Travel Destination: Philippines! (The Land of the Tarsiers : the world's smallest primates)

Tarsier, the world’s smallest monkey

( Only in the Philippines)

Bohol. The town where you find the famous, breath-taking chocolate hills.

It is also home to the world’s smallest primate –the tarsiers.

It is interesting to know that an adult tarsier is only 5 inches big. Amazing, isn’t it? They have really big eyes that can scare you, if you see it the first time. Long brown tail to brag about.

They are generally quiet and still most of the time, but these tarsiers can also hop from one high bush to the other, when they are happy.

I was told by the caretakers that a tarsier eats an average of twenty (20) crickets a day. Wow, what an appetite huh. So you see, these street kids from bohol would be seen running around for crickets as they would have a day’s pay out of their catch.

I have seen a baby tarsier…one tiny thing…only one inch in size. What a treat to have seen this baby, who the mom sternly hides and protects from us. Its really funny because as you see through the covered “nest” you can't seem to see the baby, but the minute it opens its eyes, then you can already spot it from where it is hidden. Such huge eyes.

I have learned also that a mommy tarsier produces only one (1) baby in a year…that’s why they’re rare.

They’re nice to behold and its just awesome how small they are, considering they’re monkeys.

If you have the chance to visit the Philippines, Bohol in particular, make sure you pass by the chocolate hills, and on your way to the Loboc river cruise, check out the world’s smallest primate, the Tarsiers.!

an adult tariser nestled on a small tree
an adult tariser nestled on a small tree
my daugthers sarah and justine enjoying the tarsier
my daugthers sarah and justine enjoying the tarsier
another pic of the tarsier
another pic of the tarsier

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LRobbins profile image

LRobbins 7 years ago from Germany

Awww so cute. Good article!

Cellebrate! profile image

Cellebrate! 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author


Thanks for the appreciation. God bless you as your read.

Elin 7 years ago

i have been there in Bohol in 2005.I have the tarsier on my hand's.they are sooo cute! I live in Norway,because my mom is philippino and my dad is Norwegian.I want to go back there,because it was so fun to see the world's smallest monkey!

stephie 7 years ago

im acctually doing a report onthis animal at this very moment and i havechosen urinfo to use on my report. thanks for th great info!

lola-youlitel 7 years ago

je trouve tros cool le site

cab'zniel 7 years ago


Matt 6 years ago


hailey 6 years ago

thats so cute

Jennaa  6 years ago

weeee ! :)

olive 6 years ago

its unbelivable...

lanie 4 years ago

Tarsiers are not yet established under the category of primates... Their specie is actually older than primates itself... and they are not exclusively found in the Philippines... Some other Southeast Asian countries also have their own kind of tarsier..

Loboc is facing complaints as to why they allow tourists to get too close and hold tarsiers... they have a tendency to commit suicide whenever stressed... and one major cause of their stress is human interaction, the crowd, and loud voices or noise. that one picture of your daughter holding a tarsier, obviously that tarsier is freaked out. poor thing! The tarsier in the 3rd picture looked tired and restless... they should never be disturbed. You should've just observed them, not too close... Loboc apparently doesn't know how to properly care for these solitary creatures. They just do it for profit. You should have been to Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol... You'll understand them more.. You'll be more educated as to how to treat these nocturnal animals. Tourists should only observe them, never to hold or touch them... I'm sorry, but tourists of your kind irritates me... you should've done your own research on tarsiers' lifestyle. You should've shown more kindness and consideration to these little creatures. Take a shot, fine, but never hold them. Cute as they appear, they are not toys.

yok 3 years ago

Wow!!! so cute This is model of Furby..

Cellebrate! profile image

Cellebrate! 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

hahahaha. really cute. thanks for the feedback!

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