Stop cats from crapping in your yard

Do you have strange neighborhood cats crapping in your yard? Don't you hate the stench and cleaning up after someone else's nasty cat? After reviewing a lot of posts on the internet, I decided to try spreading crushed red pepper over my yard. And "voila" no more cat crap, no more stench and no more worries. If this didn't work, my next step was going to be catching one of the buggers in a trap and tying a noose around its neck, to leave it swinging from the branch of a tree as a warning to all the other nasty critters. However, thanks to a $5 bag of crushed red pepper bought at the local Asian (Korean) supermarket, the problem is fixed. It was just too easy!

For background, I learned that some people tried using coffee grounds, with marginal success. Others flamed about crushed red pepper being bad for kitty eyeballs, and that if the pepper gets in their eyes, they may gouge their eyes out with their claws. I guess this would solve the cat crap problem too. I think that cats are damn smart animals, and one whiff of crushed red pepper and they tell all their friends, "Hey, this place is off-limits now, so let's go crap in someone else's yard." Not my problem anymore. Well, almost actually. After about a week, one furry bugger crapped again, so I refreshed the red pepper, and have done so a few more times at about 5-7 day intervals. Now I find the odd poop once a month or so. But I can live with that.

I also learned that there are "Ferel cats" which are basically domesticated cats that ran away or were abandoned, and then they breed and live in the wild (such as near a supermarket dumpster). There are all sorts of cages available for catching Ferel cats, but it seems like this work should belong to the department of animal control.

Cat trap

I also learned that the animal control will rent you a cat trap. Typical fees are $75 refundable deposit and then $5/day. Buying a new cage that you can keep ranges from $45-$75. I scoured the internet, but could not find a supersized mouse trap that could also do the job.

Crushed red pepper is cheap and does the job. No apparent damage to the plants in my yard either. Good luck.

If you don't want to go to all the trouble of leaving your house and hunting for an Asian supermarket, only to find that you can't read the packages and tell the difference between crushed red pepper and paprika, then you can buy some online right here.

Cat lover's consider this:

Hey cat lovers, now why did I write this information on cat crap and crushed red pepper? It's because of YOU! If you would simply keep your cat inside and train them to use a litter box, then you wouldn't have to worry about them getting crushed red pepper in their eyes. If you don't know what a litter box is, I've added a picture for you and you can get one at Petco for cheap. Then you can pick up the nice little crappy presents they leave for you and I won't have to spend money on crushed red pepper (and I'll be able to spend my Saturday relaxing instead of shopping for a German Shepherd). Thanks!

An alternative (albeit expensive) solution...

If you are the kind of person who prefers expensive high technology solutions to cheap simplicity, then read on. One of our kind readers pointed me at the "Bird-X YardGard Electronic Pest Animal Repeller." For only $125, you can pain kitty ears with high frequency just when they are searching for the ideal spot to toilet. One may argue that it is money well spent, but I recommend you try the $5 crushed red pepper before rewiring your house to provide electronic deathrays to your yard.


livelonger profile image

livelonger 10 years ago from San Francisco

this is great stuff!

how often do you have to "refresh" the crushed red pepper?

the reason i ask is that we have an ant problem, and black pepper works for a day or two (even thought it's messy) but then I guess the odor goes away and the ants come back.

The Native Raver 10 years ago

Kudos, there is a family of discusting cats that made the part of my complex smell like cat piss. I'm going to head to the mexican supermarket and get some red pepper for much less!

Webber profile image

Webber 10 years ago

Seems like Digg users are torn on cats...

Visitor 10 years ago

I've heard you can spray vinegar and just refresh it when it rains. Then again, your yard will smell like a salad instead of a Korean BBQ...

Visitor 9 years ago

I love cats, but I keep mine inside. My driveway is beach sand and the neighborhood cats think its the town litterbox! I am so sick of scooping the neighbor's @%#^$& POOP! In the summer I come home to freeking flies from HELL!! If the pepper doesn't work I'm getting a trap and leaving the cat at their door with it's poop!

Vistor 9 years ago

Does the red pepper harm dogs? The cats in my neighborhood are using my backyard right where my dog runner is. He likes to eat the presents they leave.

LaDivina 9 years ago

Lost a good friend last week over her cat crapping in my yard. Will try the red pepper flakes since the mothballs don't seem to work. Still can't beleive I lost a friend over cat crap....

chandlerdad 9 years ago

Great info. I'm trying it out immediately. neighbor is one of those ferel cat caretakers. each night at about 6pm I can count over 10, yes TEN cats waiting to be fed. I've tried talking to her about not feeding the cats but that went well. Our county animal control has been brainashed by the cat lovers in the community. Kill one and it is a year in jail and $1000 fine. Catch one and drop it off at animal control, well that costs $90. Crushed red peppers here I come.

Franklin 8 years ago

Feral cats carry twenty or so diseases transmitted to humans via scratch/bite or feces /urine . Several are fatal. Cat ranching is a threat to your community. The "caretaker" cat ranchers are going to kill somebody. Feral cats denude their range of all small wildlife. They catch them and tear them open and eat them alive ingesting all the diseases from the rodents/birds etc. Cat nutters feeding and subsidizing cats are bad for your health. Trap and euthanize and keep your family safe. Keep away from feces. Feral cats are a significant health hazard to any community and it is the municipalities responsibility to maintain public hygiene by trapping and euthanizing.

Sue spay-neuter 8 years ago website has ideas. You are a sick one even suggesting hanging an animal.

Lisa 8 years ago

Thanks for the great advice!! I can't wait to get these damn things out of my yard. I like cats, I have one in my house that stays in my house and doesn't crap in anyone elses yard. I also have a 1 1/2 year old son who loves to play outside and is very curious. The thought of him touching cat crap.... ewwww. I think I would hang one too!!! Thanks again for the advice!!!

Gardening Angel 8 years ago from Southwestern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh


Nice hub, good advice.

Gardening Angel

Ct 8 years ago

Does the red pepper hurt dogs?

8 years ago

Great Idea, will give it a shot. Have about 5 of the pests crapping and scrapping in the yard each night. I have a 2 yr old who explores by day. For cat lovers who despise the idea, keep them in your own yard, and no one gets hurt. If the peppers don't work, maybe it will enhance the flavor of cat stir fry !

Jo 7 years ago

Trying to get rid of cats in my yard because they are hunting frogs, lizards and birds. Wondering if the red pepper would be harmful to other creatures.

Sibli Luaxessna profile image

Sibli Luaxessna 7 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

I just read the title and couldn’t stop laughing, great!

Then when I saw you were a canine well I almost peed myself.

I love it you so made my day!

Oh you do know by the way that dogs are the ultimate answer to cat poop right?

They gobble it up, mm mushy mush.

