Use Squirrel Baffles to Squirrel Proof Your Birdfeeder!

A persistent squirrel can climb up the birdfeeder pole and deplete the feed before birds get any!
A persistent squirrel can climb up the birdfeeder pole and deplete the feed before birds get any!

Squirrel Troubles?

Living in the great outdoors or woods can be a beautiful thing. You get to enjoy the world of nature and wildlife often from your window view. Many families choose to also set up hummingbird feeders and birdfeeders right outside their kitchen and other windows. With these you can enjoy nature even more, watching all types of birds feed right outside your windows. We've enjoyed seeing doves, cardinals, bluebirds and even woodpeckers outside feeding at the birdfeeder. But sometimes one particular "critter" can become a bit too ambitious and greedy in its attempts to eat all the bird food. Enter birdfeeder public enemy #1, the hungry squirrel.

Squirrel baffles can save the day for you and the birds!

Most often we see a squirrel attempting to rob the birdfeeder of all its food on rainy days. On very rainy days, it may have some trouble climbing up the pole to get to the birdfood. As you can see in the picture here, once a squirrel gets up there to the main feeder dish, he can swing on it, and pour out food for himself. Luckily we have a large dog here, but that often isn't enough to stop the squirrels from invading our front porch and eating all the birdfood. Squirrels can be persistent, and the dog barking while scratching on the windows is not the ideal solution.

Perhaps squirrels baffle you at the birdfeeder too? This page will give you some tips and tricks to win the war against squirrels and allow the birds to eat their food peacefully!

About the Enemy: Squirrels

We all know what these common little fuzzy/bushy-tailed animals look like as they're often seen scurrying across the roads in front of cars, or even worse jumping around on your porch, trying to get your bird food.

Squirrels are intelligent types of rodents, and highly-skilled in their approach.  While they aren't really violent creatures by nature, if they want bird food they'll find ways to get to it.  They're also considered smart problem solvers which may make you wonder why science uses rats in various maze tests instead of squirrels. Squirrels have an amazing jumping ability where they can leap as much as 5 to 6 feet straight off the ground from most surfaces.  With a running start, squirrels have even greater leaping ability.  Stopping a squirrel from invading your bird feeder can take some tweaking in the early stages, but don't give up!

Some of the foods besides birdseed that squirrels really enjoy are whole raw peanuts, sunflower seed or whole or cracked corn.  Speaking of food, some regions of the United States actually enjoy squirrel for meals, but that's just some food for thought should your war on the squirrels escalate.  If squirrels baffle your birdfeeder use, we have some ideas listed below to help clear up the problem.

Ways to Stop Squirrels at the Bird Feeder

Do squirrels baffle you continuously as to how you can keep them out of the birdfeeder?  Squirrels typically eat up all the birdseed via finding a direct way to access the feeder itself or by eating food which has fallen to the ground below the feeder.

There's several ways in which you can prevent squirrels from feeding at your birdfeeder and preventing the birds from getting the food.

1) Feed the Squirrels - One way to stop squirrels at the birdfeeder is to actually feed the squirrels the foods they want. As we mentioned squirrels enjoy sunflower seeds, cracked corn, and whole or raw peanuts. Consider investing in a squirrel feeder and providing these foods for the squirrels, but at a distance from your birdefeeder. Squirrel feeders cost anywhere from $20 to $50 depending on which model you choose.

2) Add pepper to birdfeed - Consider mixing some cayenne pepper into the bird food. This is considered a deterrent to the squirrels because they don't like the pepper taste in the food. You have to find just the right mix though, or you may see the squirrels still chowing on the bird food. Many people have reported success by doing this, and some have even reported that the birds seemed to enjoy the food even more!

3) Feed birds differently - One piece of advice recommends buying specific types of birdfeed and having different feeders placed around your yard. The idea here is to avoid buying mixed bird seed because that's what the squirrels go after. However, this can get expensive as you try to feed each and every type of bird.

4) Use Squirrel Baffles!

A squirrel baffle is a specially-designed coupler piece that will wrap around your birdfeeder pole and prevent squirrels from making their climb. They're constructed from durable plastic or tough metal and will tip from side to side, should a squirrel try to use it for a surface. Squirrels will learn after repeated attempts that they're simply unable to get to the birdfood, and in defeat they will give up and leave. They are often useful not only for deterring squirrels but also for keeping raccoons and other small rodents from gaining access to your bird feeder.

Often called the "ultimate squirrel deterrent", squirrel baffles are generally $20 or less depending on the type you go for. The wraparound squirrel baffles come in various styles, sizes and colors. They can also be considered a stylish addition to your outdoor birdfeeder. Consider using a squirrel baffle to prevent squirrels from invading your birdfeeder today!

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Lyndsay 7 years ago

This will be very helpful thanks, I almost was going to go get a paint ball gun to scare them away! LoL

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