That's Our Dog--Meathead!


Harley after a long day of play.
Harley after a long day of play. | Source

My husband, Tom, has never been much of a dog lover. As a child he lost his favorite snake to the voracious appetite of a sneaky beagle and never really got over it. I, on the other hand, have always been an avid fan of dogs, cats, horses…pretty much every warm-blooded mammal on the planet. If it had fur I wanted one, while as my husband preferred his scaly critters.

Then there’s Harley, the dog that stole my husband’s heart. Harley, also fondly nick-named Meathead, is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever we discovered as a three month old puppy at a pet store.

When we entered the store there was no doubt that Harley was the center of attention as children threw a ball and laughed at his clumsy chase. Every time he pounced his enormous paws slid on the smooth tile. Sporting a big dopey look and a drippy pink tongue the pup nearly inhaled the soppy ball. Slobber looped from oversized lips and splattered everywhere as he played tug-of-war with his toys. This furry brown comical fuzz ball was definitely the life of the party.

I nudged my husband as I eagerly eyed the precocious pup. He was not nearly as enamored by this darling daredevil as I. Anxiously I sought out a clerk and asked to have some one-on-one time alone with the brown basket case racing about the store out of control.

Inside a private sector I was presented the little pesky terror. My husband sat back and humorously watched. Clearly he was determined to maintain that tough exterior. Our little friend immediately wanted to play ball. I gave the toy a toss and he quickly scooped it up. He stopped and peered at both of us then bounded over to my husband where he patiently waited.

Then there was that moment. You know, where an unspoken connection is made between man and animal. Clearly that spell had been cast as my husband and the pup shared a silent sentiment of acceptance and love with a long stare. I removed the gooey ball from the pup and placed it in my husband’s hand with a smile. He gave it a toss.

We left that evening one pet richer. Harley became our forever friend. The joy my husband has experienced with this dog has been remarkable. Like clockwork Harley knows exactly when my husband will be home from work and as soon as the door opens he is smothering him with slobbery kisses, his tail whipping rapidly about like the propeller on an airplane.

Tom and I now share an equal fondness for dogs. He’s come to see the unconditional love they offer and has bonded in that special way only dog-lovers can understand. We can’t imagine our lives without Meathead and I hope we never have to. That’s our boy!

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