All kidding aside though I am very sorry to hear that other cat owners were so negligent and disrespectful of your right to a poop free property. I swear you dog will never get to eat my kitty’s “gifts”.



Chris 7 years ago

Actully while I find the information usefull, I find the poster a disgusting piece of garbage. Hanging cats to warn others? And while most cat owners keep their cats indoors, the outdoor variety is quite useful in controling the rodent population but perhaps the poster was to stupid to consider that, ie: squirrels and such that do damage to gardens as well.

Hector 7 years ago

Chris babbled: "Actully while I find the information usefull, I find the poster a disgusting piece of garbage."

Oh cry us a river of tears about the use of the words by the poster. And thank you for pointing out how it is a good things for domesticated animals to be able to roam freely. Actually that is a great idea. Damn the leash laws too. Let the cats AND the dogs roam free. And god can sort it out.

ben 7 years ago

i prefer the .22 method

Jon 7 years ago

Thanks for the comment. I hate this one fucking cat keep on playing on top of my car. I should spray red pepper powder all over near my CAR!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel 6 years ago

Hilarious post!! Laughing is great therapy. I needed that. I've been so frustrated with the stinky cat crap in my yard, but I don't agree with my husband who wants to shoot them with a BB gun. THANK YOU for a simple solution! Why didn't I think of that? I seem to recall my grandmother having success using red pepper to keep several menacing squirrels out of her yard. I'm going shopping tomorrow...

Jeese 6 years ago

Anti Freeze and fish paste works well too.

Moira 6 years ago

There are other methods that can be used - red pepper is extremely cruel and causes cats immense pain.

The website below gives a lot more humane ways to stop cat's doing their "business" - they are only doing what is natural after all.

scoobdoo332 6 years ago


Anon 6 years ago

Thanks for the information!!! I used vinegar in a giant spray bottle last year to keep the neighborhool cats off of my porch and furniture that is no avail! These cats are NASTY...they spray all over my porch and scratch on the door to try to get in (apparently the freak that lived here before I, left food and treats out for the feral cats....pretty nice of her huh???). They love to use my flower garden as a litter box as well....even when I am sitting right outside, they will do it right in front of me! NOW they have decided that my new Jeep is for their use to sharpen their claws....YEP....paw prints and cat scratches all over my new car...once they realize they are slipping off of it, out come the claws!!! I am def going to try the pepper, if it doesn't work, they will be put into a cat taxi and brought to the humane society! I hear that these cats belong to the neighbors...but, I have seen them outside all day and night for this entire year...even in the brutal winter months! If the owners don't care enough to get their animals inside when it's 10 degrees outside, I'm thinking they won't be missed when they are at the shelter!

Lorock 6 years ago

I catch the cat and chop them up, compost the pieces and use it as fertilizer for my tomato plants.....very good source of organic fertilizer....the owners are next...

lola 6 years ago

my nabors cat poos

R. 6 years ago

My Co worker uses a trap. Once the cat is trapped he turns on a sprinkler and waters the kitty for about 8 hours and then once the cat is dry he spray paints race car numbers on the side of the cat or paints the tail. so far he has not had any repeat offenders.

jervis 6 years ago

Moira it is natural for me to "crap" too. But I don't do it in my neighbours yard.


pciii 6 years ago

I have been picking up the offending material and delivering it to its rightful owner's yard. Leaving it on their walkway is fairly effective, too. Leaving it on their picnic table sends an even stronger message. So far, it has reduced the frequency of "gifts".

matt 6 years ago

An air rifle works well, a few pumps gives them a good reminder. Problem is, you're not around 24/7. I'm using a combo of pepper and the rifle.

Johanna 6 years ago

You guys are great, i need someone to come take these 5000000000 cats away, i put my dog up for adoption because i didn't want to have pets!!! Little did i know he was keeping the cats away, animal co trol won't come and neither will humane society, they're full!!!! I am not spending any money on catrepellents, i'm gonna start a movement in my neighborhood!!!

Julie 6 years ago

Great tips on getting the cats to stop using my garden as a litter box. I'll be trying the pepper flakes. Their habits are gross - some of them don't even bother to cover their crap up - turns my stomach!

I guess what I fail to understand is if these cat owners REALLY cared about their pets, they wouldn't let them run freely & risk getting diseases from stray cats, skunks, raccoons, etc. or the very real danger of getting hit by a car on the road. Chris, is this 'useful' for the outdoor variety?

rb 6 years ago


pciii 6 years ago

I posted earlier about picking up cat crap and delivering it to the cat's home. It worked for a while, but then the problem returned, so I went the cayenne pepper route. Just thought of another idea. Trap the cat, shave it, then turn it loose. I read on the net that it doesn't harm the cat if the owner keeps it indoors to keep it from getting sunburned.

ptosis profile image

ptosis 6 years ago from Arizona

You made me laugh!! That image of cat clawing out the pepper out of eyes and saying "this would solve the cat crap problem" was a good joke. Meow! :):):):):)

rumba 6 years ago

Cats are just animals, like pigs and cows and rats. A lot of people eat pigs and cows. A lot of people kill rats. What's so special about cats? One person's adorable ball of fluff is another's shit-depositing bird killer. Cats kept indoors I have no problem with. Anything else is just plain selfish.

F@#K U 6 years ago

you are talking about a living creature you cruel bunch of wankas

pompeyjoanne 6 years ago

Loving the comments on various forms of cat torture! There is 1 keeps crapping outside our house and I am sick of it. If the red pepper hurts the little sod then I am gonna buy a tonne of it.......failing that.....I have a fabulous tree in my garden that it can hang from 4 sure......

Rob Slater 6 years ago

What a disgusting person. This is animal abuse. You are the one who should be hanged from a noose

kiki 6 years ago

How about dogs crap,people walks dogs and they don't pickup after,what to use to kip of my front door.How the pepper work in dog case?

kezzy 6 years ago

im allergic to furry animals however some the cats in the street seem to love using my backdoor step as a rest spot and front garden as a litter box.. my 2year old daughter is covered in flea bites and i cant open my doors or windows or the cat hair effects my eyes and sinuses,, these damn cats are ruining my life!!! it doesn't seem fair that i have to pay for repellents and flea bombs!!

raqui 6 years ago

there are alot of you that are cruel and complaining to much. its life. deal with it. i dont think cats r ruining ur life its ur dame allergies! its not the cats fault they got left behind, became wild or the person it lives with wont clean upits litter box!its also sad in away if the red pepper remedy could be dangerous to the cat. i dont think anyone wants to harm it, just get rid of the dame problem!

ohno 6 years ago

I dont think its fair to hurt the cat. I will try the pepper flakes as a deterrent. The real offense here is the CAT OWNER who does not offer an innocent animal the care it needs and deserves (i.e. a litter box and protection from predators)cats actually do more damage environmentally when they destroy birds and rodents. Plenty of birds of prey to take care of rodents, not to mention foxes. My problem is that either a stray or neglected cat keeps crapping in my garden area where I grow a substantial amount of food for my family, and have since being laid-off for 4 years now. Its how we make ends meet. I have no health insurance and if I did I would not risk the serious illnesses that can be contracted from cat urine/feces. Please! if you love your animal care for them as you should.

