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Stop Dog Itching and Scratching Naturally

The itching and scratching! You just want it to Stop! Dog itching drives you and your dog crazy. So rather than just provide temporary relief, why not attack the root of the problem and finally stop dog itching for good?

I've used a lot of all-natural and home remedies to stop dog itching, but, unfortunately, that only provides temporary relief. But depending on how bad your dog itching is, you may need to use some dog itching remedies to stop the scratching until you get the situation under control.

I found a change in my dogs' diets to a homemade, healthy dog food got to the root problem of both of my dogs' itching and scratching. Now, not everyone might be up to making their own dog food. But don't worry, there are plenty of other healthy alternatives out there for you and your dog.

My Big Baby, Stella

Stella sleeps like a big baby now that she doesn't itch all the time. Used to be that she would just itch and scratch all night long - neither of us were getting much sleep!

Why is your dog scratching? When the reason is obvious, like fleas, we all know what to do. But what about when you haven't the slightest idea of why your dog is itching?

With my dog, Stella, I didn't see fleas, or anything that would indicate some sort of bacterial infection. She just itched and scratched. I prayed she didn't have some sort of psychological problem (we rescued her) cause I don't know what I would have done then.

I was determined to figure out how to provide relief for all the dog itching! As I started researching, I found that my dogs' diet was a big part of the problem!

How To Stop Dog Itching

After reading about what goes into the majority of commercial dog food, I realized I may be feeding my dogs food, but they may still be starving for nutrients. I was just filling up their tummies with crap!

Crap? Kind of a strong word, but really that was the first thing that came to my mind when I read about what is used in making dog food (and it wasn't just one place that I read this -- many, many sources are proclaiming basically the same thing)! I really felt cheated and deceived by the dog food companies.

I learned how to read just what kind of ingredients are in the average dog food and really was appalled. Lots of by-products and grains - not at all like the pretty pictures they show on the bags of food.

Want to finally stop dog itching once and for all?

Providing healthy dog food is the FIRST step.

So I learned the in's and out's of homemade dog food. After feeding my homemade dog food for only 2 weeks, I saw a noticeable drop in my dog's itching.

Real food, with nutrients my dog's body was starving for, improved her immune system and skin and coat to the point where I no longer have an itchy dog.

Why Will Food Stop Dog Itching?

If you are feeding your dog a regular commercial dog food, chances are your dog is not getting the proper nutrients and enzymes needed for overall good health and a healthy immune system.

Even though the package may proclaim a certain nutrient, your dog may not be able to digest the food properly to utilize the nutrient. A dog's digestive tract and stomach is different from human. A dog may not be able to utilize the same protein source that humans can (for instance, vegetables have some protein content, that we as humans can utilize, but it doesn't provide the kind of protein a dog needs) - but it will still be labeled as protein on the package.

Dogs came from the wild, and in the wild they ate other animals. They thrive on the ENTIRE animal - bones, flesh, internal organs. As a matter of fact, they will usually rip open the stomach area first and eat the intestines, which give them the enzymes and nutrients from grains and vegetables. They drink the blood, which gives them water and calcium. They usually eat the flesh last, which gives them protein and fat.

When you start thinking about dog food nutrition and feeding your dog the healthy, nutrient and enzyme packed foods that homemade dog food naturally contains, their immune systems will be less stressed. They will become less sensitive to everything in their environment, their skin and coat will improve, and their allergies will decrease.

Nutrition is the best way
to stop dog itching in my opinion.

Learn More About Canine Nutrition

An excellent book that goes into why proper nutrition is so important, and how you can easily provide healthy dog food.

Feed Your Best Friend Better

"This book is full of practical ideas anyone can use: fast fixes, making and storing meals to share with your mutt, and even some tips for curbing problem mealtime behaviors. It also includes suggestions for buying better commercial foods and supplementing them with homemade goodies when you can, as well as warm-nose recipes for ailing dogs. Unlike many cookbooks for dogs, it features easy portion sizing and nutritional information for all sizes of dogs. It has everything you need to feed your best friend better through a long and happy lifetime."

