Stopping Your Puppy From Digging Up Your Garden and Plants

Many people get a new puppy and think that damage will only happen in the house. This is not true. If you have a garden or plants outside, your puppy can destroy the plants by digging them up or urinating on them. Puppies love to dig up plants and retrieve them to you and you have to make it apart of your training regime to stop them from doing so. While the puppy is still finding out boundaries and finding what is wrong and what is right, plant digging needs to be on the wrong side of the equation. The puppy, some experts say, is attracted by the flower because of it's sweet scent. The puppy will dig it up and retrieve it to you thinking that it will please you.

You can start by training your puppy that flowers are something that are not to be touched. You can do this by preventing the puppy from going into the garden or around your plants. This can be done by putting up a small wire fence around your garden and plants. This is a prevention, not a cure. Of course you do not want your puppy to lose the retrieval instinct, so train your puppy to retrieve toys not plants. Make the garden a no zone and soon your puppy will be able to recognize that the plants in the no zone means all plants. If your puppy goes toward a plant, shake an empty pop can full of rocks to gain the puppy's attention and shout 'no'. Then take an appropriate toy and play a quick game of fetch. This way your puppy can understand what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to retrieve.

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suny51 profile image

suny51 6 years ago

Hello- dkrainwater,this reminds me of my dog(no more now)who would dig a hole or two when ever he was a bit short of attention,but we never ever felt bad as he always did it in areas where there were no plants,but this sure is great help as I may go for another one, though that wont replace my BHOBHO

Astromic profile image

Astromic 6 years ago

or you can use a meteorite like this man :-)

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