Tarah_ 6 years ago

I’m so pleased that the pepper worked for you. I don’t think tying a noose around a cat’s neck would be much fun! :-) It’s a pity cat lovers don’t see the sense in your suggestion to them, but it was worth trying...

Daniel 5 years ago

LION POO, cats cant stand the stuff..thats my tip : )

greg 5 years ago

Get a gun. Once the neighbors are dead, you can focus more on the cats.

rita 5 years ago

hey man i love this post mainly bcoz i share ur view on these bloody cats...but u c the problem is i cnt use chilly powder bcoz i have a baby who loves to play in the sand will hurt u have any other idea...thnks....

happy2btxn 5 years ago

your link for crushed red pepper doesn't work.

catstastegood 5 years ago

Trap them and deliver them to a local Asian restaurant. Problem solved.

hatescatpoop 5 years ago

Tried the crushed red pepper and the cat dug it aside and crapped in ther same spot again. how much do I need to use?

tired of poop 5 years ago

this is disgusting. I put the cat poop in my neighbors bar-b-q. See how they like it in their yard instead of mine....

Corrie 5 years ago

Wolf poo is what they use in zoos to stop the big cats from going in a certain area!

Steve 5 years ago

Reading through these comments has made my day they are so funny. I love the person who just said "My neighbours cat poos" lol

My mother in law has a fairly small garden surounded by a 6ft fence and she bought this spikey stuff that you screw to the top of your fence to keep the cats out. Seems to work pretty well but then she is the type of person that speeds up for a cat crossing the road.

Dogz Rule 5 years ago

Great post and Love the sarcasm, although true. Cat people think that it is okay for cats to roam 'it's their nature'. I am so tired of hearing that when you talk to them about the damage the cats do. It's a dogs nature to chase and kill cats but we can't let them to that without getting hauled into court by a cat owner.

I spent yesterday moving my bird feeders cuz the neighbors cats lay in wait, like I set up a banquet table for them. I resent that I should have to pay to keep the cats out of my yard. Like dogs and other animals, if you want them then be responsible and watch them. If I wanted cats I would have my own... As for the person that thinks they are a benefit... what about fleas and disease that they carry..

We also have a guy feeding feral cats and now have a new batch of kittens. All night they are crawling around my patio furniture. I will trap and call animal control to pick them up.

For anyone that likes the pepper idea, they are easy to grow and then you lay them out to dry and run thru a food processor (outside the fumes can be overwhelming)

For any cat people that think the pepper is cruel then keep your cats out of my yard..I have a right to enjoy my space without having to deal with your cats and the mess they leave behind ..

Kylie 5 years ago

I'm a cat lover, however mine are indoors only cats. I can understand your frustration and there are SO MANY irresponsible cat owners. But, you would really kill someone's pet? They don't do it to spite you, they're just doing what's natural. Have you talked to your neighbors? My cats have escaped twice, and I would hate to think of them hanging from a tree because someone is sick of cat poop. I don't think pepper is cruel, I'm glad you found a method that works. I don't believe cats should ever be free to roam as they please.

And most cats are hygienic animals as far as strays go. But most cats are not stays anyway, just stupid people buying a cute kitten, then letting it loose on the streets because they don't want to clean up after it. I'd recommend a very blunt message in the letterbox of your neighbors before resorting to killing an animal that's just doing what's natural. It's a living being, after all. It's narrow-sighted to think otherwise.

HateCatPoops 5 years ago

here's another solution, if the red pepper don't work, try muse/rat poison. powder or small bits put them at the edge of the fences in a small bowl and VOILA they might come and eat them but won't ever see them again

Declare war on cat crap!!! 5 years ago

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy your back yard with your kids only to have them step into a freshly laid piles of cat crap!! IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD! One dozen piles of cat crap this week!

You can say that I'm now a "cat fancier".... I fancy the cats DEAD!!! They are VERMIN!

Captain Gerard profile image

Captain Gerard 5 years ago

I didn't even think I would find info on this topic; I was just pissed off at yet another attack on the grass and on the cement driveway. When this first happened, I stepped in the crap at night. I did the doggy thing and urinated in the spot (at night) - gross I know - but like I said, I was pissed off. One "application" seemed to work until the latest heavy rain. Now, its back!

I also have raccoons and possums in the neighborhood (urban Los Angeles)and they could be guilty as well.

I just bought some crushed red pepper, but I'm gonna use some left over packets from domino's pizza. Might just spray the area again for good measure. :D

Screw you cat owners 5 years ago

Listen up, I do not dislike cats. I DO dislike the majority of cat owners. Please keep kitty inside, have them spayed or neutered and declawing is up to you. I am fairly sick of the heaps of cat poo in my garden! I have 3 dogs and the cats still come in my FENCED yard and crap.

I am going to remedy the issue next spring by planting grass and seeing about plants cats hate as border plantings for my yard. One of my dogs got a cat last year and took all 9 lives in about 30 seconds. I was not worried about kitty,or should I say the EX kitty. I was worried I was going to have to beat the shit out of a whiny cat owner who would turn up at my door bitching about their cat.

And I have ZERO issue with folks killing lose cats, especially feral ones. And for your information MR effeminate cat owner, these shelters you praise kill far more cats every year than you can imagine. It is time for the shit head cat owners to stand up and police their own ranks. It is the cat owners that cause this problem. It is the idiots who let cats roam that cause this problem. it is the idiots who buy cats and then turn them loose that cause this problem.

A bullet is a wonderful thing, it stops cats and cat owners in their tracks....

crapping kitties 5 years ago

Keep up the fight against free roaming cats!! I love reading all of your comments. We have spent a lot of time and money installing a lovely garden for everyone to enjoy on our street only to constantly have the neighbors cats crap in it and try to kill the hummingbirds in our yard. In OUR yard. Not public property (although that would be icky too). How dare these idiot owners? I have actually heard people say that "oh, my sweet little Fluffy doesn't leave our yard" Get a f'ing clue cat owners!!

Captain3831 5 years ago

I can't believe this post on how crewel and inhuman people are .

First of all cats don't become Ferrel due to there choice they become Ferrel do to peoples choice by throwing them out to tend to them self's so in reality its you cat haters who create the problem and then you cat haters want to kill them .