4.8/5 stars from 66 reviews!

But I Don't Want To Make Homemade Dog Food

Can you still stop dog itching?

What If You Don't Want To Make Homemade Dog Food?

Not everyone is up to making their own healthy homemade dog food - it could be a matter of time, inconvenience, or even just being scared of trying something new.

Luckily, many small dog food companies realize that our dogs are more than just pets, they are part of our family. And as such, we care about their health and what we feed them. They have started to provide specialized, nutritious dog food, like limited ingredient dog food, which caters to dog food allergies, and grain-free dog food, which mimics more of a diet of a wild dog or wolf.

Many companies, like Natural Balance, Addiction Raw, and Honest Kitchen, provide many types of healthy, nutritious dog foods.

Natural Balance
Lamb & Rice LID

A single source meat protein and single source carbohydrate formula. The single sources make for an ideal food for dogs suffering from itching due to food allergies. One of the most respected dog foods for dogs with skin problems, such as allergies. Most people notice a difference within 4 weeks.

Addiction Raw
Venison and Cranberry

A gently dehydrated, raw dog food, that contains more nutrients than their cooked counterparts. However raw food must be either refrigerated or frozen to stay fresh. By dehydrating, the food not only weighs less, which makes shipping much cheaper, but it also extends the shelf life greatly. A great way to go raw without all the fuss and anxiety.

Honest Kitchen

Low carb, grain-free, dehydrated raw dog food with turkey. A high quality, raw, dehydrated dog food made with 100% human food-grade ingredients. Made with free-range turkeys and fresh fruits and vegetables, dogs LOVE Honest Kitchen dog foods.

Nutritional Supplements

Providing Extra Nutrition For Your Current Dog Food

Other options, if you don't want to switch dog foods or make your own, include adding supplements and human food to your dog's food, to help boost the nutrition level.

Missing Link nutritional supplement provides the following to your dog's diet:

- enzymes,

- beneficial bacteria,

- essential fatty acids,

- dietary fiber,

- mucilage,

- naturally occurring vitamins,

- major and trace materials and

- phytochemicals

It is made from nutrient-rich, human-quality whole foods and food concentrates that your dogs will love. By providing these much needed nutrients that are missing in most commercial dog foods, you can help improve your dog's health and finally get the itching under control.

Please visit my site,, to get more detail about the many different types of healthy dog foods available, and how to figure out what is a healthy dog food and what isn't.

Does Your Dog Itch Because of Fleas?

I recently found this 'miracle' flea killer/repellant by a company called Wondercide and absolutely LOVE it!

Now most products with essential oils only repel fleas and ticks. This product uses cedar oil, combined with a special carrier (called silane) that makes it lethal AND natural!!

And my dogs smell like a cedar chest (which I love). Now the smell is NOT obnoxious, just a subtle smell of cedar. They also have an option that includes lemongrass for a lemon smell - I haven't tried that one yet cause I love the cedar smell.

Have you had success, or failure, with your dog's itching? Let other people know what has worked and not worked for you and your dog.

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CoffeeLuvingNut profile image

CoffeeLuvingNut 3 years ago

I had problems with my dog itching. It started with fleas, but even for months afterwards, there was still the residual scratching. I added the Missing Link supplement and before the bag was out, the scratching had stopped. Now I always add this to her food!

LuvingMyDogs profile image

LuvingMyDogs 3 years ago Author

@CoffeeLuvingNut: I'm so glad Missing Link worked for your dog! It amazed me when I figured out how much their nutrition attributes to so many of their problems.

k9goodfood 2 years ago

Some pet owners may even wonder if table scraps are a good thing for their pet.

LuvingMyDogs profile image

LuvingMyDogs 2 years ago Author

@k9goodfood: It really depends on what the table scraps are. Some foods that we eat are not good for dogs, others are fine. You will always have arguments for and against. Lots of people give their dogs raw hides - I would NEVER give mine one. Who's right, who's wrong? Everyone has their opinions....

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