Talking toYour Cat

Cat Signs

Felines are very complex creatures and it can be hard, sometimes almost impossible, to decipher what your cat is trying to tell you. There are a few signals that are common with house cats that let you know what they are thinking or what it is they want.

The tail can be your best friend. When the tail is slightly curved at the tip (it looks like a question mark), your cat is very excited about something, possibly about seeing you! When the tail is straight up, the cat is in a neutral mood, usually considered happy. When the tail is drooping, the cat is usually relaxed. And as you've probably seen before, when your cat puffs out the tail (it looks like a pine cone) the cat is scared or angry, warning you not to approach it. When your cat is sitting and has the tail wrapped around the body, it is comfortable and at ease.

The whiskers and ears also give signs about your cats feelings. It the ears are out to the side or straight back, your cat is telling you not to approach, if you do, it might bite you. When your cat's whiskers are open (away from its' mouth) the cat is ready to bite, so putting your hand near its' face is not a good idea. When its' whiskers are closed (near its' mouth) your cat is happy and will enjoy your company. Of course the most obvious sign of a happy cat is purring!

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