I hope all you cat haters gets over runned by rats and squirrels and snakes and possum's because that is what Ferrel cats protect us from so when one of your kids gets bitten by a snake,rat or possum then think back of what and why your kid got bitten.

Now if you are God faring people then read the bible because it does say that all creatures have the right to live and if you are crewel to animals you will surely go to Hell !

realist 5 years ago

u bunch of sickos. agreeing that any inhumane treatment to animals is ok is wrong. so what a cat poops in ur garden, it does break down etc, not like the cigi butts everyone throws everywhere. Get a life and pick on something that can actually fight back,

realist you idiot 5 years ago

Cat poop takes a long time to break down. cat poop can spread disease and cats ruin is not fair to me that someone elses cat uses my yard as a toilet. Just as it it is not fair for my neighbors to have to deal with my dogs going in their yards. So I have a fenced yard and my dogs are NEVER alone when outside. Can 90% of the cat owners say they are as diligent? (or 90% of dog owners for that matter.) Which goes right back to what "Screw you cat owners" said. It is the cat owners fault for the problem, no one else! Also, feral cats cause FAR more damage than they do good. Sure they may kill an odd pest or two but they kill just as many beneficial animals. If you don't believe me, ask any Humane society of look it up online.

bazooka breath 5 years ago






















Fluffies the Cat 5 years ago

Meow meow meow meow meow meowmeow meow. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


nobigdeal 5 years ago


cat on a stick 4 years ago

I am going to try the pepper thing on my front porch. I really hope it works because while I like cats these cats have started pissing me off. If the pepper does not work then I am going to borrow my brothers paintball gun and start unloading it on the little furry menaces, I have not been able to get an uninterrupted nights sleep for weeks my wife is pregnant and I have a 4 years old that love to play outside. To all of you cat owners and lovers that let your precious fluffy terrors run amok all I can say is you reap what you sow and your cats are sowing a whole bunch of shit so don't be surprised when is comes back on them and on you. Plus why is it such a big friggin deal about killing a cat, people all around the world kill cats everyday either because they are going to be used as food (and yes I have eaten cat before in Korea and it was damn tasty) or because they are a pest animal that is destroying the local ecosystem (Australia) if you really wan to do something to save your darling little fuzzy shit factories then either keep them inside, or move to the country side where you and they have more room but please for the love of all that is good in the world get the little buggers fixed. Like it or not the cat owner is responsible (by law no less) for the actions of there pets and that includes them over populating an area and wiping out other local wild life.

Melissa 4 years ago

It's just an animal. Yes, dealing with crap is horrible but they are animals and I don't understand why they should be kept inside. It is like keeping birds in a cage and I don't know why the hell people do that. Instead of getting angry and willing to do nasty stuff to poor animals, why don't you just go and call ANIMAL RESCUE, so that these animals can crap somewhere else. Why is this torture instead of trying to help them out?? If they have owners, why don't you just go them and tell them to train their cats? Is it too difficult to do that??? Or if his cat poops, the owner has to clean up the mess. It IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

Thinking of these cruel things just make me think that you are not an animal person, I doubt it that you are a people one. I assume you pepperspray your neighbours who put their garbage closer to your house instead of asking them nicely to put their rubbish further away.

Anyhow, it is not about what kind of sad person you are. but animals. PLEASE CALL ANIMAL RESCUE IN YOUR CITY!

cmc12 4 years ago

"If they have owners, why don't you just go them and tell them to train their cats? Is it too difficult to do that??? Or if his cat poops, the owner has to clean up the mess. It IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!"

Dream on! All cat owners care about is their cats and the "right" to roam. I have tried to talk to my neighbours, all they said was that their cat would die if it was kept inside. I couldn't reply quick enough - it is obvious they put animals over people and hold the latter in contempt, even if it means I haven't been able to use my garden for years, and have to clear up piles of cat crap every day, which is a serious health hazard. Have had intestinal parasites three times now(worms!!) and have given up gardening although it was my hobby. just can't face it any more; the garden is a mess. Live in Germany, there are no laws, illegal to trap etc. Absolutely sick of the whole thing and livid that I cannot use my property as I wish and am instead subjected to this misery.

loveallanimals 4 years ago

I notice that no one has said any thing about dogs craping in your yard I have two dog and 4 cats my amimals are fenced in animals my cats jump the fence once in awile but are mostly contain in the back yard but cat cover up there poop and pee you might check out and see if you are blaming something on the cat when it might be a bunch of dog craping in your yard we have a leash law and our dogs are supose to be on leash and the owner is supose to pick up after if they poo i have to pick up after my dogs and clean litter pans every day but to hear some of you say that you would do things we you all have problems and need help i feel sory for your neighbors next thing one of their kids will do something and you will want to trap them or hang them from a tree

cmc12 4 years ago

You just don't get it, do you? This is not a question of live and let live, this vermin has ruined my and other people's gardens. The catshi!t stinks and makes me want to throw up. Plus the health hazard. Plus the cats kill birds. And damage property, and seedlings (although I don't garden any more because of the selfish neighbours' cats). Am an unwilling poo expert, it's definitely cats, with the occasional hedgehog. I have even witnessed the cats myself on many occasions. And I also have dogs crap on the bike path in front of the house as well. Thanks to all pet owners. Have spent a small fortune and a lot of time and effort trying out various deterrents, you can't talk to these people they are ignorant (see my comment above).

m. d. 4 years ago

lets be a bit humane and caring, please, take precautions but do not harm these felines that are only trying to survive in a very hostile environment. Feed them, give them water and you will feel better at the end of the day. ITS ALL ABOUT SURVIVAL, THE SAME THING WE DO ON A DAILY BASIS. ????????

tekk3 4 years ago

i have a cat, he has no balls, he roams and he poops all ova the drive way. today my dad came over and stood in it! it smells but i have a partner and he deals with the crap.... i told him about the vinegar =)

don't b a dick & hurt animals!!! pawjustice

had enough 4 years ago

yes i hate cats, had enough of their crap in my garden. it makes me heave to try and clear it up. i cannot cut the grass as too much crap and then i can't stand the smell and my little girl can't play in the garden while the owners of the cat who lives next doorn can let their 2 litle girls out to play in theirs. then i have to listen to their yappy dog at the fence and see and smell the dog shit too in their garden. 4 years i had no probs with cats then when i got new neighbours i am absolutely plagued with it and i have tried all sorts of stuff to keep them away... to no avail. So i have all over my grass in garden and on stones on front garden and all over bark chippings up the side of my house too. Outside of my front door too smells. Housing won't do nowt so i wonder !!!.... what can i do. It brings me to tears everytime i go to my shed and see it and smell it and try not to tread in it....had enough, can't stand anymore. Mum had thi sproblem too a few years ago where she was living and she had to move as had in front gbarden and back and going to the front door was horrendous with the smell.

