Taking Your Guinea Pig Outside: Tips to Make it a Safe Experience

Many Guinea Pigs are just like us: they love to be outside on beautiful days. In addition, grass is a wonderful source of roughage for them and they particularly love dandelion leaves. But the wide world can be a dangerous place when you are at the bottom of the food chain. Here are some tips to make sure your guinea pig has a happy and memorable experience outside:

Watch his Behavior

Right when you get out, hold your guinea pig for a while to see how he reacts. If he is calm, you may put him on the grass. If he is squealing and shaking, he is probably nervous about the noises out there. They are prey to just about everything. Take your gal back inside.

Keep her Enclosed

Once your guinea pig is on the grass, put her in your lap with your legs pulled close enough to prevent energetic bounds away. Always be watching her and ready to catch her if she looks like she is about to flee. Most guinea pigs won’t, but I’ve had to chase one and tackle him before he got out to the field. ALWAYS be watching!

If you have to walk away, detach the top of her cage and put it down on her so she is safe and enclosed, but can still graze. Do not keep her there too long (longer than 5-10 minutes) or your grass will most likely be brown. They chomp fast.

Don’t move where she is out of sight. Another form of wildlife could come up and make her nervous.

Know Your Grass

Do not take your guinea pig outside to where the grass has been fertilized or been treated with pesticide. You don’t want your little friend to get sick when you just wanted him to enjoy the weather.

Keep Temperature in Mind

Despite coming from South America, guinea pigs fare best in room temperature weather, so in the 70’s (Fahrenheit). Like any living creature, being too hot or two cold will make them ill, and keep them out of drafts on windy days.

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good information 3 years ago

lots of good for information :)

ernest jacobs 7 months ago

this is really good to know for my guinea pig thank you so much i'm most worried about the temperature for my guinea pig. :)

ella 3 months ago

It totally work

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