Taking Your Jack Russell On A Road Trip Or Vacation

Taking your dog on a road trip or a vacation takes a lot of planning, especially if that dog happens to be a Jack Russell Terrier. A Jack has to have plenty of exercise and a five hour road trip or longer may be too much for the young dog to endure. The breed sometimes acts like a child with ADHD or ADD and you have to stop and consider what you would do for a child that was traveling with you with that condition.

Rest stops make a perfect place for you to exercise you Jack. Carry a ball or other toy with you so you can play catch and let the little guy stretch his legs. If you Jack is not on voice command make sure you use a leash or some other type of restraint. There will be scents of other dogs in the area and even though your dog may mind you at home, its senses may become overwhelmed and the training will be lost.

Make sure that you bring plenty of water on the trip. When you stop for exercise, also stop for water. Let your dog have a drink and if they are to excited to drink, rub some water on their lips so they get the idea. You may want to let your dog drink in the car so that they are not distracted by the sights and sounds that are around them. Watch the amount of food that you give your Jack Russell because the movement of the car may upset their stomach. The more you feed them, the more mess you might have to clean up.

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Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Nice Hub! We have a Jack Russell too! Perfect Dogs....

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