stephen 4 years ago

my wife is a cat lover however i am not they are worse then rats shoot they eat em cats are a pest from any angle cat lovers need to get beat along with them i wish i could take em out but i cant from what i heard is they love antifreeze i have not yet put this to test because i married a cat lover:,/ lol but ive been trying to get together and in caliber it cost a refundable 60 dollars 6 neighbors 10 each 12 5 and u get ur cash back but idk why pepz cry over those nasty thing idk just so frustrating but aspca needs to handle them so this whole problem could be avoid stupid cat lover

cmc12 4 years ago

Really feel sorry for "had enough". I know this feeling so well, I do sympathize. I don't think that people who don't have this problem (the cat owners themselves) can imagine how awful it is. Never knowing where you are going find this revolting stuff next and then having to deal with it. Year after year in your own garden. Because the animal owners take no responsibility and let their filthy dirty untrained animals out. It is outrageous that people have to suffer this, even to the point of giving up their gardens or having to move. My garden has been ruined for years, simply cannot understand why cats shouldn't be made to stay inside if people want to keep them as pets? Also no longer mow lawn - ventured outside at weekend to see crocuses poking up through cat-sh!t, found old poo on the rhubarb (bon appetit, don't do vegetables any more either), two piles covered with flies, two in the flower beds and two in the herb patch. Also have the dog problem - have to sleep with windows closed at night because of barking (although I am a fresh air fanatic) and they crap in the front garden and on the bike path. No wonder dog and cat owners are so unpopular, it's absolutely disgusting and anti-social behaviour. Why aren't there any laws?

Baffled 4 years ago

This is ridiculous and most of you people need psychiatric help. cmc12...having to move because a cat goes to the washroom in your yard? Over-reacting much? Maybe if you hopeless bunch had more respect for every living creature, people might start to have a shred of respect for you. Idiots.

Cat Person 4 years ago

I love the smell of cat pee and the sensation of warm cat poo between my toes.

cmc12 4 years ago

To: "Baffled". Yours is a typical ignorant reaction, assuming other people are "over-reacting", resorting to insults and name-calling. You find it over-reacting to not want to grow vegetables any more because the neighbour's cats leave piles of worm-ridden faeces on them? No wonder you are baffled. And maybe you need help with your reading. It was "had enough"'s mother who was forced to move. It's types like you along with cat-owners (or are you both?) who actually haven't got any respect for fellow living creatures and are part of the problem.

cats and their owners are a menace 4 years ago

I'm sick and tired of brain dead cat owners who allow their cats to crap on other people's yards. We've cordially approached our neighbor three times regarding their cat crapping in our yard and all three times they had excuses. "It's not our cat it has a broken leg and can not jump on the wall." Guess again, it was their cat and we have pictures of it on the wall along with pictures of the fresh crap in our yard. We've explained to them that we found cat hair on our patio furniture (not to mention one cushion is scratched to hell) and our two kids are extremely allergic ... the two nut jobs could care less. Cat owners need their effing heads checked if they think cats have rights over humans!

calicyc 4 years ago

I am a cat owner of 4 and have not let my cat out unless they are being held, in a carrier, or on leash (that's right). And no, they are not allowed to litter outside. I can understand the frustration a lot of you had with cat litters in your backyard, because I am currently experiencing this as well. I left comments because I'm not one of your irresponsible owners who cannot understand how annoying it is. Lately, an outdoor/stray black cat comes to our backyard and spray every now and then to mark his territory. And our cats are NOT happy, at all. One got into a frenzy defense mode screaming at the stray cat, and attacked two other cats. All four cats of mine are neutered male, but they have the instinct of protecting their domain. So, when that stray cat urinate, our cat does the same, indoors. On top of what I may find in my backyard (urine, poop, etc), my cats started to get really aggressive towards each other.

My husband is very upset with the stray, because he got into a fight with my cat. They fought with a screen door between them, and as a result, the screen door was destroyed. This is a rental unit, so we have to pay for replacing the screen door. I will be very angry if that black cat was not a stray, but instead a outdoor cat owned by someone else.

I think I'm going to give it a try with the crushed pepper to replace whatever spray I'm using (also contains pepper) to at least get it out of my backyard. I'm also thinking about trying the sensor light/sprinkler/sonic thing to see if it works. Hopefully one will.

cat hater 4 years ago

i bought a rifle, tried tuna and antifreeze, but a cat needs a lot of killing, they are well hard. will try the red pepper thing. can we get a thing going to extermiate the bastereds. i hate them so much. i love my veg. patch, and i am sick of trying to get rid od of them. and the problem does not stop there, in a couple of weeks time from now, they will be on top of my fucking car.

Free Spirit Spirit-Freer 4 years ago

Antifreeze may be reformulated in your area to a less toxic variety and may also have bitterants added to it so animals won't drink much of it.

Acetominophen is very toxic to cats but not dogs or people. Cats also tend to swallow their food and not chew it much so if you have Extra Strength Tylenol laying around, you definitely don't want to hide it in pieces of KFC because cats love KFC and will get poisoned.

So Sick of cat's in my area. 4 years ago

I have tried for 3 years running them off, putting out moth balls, and vinegar, and a few other things but I still have cats around my house. O and I called animal control and since I live in the country they don't even act like they care about cats getting around my house and leaving there scent all around. They tell me to use vinger. I don't think it should be up to me to keep someone else cats away from my house. I also don't feel I should have to pay money out of my pocket to buy more vinger and keep taking time out of my day to spray the vinger around over and over and still end up with these cats hanging around. So, I have decided to put out my traps and relocate them to a new area. So far I relocated 7 of them. And still have many more to go, and the one's that don't go into the trap but I just catch in my yard O' Yea! I have a 22LR with there name on it. I hate to do it this way but the owners in my area just do not take care of there animals. They do not spay or neuter them so they just keep breading. No more! I have had enough! If you cat people love your cats so much keep them in your house and your yard! Or I will relocate (a new area or even cat heaven) them for you!!!!!

hadenough 4 years ago

cmc12, i can completely sympathise with you. Im completely fed up of it all! Having to clear up after selfish idiots cats year after year. The owners just dont care! Im fed up of the same old excuses and arrogant smug attitude, sick of it! Most of the deterrents dont work and i dont see why i should spend my money on keeping others pets away. And yes, they are pets! Why should they be allowed to roam free making peoples lives a misery, putting serious health hazards and needlessly killing wildlife who actually belong outside! A cat owners argument is that its a cats instinct, but dogs also have the same instinct to hunt but are not allowed and have to be kept under control! Why are there no laws in the UK with this?

