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St. Francis Statue

St. Francis Bird Feeder
St. Francis Bird Feeder | Source

A Saintly Birdfeeder

We all like to carve out a little bit of nature in our backyard. The sights and sounds of the local birds flying to and fro in the yard is a joy to all. Many people will add a decorative bird feeder in their yard, but to build on the natural ambience many people find a St. Francis bird feeder or statue to be the perfect fit for their backyard nature reserve.

The Lore of St. Francis

The popularity of these decorative feeders can be traced back to the stories that surround the memory of St. Francis. He was the founder of the Catholic Franciscan order of monks. Foremost among their beliefs was the ideal of giving away everything to the less fortunate, and they survived by living off the land and by begging. In particular, Saint Francis himself was believed to have a special relationship with wild animals. Several stories about this have been carried down through the ages, one where he tamed a wild and dangerous wolf that was menacing a local village, and another tells of a time he stopped and preached about the love of God would harbor safety. The birds in the area were tamed by his preaching and stayed and listened to him. While it's difficult to verify any individual story, it is known that he lived a life in the wild after having been raised to a life of relative luxury as a young man.

Another story that has been told over time is that he supposedly subdued a wild and ferocious wolf that was terrorizing both the animals and the people in a local village. He made peace with the animal and the local villagers actually fed it after that.

Bird Feeders

Many St Francis bird feeders are small statues of a likeness of St. Francis holding a basket or other reservoir for the seed, usually clothed in the familiar hooded robe of the monks. Often birds are part of the figures, sitting on the shoulder of St Francis. You can find some that are just under two feet in height, with a reasonable size bowl for the seed. Other varieties have the bowl at the feet so that it holds a lot more seed, so that you aren't tied to continually refilling the seeds in the feeder. The material used on these feeders is often a mix of resin and stone, which results in a unit that looks like it's sculpted from stone, but is lighter and of course less expensive.

Some smaller figurines are light enough that they can be hung from a fence or a wall, rather than standing like a statuette. A different style that is also used for hanging is a plaque, with the figure as a 3D image on the plaque, with a bowl for a feeder on the lower part of the plaque.

Any of these would make a great addition to your backyard, and they generally are quite affordable.

Relax to the sound and sights of The Prayer of St. Francis with video from Assisi, Italy sung by Angelina

One of the most beloved hymns of our time, The Prayer of St. Francis, elicits a glimpse of the peace that he carried with him in the world. The video is set in Assisi, Italy where he preached and lived.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis | Source

Pope Francis

On March 13, 2013, the Vatican Cardinals voted Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina the next Pope of Roman Catholics around the world. He chose his name after Saint Francis Xavier.

Pope Francis is already making his mark on the papacy as a humble servant in his words and deeds. Most recently in this statement, "Who am I to judge". I am trying to use these words in my everyday life.

His recent visit to his home land of Argentina is the just the first of many good things to come.

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Helpful hub for our wonderful bird lovers. I have also written an article on setting up birdhouses in backyard Thanks for sharing

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