Steven Spielberg Kills Triceratops for Sport and Angers Fans

Steven Spielberg Makes Movies and Kills Dinosaurs?

Steven Spielberg is a widely known Hollywood Director, who directed Jurassic Park and the Lost World: Jurassic Park.

While no dinosaurs were hurt in the filming of these two movies, a photo circulating around the internet may show that Steven Spielberg may have killed a Triceratops (see photo below).

Any dinosaur deaths in the dinosaur films he directed were strictly based on the survival of the human actors, but this shocking photo may reveal how Steven Spielberg really feels about dinosaurs.

Steven Spielberg and a Dead Triceratops

Steven Spielberg posing in front of a dead Triceratops
Steven Spielberg posing in front of a dead Triceratops | Source

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Steven Spielberg Kills a Triceratops

Jurassic Park Movie Poster

Jurassic Park movie poster
Jurassic Park movie poster | Source

Fun Fact About Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg first became fascinated with dinosaurs growing up in Haddonfield, NJ, where they found an almost complete skeleton of a dinosaur, sparking his interest.

'Educated' People Attempt to Shame Steven Spielberg

The photo of Steven Spielberg in front of a dead Triceratops has gained so much attention that fans have started leaving disparaging comments in an attempt to shame him for his dastardly deed. Not everyone is aware that the Triceratops is an extinct dinosaur, which is made clear by their comments left on the photo that has received over 30,000 views (as of 07/11/14).

In the picture comments, a Facebook user, Sondre Jarstad asks, "Whay didd [sic] he kill so rare an animal?"

A woman with the first name of Penelope writes a whole paragraph starting with "He's a disgusting inhumane (person)...I'd love to see those hunters be stopped..." She goes on to say that she is going to boycott his movies from here on out.

Facebook user James Boggess then clearly points out to these people: "That is Steven Spielberg, direct of Jurassic Park," to which another critic (Vincent Smith) still says: "I don't care who he is he should not have shot that animal."

Somebody please tell these people that this was clearly a Photoshop-created picture!

Shotgun Rack

Shotgun rack
Shotgun rack | Source

Steven Spielberg Has a Large Gun Collection

Steven Spielberg has quite a large gun collection, with two guns from Jurassic Park 1 and 2, worth $40,000 apiece. Other actors (like Shia Lebeouf) have also shared that Steven Spielberg gets a new gun for every movie he makes with the title of the movie engraved on it.

But does this mean that he goes out and shoots dinosaurs for sport?


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profile image

sheilamyers 2 years ago

All I have to say is there are some really stupid people out there who need to go back to school and actually pay attention this time. They really believe the dinosaurs in the movies are real? Then again, I've talked to people who didn't know the movie "Titanic" was based on a historical event, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Cyndi10 profile image

Cyndi10 2 years ago from Georgia

Wow! How very, very funny is that? I would never think there would be so many who are so clueless. But then again, maybe there really is a Jurassic Park, dinosaurs and all... :-)

profile image

Jayfort 2 years ago

And those people are allowed to vote!

profile image

sheilamyers 2 years ago

LOl @ Jayfort!

Ann1Az2 profile image

Ann1Az2 2 years ago from Orange, Texas

Oh, so that's what happened to the dinosaurs - Steven Spielberg. Good grief.

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