Striped Dogs

There are two main ways you can end up with a striped dog. 1) Fake with paint, and 2) less defined stripes produced by brindle genetics.

Painted Dogs

Poochie, the Mexican Zebra Dog

The story goes that Poochie was born with these stripes. Personally I think Poochie is a zebra dog in the same way Tijuana donkeys are zebra donkeys. This is clearly the kind of pattern people would paint on an animal, not the type an animal of any kind would naturally grow.

The tradition of zebra dogs clearly continues in Thailand (2010) and the United States (2009). And with more sinister overtones with these fighting dogs.

Tiger Stripe Puppies

The is a small market, notably in China but also in Japan, for dyed tiger stripe puppies. The gullible believe these are a natural breed. You will see them referred to as the Chinese of Japanese Striped Dog.

Halloween Costumes

People also sometimes give dogs temporary stripes as part of a tiger or zebra costume.

For example: United States (2009).




Many breeds of dog show diffuse black lines often with a black mask. Brindle coats are sometimes referred too as "tiger striped". In reality the stripes are much less defined.


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peachpurple 22 months ago from Home Sweet Home

oh, i never knew that dogs had stripes too

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