Best Places to Find Sugar Gliders For Sale

Are you looking for those famous Sugar Gliders.  Looking for the Sugar Gliders for sale websites, well that can be difficult to know what you can and can't trust when it comes to sugar glider sites.  I have seen many people buy sick gliders or get rip off completely. 

Their are a couple things to consider before you look.  Your going to pay between $200-$600 easily that's just for a normal glider.  The best way to buy is a person locally so that if you have any questions you can contact them.  Ask to see the parents, and never meet some one half way because they won't have the parents.  When I sell mine I make sure to show the parents even if they don't ask, the parents are going to be a key to how your baby will behave.

You sugar glider should be minimum 8 weeks OOP(out of pouch), sooner than that they won't have all the benefits from their parents.  But get the gliders young as soon as they are 8 weeks OOP because they will bond to you alot quicker.  If you put a deposit down on a glider and have them picked out ask the breeder to put a shirt you have worn with your scent on it, into the cage the baby is in.

Diet is fresh fruits, yogurt, nuts, mealworms, crickets, glider food, parrot food.  This will add up quick and alot is thrown out and it has to be changed every night.

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Toby Hansen 6 years ago

Disgraceful. In Australia our gliders are a protected species. Any one who gets caught selling/smuggling them to the US, should be stung up.

There is only one place for these beautiful creatures - in the wild.

Voted down.

caninecrtitics profile image

caninecrtitics 6 years ago from Massachusetts Author

Sorry Toby to offend you but that is why I wrote a hub on the best place to find them. You know the people who breed them. The sites I recommended are not people who take them from the wild. Trust me i think they belong in the wild also but unfortunately their will always be sugar gliders in the trade that's why we need to inform people on their decisions not just jump to conclusions.

Toby Hansen 6 years ago

Sorry if my first comment was rather abrasive. It is just that reading about any kind of wild/native animal being traded as pets or for fighting gets me going. Voting you back up again.

caninecrtitics profile image

caninecrtitics 6 years ago from Massachusetts Author

Thank you toby i look forward to hubbing with you.

AMD2 5 years ago

I think this is a very useful hub about sugar gliders. i also enjoyed the video provided.

Im going to vote up on this. your welcome to take a look at my hub on sugar gliders

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