Teacup Persian Cats

Important Information on Teacup Persian Cats

Out of all the different breeds of cats in the world, one of the most unique is the teacup. Teacup Persian cats are definitely unique and beautiful, and their temperament is also very favorable. They make great family pets and are even tolerant with children.

Teacup Persian Cats

Teacup Persian cats are miniature cats, and so they do not grow to the size of most other breeds of cats. Therefore they are great for people who are looking for a pet that is not going to be that difficult to look after and groom and they are also super cute.

Teacup cats have become incredibly popular over the past few years in particular and with many families living in apartments and small houses, pet owners have come to find that these smaller cats fit perfectly in their downsized living quarters.

Teacup Persian Cats
Teacup Persian Cats

Where to Find Them

If you are interested in buying teacup Persian cats, then of course you are first going to have to find out where you can go to actually purchase one. The Internet is going to be one of your very best resources here, as within as little as a few minutes you will be able to browse through hundreds of different sites.

Of course you can check out the local pet store but by looking for a pet online you will not only be offered a better variety but as well will be sure to save yourself some money. Whether you are looking for teacup Persian cats or any other breed, you can find anything you are looking for online. Just make sure that before you buy from any company that they are legit and reputable and that they are offering the type of cat that you are looking for.

You can also find breeders if you are interested in purebreds, in particular through the listings in different magazines. Look for magazines with the largest circulations and you can probably find these sorts of magazines at any well-stocked newsstand. Just remember that just because a breeder advertises in these magazines, this does not mean that they are a responsible breeder.

If you are looking for a purebred cat, the best idea is for you to find a breeder in your local area, as this way you will be able to visit the cattery personally before choosing a cat. This is the best way to be sure of the quality of the animals and make sure that the ethical standards of the breeder are up to par.

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Comments 17 comments

Ann Abd El Kader 6 years ago

Hi there,

I am looking for someone in the UK who breeds and sells teacup cats. Do you know of any, I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

Anne 6 years ago


Great information on Persian teacup kittens. I would also like to know if you know anyone that breeds and sells these types of kittens as I've found it quite difficult to find them.

lucy 6 years ago

well i really want a tea cup persian my only question is the fact that wen doing reaserch people keep saying how cruel it is, because in order to get that size cat they had to reduce by starving that persians to get them at a much smaller size! and result of that the kitten persians that now way 4 pounds wen fully grown are haveing bone problems and body problems due to the fact that their bodys arent fully produced. and that their faces are smooshed wich i here cause them to have breathing problems. however i know every pets breed comes with health problems i just find persian cat breed to be the worst of health issues and vet bill can get highly expensive. i really want one but i just dont know if all this is tru of what im reading! and i say teacup cats bodys and teacup dogs i would think would mature in the same way their both around the same size so i dont kno if you have any suggestions please right back thank you!

ANNA 6 years ago


We have some friends that that have teacup cats they got them from the states and she had her first kitten six weeks ago and they have been getting some bad remarks from breeders that dont like this breed there tea cups are health as normal a cats if you are still looking for a teacup they have a 6 week old blue point tea cup kitten

Caitie 6 years ago

Lucy. The claims you have read are ridiculous. Teacup Persians are essentially the same as an human with dwarfism (specifically primordial dwarfism and achondroplasia dwarfism). What makes the cats miniature is a genetic quirk that is propagated through breeding, not starvation.

check out this page for more info on the cats!


AL Muhairi 6 years ago

please if any one know how can i get a tea cup cat.. give me any contact method

susan white 5 years ago

I have a silver point doll face teacup kitty Ky who is absoultly AMAZING. She's so loving, she loves to be held, super smart and healthy. I did plenty of research before I aquired Ky. I understand them to be breed tiny NOT dwarfism gene breed. Silver dolls cattery KY USA Heather was the nicest most accommodating breeder I have encountered. www.silverdollscattery.com is my choice! Ky eats plenty and is just 3.9 pounds at 7 months. She not starved just TINY. Baby pictures of these do not do them justice, when they fill out and FLUFF up they are truly magnificent. A true dollbaby for sure. Get 2 thier small!

Sean 5 years ago

If any one reading this is selling teacup cats could u leave a contact tel number plz

ghia 5 years ago

hi, im concerned to buy this cat! i liked it so much how can i get it from? plz give me information about it! thanks a lot

Jane vickers 5 years ago

I am looking for a cup sized Persian I am based in Durham city in England would love to hear from any breeders in the uk.

Jenny W. 4 years ago


This is where I got mine. The breeder doesn't promote teacup kittens, but she has many that are tiny. My baby is 3 1/2 pounds, is so fluffy and tiny and over one year of age. She's never been sick and has the most affectionate, friendliest personality.

Katie 4 years ago

I really want a tea cup kitten. or any cat that stay small and are fluffy. if anyone knows any breeders in the UK that sell tea cup kittens would be much appreciated.

nijat 4 years ago

hi i really need a tea cup kitten to gave my girlfriend she likes them very much and wish to have one we will take care off it realy nice im ready to buy it if someone wants to sell or maybe someone know how and where i can buy it please help me with it mail me..my mail is!nijat_israfilov@hotmail.com

becky 4 years ago


I'm looking for a teacup cat breeder in the UK, if anyone knows one please get in touch: becky_01@hotmail.com

also people out there please beware there are alot of money scams surrounding these kittens with people offering kittens if you pay delivery, of course without actually seeing the cat on a video or in person first, tread carefully when giving over details to anyone you contact from an advertisement.

CarsonTameka18 4 years ago

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Lozza 4 years ago

I am looking for a teacup Persian in Australia. We breed minature dachshunds, minature poodles etc so can't see why everyone is so against mini purrs.

Maia 4 years ago

Hi I am looking for any teacup Persian kittens in the uk?

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