Dave 4 years ago

Go down to your gun shop buy an air gun problem fixed for (GOOD) price $70-150

2AllIrresponsibleNeighbors! 4 years ago

Thumbs up to ANON! I so agree w/you! That's right... the hell w/irresponsible neighbors!! Well said Anon! ;)

2AllIrresponsibleNeighbors! 4 years ago

Thumbs up to ANON! I so agree w/you! That's right... the hell w/irresponsible neighbors!! Well said Anon! ;)

2Good 4 years ago

Lol!!!!! FREE!!! DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY!!! Lol I just went to my pantry & had lots of extra CRUSHED RED CHILLI PEPPERS from Pizza hut, Little Caesars, Dominos Pizza, etc... Great stuff hope it works! :D Now we all know what to do w/our extra chilli peppers packets from the pizza place! Very convenient & Free! Lol Thx! :D

pieman 4 years ago

After god knows how many times, I had to pick up cat crap out of my garden,I finally thought this is it payback I went and shit on my neighbors door step and did so till she stopped her cat from doing the same thing in my garden.ha ha it worked

pissd neighbor 4 years ago

My neighbor has at least 12 cats that she let's loose at night to roam the neighborhood, my yard, and the roof/hood/trunk of my 40000 car. Im so over it. How can anyone find this to be ok? Great post. I won't be spending my money to keep her cats where they dont belong. Liking the hanging method personally. To the cat owners that have no respect for other peoples property, you're asking for it!

666 4 years ago

hanging cats means you are a murderer. murders deserve to die. can i do the honors?

sick of irresponsible pet owners 4 years ago

"666 11 hours ago

hanging cats means you are a murderer. murders deserve to die. can i do the honors?"

YOU must be one of those irresponsible cat owners, that let their cats roam.Its not a human life, it a cat thats roaming/destroying OUR properties!!! If you dont like it keep the cats home where they belong!!!!

Twats 4 years ago

See what my name is that's what you lot are!

Dusty 4 years ago

I just bought red peppers for my hard...made my lips tingle and eyes and nose burn from the smell so I hope it does the same for the crazy cat ladys ten cats next door I also wrote a letter and had all the neighbors sign it maybe a little embarassment will do the trick!

meghan keep your cat out of my yard 4 years ago

Ok so I have read numerous articles cause my neighbors cats won't leave my yard alone! Hince the reason I am now here apparently you can soak the little sob's if you can't catch them, they don't like lavender so I have read. Keeping thearea wet is supposed to work but in washington its wet all the time still getting these stupid creatures destroying the yard I am putting thousands of dollars into to enjoy... guess what if your kid gets bit by a squirell or possum both of you are tards... your kid for messing with it and you for not watching your kid! We have a snake in our yard right now... I'm not a fan of it but its a garter snake and I will take that gross creature anyday over the ones that contaminate my food my my house smell like piss and my yard like a freakin litterbox. I gotta say the spike strips are nice idea so is the trap water paint method the coyote urine doesn't work we bought it tired of being nice because someone doesn't want to contain their pets! I have a dog a big dog we don't have a fence yet and guess what she stays in our yard! I can leave her out there and when I come back you know where she is? MY YARD! Thinking if it won't hurt the squirrels, birds and my dog I will use the pepper! Otherwise I will be catching watering and painting then putting in a box with holes for air of course with note atached with keep your cat out of my yard or I will be sending a bill with all the damage done by said cat! We are not inhumane we are sick of dealing with people animals who refuse to take care of them!

Kery 4 years ago

Buy a sniper and hunt them down one by one

Kate 4 years ago

Just so you know you many places you would be in jail for harming an animal regardless..trapping a cat in Maricopa County is illegal punishable by fines and/or jail time. I am in the midst of having two people being tried & convicted of crimes to animals by trapping or by siccing their dogs on unsuspecting cats for just walking along a border fence. They will be convicted and the trapper will be spending timein jail. want to hang cats want to trap, poison, kill or maim, think again, because there are people out there just like me who will make sure you pay the penalty.

catlover 4 years ago

Kate you r right it is animal cruelty but some cat owners should be punished first when they don't respect their neighbors rights. Especially those who think that is all right that their cat roams and shit whenever it wants or they feed a stray cat. I wish that the cat would crap with diarrhea on their stuff ... let see who will be happy than

poddys profile image

poddys 4 years ago from Southampton

The neighbor's cats poop in the garden sometimes, and I would love to stop them coming through, but lately it's a fox that seems to come through and poops almost nightly right behind where I park my car.

I tried pepper flakes with the cats before with no success, maybe I need a BIG bag of red pepper flakes!!!

I have a new solar powered sonic deterrent, but most of the cats seem to ignore it, and there hasn't been enough sun the past 2 weeks to even keep it charged, in fact it won't even power on.

I don't mind the fox coming through, but having trodden poop into the house and the car in the last couple of weeks, I have seriously had enough.

originaldawg 4 years ago

I tried one of those Bird X things first. It did not do anything. Installed it cranked it up so it was slightly audible to me (and possibly my neighbors behind me) and a day or so later I saw a cat hunched over 6 feet in front of it. $40 wasted.

Munstead 4 years ago

I think I will try the crushed Pepper Flakes as well. I have had to tear out a vegetable garden because a certain neighborhood cat kept pooping in it. And just the thought of eating any vegetables that come in contact with animal poop, to me is disgusting. Most of the plants didn't even take because of the cat constantly digging in the ground. I want to put in some seedlings of wildflowers along my fence line, but I know as soon as I prepare the ground that, that pesky cat will use this fresh ground as a litter box. Wish it were like the olden days when I was a kid and lived in the country. Because back then you just loaded your twelve gauge rifle and shot the damn things. Or put them in a feed sack with stone and tied it and threw it into the river. Animals are animals people. And when people have PETS that's fine, but take care of them. It's not my responsibility to pick up after them. And I sure as hell don't think these mindless owners are going to cover the cost I'm now out of because the cat keeps ruining my gardens. It's either the red pepper flakes work or I get myself a German Sheppard to take care of that cat.

aussie 4 years ago

Forget the pepper, go straight for the kill. Cats piss and shit in your yard because they can't stand the smell in their own backyard.

As far as I'm concerened the only good cat is a dead cat!

Sick of crap 4 years ago

I'm sick of cat crap, cat lovers come clean this shit up. I'm getting a case of red pepper. It's on now!

csbonsai 4 years ago

I save all of my coffee grounds and periodically scatter them in my yard. since I've been doing that both cats have left and not returned.

Bob 3 years ago

Well, you can act as tough as you would like, but if you really want to go to jail, go ahead and kill your neighbors cat. In most states it's illegal to even kill a feral cat if it's in your card. Call animal control you dumbass. If you kill your neighbor's cat and they sue you it will be your ass in jail that gets sore.

