the Geoffrey’s cat only has 36.

An Interesting Twist

Spotted cats are popular because they provide an interesting contrast to the plain, solid cat breeds. The many colors, patterns, and designs make for a stately, wild, and neat looking cat!

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Sonja 7 years ago

Ocicats do NOT come in mackerel patterns. And although occasionally Ocicats are born pointed, they are not accepted for registration in CFA.

cole 7 years ago

this is a great prooduct

Jan 5 years ago

And what about Australian Mist cats - the original was spotted, they now also have marble in coat pattern. But they were developed over 30 years ago - a truly established spotted cat.

=] 5 years ago


Nyq 5 years ago

Cats are like kids that do a lot of exercising. A lot. Its cool.

Nyan cat 5 years ago

My dog is a cat. Literally. But he's a dog. He jumps around like a cat.

Tiff 4 years ago

I have a kitten and I'm wanting to figure out what breed he is exactly? Most certainly he's mixed but could someone perhaps tell me if he is part bengal? he has stripes on his legs and spots on his stomach, but the markins on his back are very fair and get lighter as they reach the spine. He's grey in color too so not the typical bengal color no? If anyone can help out email me at no spam thanks (:

troyjack 4 years ago

The first cat my family owned was of an unknown breed but his coat was along the lines of being short, pure white with large, black spots, much like a dalmatian. We named him Max, short for Maximus. He was the only cat we've ever known that taught himself how to climb a fifteen foot ladder into our attic and better yet, drag a ten pound rabbit up there all the same.

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