Springer Spaniel Dog training

Are you thinking of buying a springer spaniel but perhaps are not too sure of their temperament and behaviour? I have had a springer spaniel called Trixie who  i will tell you you a little bit about which hopefully could help you make up your mind.

When Trixie was a puppy she was very very adorable. Very cute a good looking. She had so much energy it was unbelievable. She got excited very quickly and therefore could wee herself occasionally when new people turned up at the house or people made a fuss of her. Even if we would be sitting in watching the television Trixie would have a mad 5 minutes where she would bound around the house like a maniac.

When she was left on her own in the house she could be a bit of a pain as a puppy, because she would happily try to chew at anything she could - for example, table and chair legs, but she sooned learned when she was told off.

They also like to teeth quite a lot as puppies. They are not biteing you but they have very sharp teeth. However don't worry because they do grow out of this stage!

After a year Trixie calmed down a lot, and as she has grown older she is still very active but not as crazy as when we first bought her. She is a very very loving dog. They have fantastic personalities and they are very intelligent. It's almost like they know what you are thinking and likewise. They make great friends and compainons and we have never regretted getting her.

When you go out for walks with her she will always look round to make sure that you are not to far away. She loves stones over anything. Give her a ball or dog toys and she will not be very interested - sometimes even rip them up. But if she finds a stone she is full of joy and wants you to throw it for her over and over again.

Trixie has been brilliant with children and has never biten anyone. She doesn't bark very often, but if someone is coming up to the front door she will let them know she is there. They have a great nose also and can sniff almost anything out. Trixie loves her food and would probably eat a horse without stopping if it was cooked and put down in front of her.

I would recommend getting a Springer Spaniel to almost anyone, as long as you are fit enough to look after a very active dog. They do not like to be left on their own for too long, although Trixie is very well behaved when is alone. They also absolutely love going on long walks and swimming in lakes or rivers. If you want a new best friend to look out for then you will be making the right decision with a springer.


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