Bob 3 years ago

CK 3 years ago

I love this tip, I am going to try it today. I have been trying the coffee grounds with little success. I don't give a rat's azz if they get pepper in their eyes. I paid a lot of money to have a nice fenced in back yard for my kids to play and these cats treat it like one giant litter box. They shimmy right up the fence, crap in my yard, and then hop the fence again to leave. I can't take three steps without running into a turd. I'm at my wit's end.

Sheral 3 years ago

You are a stupid idiot and need to get a freaking life . Your are one sorry person and you will answer for what your are doing. I bet you are old and don't have family because who would want to be around you.

What are you crapping about? 3 years ago

I have had both dogs and cats as pets. It is the dogs that shit on your lawn, in your garden, on the driveway, on the footpath, etc. Cats bury their poo. I have had plenty of dog poo walked into my house, but never cat poo. Sandpits, etc may be an issue so just cover them! They are actually only just trying to be clean and bury it.

kill em all 3 years ago

All you cat lovers saying it's inhumane to kill these cats probably just finished eating a burger or piece of chicken 5 minutes ago without even wondering how the animal you just ate was killed. if it's legal for cats to roam free then my dog shouldn't have to be on a leash

robert 3 years ago

I just had to beat the shit out of my neighbor because he thinks he has the right to come in my yard cussing me for shooting his shittiñg fur ball with a rubberband for shitting all over my yard. I held strong till dumbass flipped his lit cigarette and hit me in the chest. What hell man i dont own a cat or dog bacause i dont want to deal with the wanna come in my yard you should have a scoop and bag and an apology because its not right. How bout i take my morning shit in your yard

Jewels 3 years ago

This is quite entertaining. I have had cats and can't stand the litter bx smell. When I moved to a house I was only too happy to let him roam and wander. Less poop to smell and clean in the house :p. now I don't have a cat and moved to a home that has neighbors that feed febrile cats. There are always cats around and I don't let my kids play in my backyard without properly inspecting it. It is bad. I can't find it sometimes but can smell it. It is one thing to have a pet to clean up after, it is another to clean up a strange cats poop. This goes for children too. That's why we potty train children. Nobody likes cleaning up poop :)

deathdealer 3 years ago

I have tried the red pepper and the cats just shit right beside it...have also tried onion pieces ..and sprayed with bleach and also vinegar...and they still come back...I started peeing in a coffee can and dumping it around in my yard. And that still hasn't I'm tired of smelling the cat shit..: (

jeremey 2 years ago

the jews' make the cat poop and until the blacks stop pooping in our yard we will only have gay science puppi'es shitting on our dreams of Beta Max korean (not capitalized) techngologies. I appreciate the post but hate the sentiment. Let's all poop in our each other's yards' until all yard's become's one.

Emily 2 years ago

Seems to me there are a lot of sadists in this forum... Cats have been on this planet for light-years longer than any human species, including Asians, whether or not they consider themselves to be ooo sooo smart and vastly superior . The smallest cat is probably more intelligent too (and that won't be difficult). As to the only good cat being a dead cat : the only good human bastard to say this is is also better a dead bastard. And try your 'red pepper' on yourselves for a change folks; could make you stink less, who knows!

dfdsf 2 years ago

besides dogs are on a leash because they'd probably run away from you the first chance they get

Flipper 2 years ago

A bb in the rear will not kill a cat but will definitely let it know that it,s not welcome....

George Douglas 2 years ago

I believe owning a coyote would solve the problem in neighborhoods where cat owners impose their pets and their pets' disease laden waste in your garden (your food) or lawn. A coyote loves to eat cats and since it would be a semi wild animal, that would be its natural instinct to do so. I believe cat owners should be taxed just as dog owners are too.

renay 2 years ago

hope u all know people who r cruel to cats r now either locked up or sitting on death row. there is a little corner in hell just waiting for u people'. think yo

u r afraid because animals can sence good people from evil people,and your afraid you will be busted!!!

No flowers allowed due to cat shit 2 years ago

I have recently moved, taken time to create flower beds and planted numerous seeds and bulbs, only to be dug up by cats, i have brought citrus plants, cat repellent, mesh to cover but none work, i am now goin to buy the pepper and will let you know how i go on, and cat lovers it is not that i want to harm cat, but if i dont get a deterent i can never grow anythin, so what do you suggest, maybe keep your cat inside then you have no worries do you.

George 2 years ago

I personally am not a cat lover. That of course doesn't mean that I think that they should be be hanged (as others jokingly mentioned). But I do think we are missing the BIG picture. Live and let live. Survival of the fittest. As somebody previously mentioned, cats have been here long before humans ..... So I'm thinking, should people really be keeping them as pets when it's in their DNA to be hunters and live free ?

And finally the thing that troubles me the most.

Has anybody noticed that in the States alone billions of dollars are spent yearly for pet foods and supplies (mainly cat products) ?? The next time you're in the super market ready to take some cat food off the shelf ask yourself this. Would I be able to directly look into the eyes of a starving child ??

Irritated Neighbor 2 years ago

You are awesome. Too bad the idiots don't get your humor. I have two indoor cats who are being antagonized by my idiot neighbor's cat. He's tearing holes in all my window screens, using my vegetable garden and roof as his personal litter box. I'm sick of it. I've tried being reasonable, but my neighbor dismisses it as normal cat behavior. Last time I checked, "domestic" had something to do with "house." If you're going to have a pet cat, KEEP IT IN YOUR HOUSE OR YOUR OWN YARD. PERIOD.

No flowers allowed due to cat shit 2 years ago

Well guys the pepper did nit work in my garden, there was a certain spot that it just kept digging and shitting, god it has drove me mad, i took a last resort and made a feature of the spot, i put glass marbles over it and for 4 days it has kept off. The rest of my flowers av now took as i ad to leave this space for the pesty dam cat otherwise it would have dug up the lot. Well now it cant get a bit of soil so we will see. Message to cat lovers, why are you commenting on this site, dont you get it we want your animal out of our gardens, so why are we intrested in what you have to say, you must know they are a pest or why are you looking it up? Tip for you, instead of wasting time reading comments go play with your cat.

No flowers due to cat shit 2 years ago

Well i dont belive it, posted the info yesterday, thought i had found an end to my problem, no it has dug up the stones and made a right bloody mess, christ i am lost as to what to try next, come on guys there has to be a way to beat them, the only solution is buy a tom cat asthey spray there own garden with piss, tgen no other cat will come in, butttt message to you cat lovers i would not do that as it digs and shits in someone elses garden just like your dam cat does, so i call out to people who dont like cats what can i do.

lori 2 years ago

Most of u stupid people who let out the unfixed cats are the ones who end up with the cat lady cleaning up your crap from all the yards. Do you think anyone grows up hoping to be a cat lady I inherited mine from my grandparents who feed and fixed 36cats started from three houses down who put their cats out when their daughter left or collage. But my grandparents took the flack then my mom who also feeds and fixs cats till she passed last year. Its called catch and release program of ohio. Feral cats belong to the state like deer ang turcky they are self sastaining in the wild. But the people like me and my family keep the feral cats healthy so they do not eat a rabied food then bring that into a general public. You people who run your uneducted mouths are the feral cat populations problem and cause because all you offer is winning like a child and do nothing that helps catching and killing or dumping is a joke and a wasted action on your part. If its trapped then fix the damn cat. For every one you think you fixed your problem there are over 100 more you just don't even see. Add 900 more by the summers end is what you did with your dumping and not fixing just one damn cat. Dumping is a higher charge if its feral or wild for the stupid. If its a pet its robbery of their property. Whatvis wrong with you useless people to helping in the problem instead of a law breaking citizen no better then a theif or an abuser no different then to a child. Now that the generations of fixed catc on the catch and released fixed cats are dieing off from age veryone is bitching about the twenty two foot dirt holes and piles that all the moles are destroying their yards because there are not enough cats to get them out. Let's fae it if this is you your life just sucks and its always going to be the fault of cats birds trees lefs the wind. Its you.. try doing something that helps the life that lives around you instead of being a useless law breaking citizens. There are worse things to be then a cat person. I could be you..

Love me

lori 2 years ago

Howard are you dead. I have read all the years and year ago crap that is so useless in helping these problems. Here is the truth people need to face as a fact or their answers no pepper or salt does anything but give others false hope and let down when they wake up it was not the help they hoped was the quick fix.I happen to have cats in and out and everrywhere I go. The truth is you can not ix or stop all the crap cats bring just being cats. When you give into that then you are half way there to controling the problems where it becomes livable with. You are in a war that no one else knows is going on. Do u think any cat has an ideal he's in a war ith you and he's out to win over you. Take notice no party wins. All u garden poop people this is the only way to fix it and still win a battle not a war. Where you want the flowers the most plant them then put 3in of dark shredded pine mulch. The cats will use this to poop and cover it up and you have two choices to make. You leave it because cat poop will eed the bugs needed in dirt to airate the life going on under the earth and the poop is good for all plant life after the pine and bugs break down.just smooth out the pile and move on. Or if the poopdrives u crazy when u see it piled up get a bag and bag them smooth out the pile and move on. Good news is the pine halts the use for them urinenating in it. Grass and dirt it where they go. Again a battle you choice to take one win one smaller loss. Mulch rocks other groung cover u want the most you do 3 to 4 in thick. Yard pe holes will be used over and over so u dig out use liguid ivery dish soap and water 3/4 water put in hole replace grass seeding will not work or take. I cut up some and plant a flower. Ivory water will also kill fleasand drive off most plant and flower eaters and kills the urine smell as dark pine here's some help with a eral male that marks everything he can to tell the unfixed ladys to check him out. Best fix is to trape him take to a catch and release program near you its cheap and it will end his travles that can be up to five miles he smells the ladies. This is why most people loose their male pets they let out. Oh its not a girl they don't care that there cat is what causes the feral population. As long as they don't have kittens to deal with they tell theirself its not their fault or problem others haven't fixed their females but it is the females don't go looking for them. Fix the males people.

Love me

lori 2 years ago

Howard u are hater. Drink some hateraide and move on to hating something or some one that does not have life. You know that thing God gave even you. Try finding a life. This is the last of my words I find to waste on you but others may find helpful or see what a waste life must be if all you have to pass on is your sad life to hate any cat that does not even give a thought of you. Its a cat you idiot. Maybe tat is why I found your sadd offer to other people who have a life that its been years since anyone has wasted their time. I hope the other things I wrote does help anyone by A mistake like me read your crap. That's why the cats pick your yard to crap in they are not an idiot. Hope your life is better and you have a better view of all Gods life. Even yours.

Love me

sharon681 23 months ago

First, anyone who thinks there hills and mole problems in Obio due to a lack of feral cats is extremely misguided or "unedicated". Secondly, we are not talking about people going off the deep end due to stepping in cat shit in their yard here and there. We are talking about extremes. In my case it (although some problems during certain times) seems out of the blue 5-7 cats have decided for the last 2 months they like to go i my garage and ruin things that are stored there, to shit in my driveway, to piss all on my front porch so myself and anyone who comes to the door gets greeted w/the putrid s smell instead of a warm welcome. We get to smell while in the living room watching tv and are made to listen to the god awful sounds of the howling, screeching and moans they make. When we owned our dogs ( my husband is allergic to cats) we were required by Ohio law to pay for a license and never allow it out of our custody so these comments about being part of the problem and not the solution and this is life so deal w/it is bullshit. If cat owners had to pay a license for every cat they owned and actually be responsible for its whereabouts or the pound would pick it up (like they do dogs) we wouldn't have this problem.

sharon681 23 months ago

P.s 1. You neighbors that think your helping by feeding them are hurting me. 2. If I felt I could afford to care for an animal right now I'd have one. 3. As was said, they have been domesticated so to say they have ( a right to roam free) and I should take care of them is nonsense. 4. When you call the animal places here they will not come and bet them, they tell you you can pay to rent a trap, pay to have them fixed and then take them w/you, are you kidding me? But they'll grab your dog if it gets out of your yard and you can pay to pick it up. Im tired of the sentiment that because its not the animals fault it should have more rights to peace than I do. Dont expect me to " go talk to my neighbor" when I dont even know where the animal belongs. Rather than get po'd at people blowing off steam here get ticked at those people who let their male cats out cause THEY wont have to deal w/kittens and those people who get pets and no longer want them or can afford them and are not responsible enough or have sense enough to place them somewhere...cause " cats were here for thousanda of years". If you love cats so much more than people and a cat's life is equal to mine go make some meaningful changes rather than calling Me out because Ive gotten hard due to circumstancez pushed on me.

Smutts 20 months ago

Go to farmers supplies, Buy a small electric fence, mine uses two "D" cells, so "only 3v" string wire 12 inches above the ground. Cat will blunder into it at night, 10,000 volts and cat will not return for 3 months. Reset up all the tangled wire in the morning and repeat. After a few days you can pack it all away for about 3 months. Best £30 I've spent.

joe 10 months ago

All this talk of animal cruelty has inspired me. My poor little wolf hybrid has been begging to be let of the leash when we're walking through the neighborhood. It's so sad...her look of disappointment every time a feline poop factory gets out of sight is just heart-breaking. Thank you animal lovers! She'll finally enjoy kitty, as nature intended :)

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