Fantastic Cat Towers

If your cat is inside most days then you will know that they need distractions. A cat tower is by far the best toy you can get them, because it appeals to many of their instincts: high places to observe, somewhere to climb and scratch, and somewhere safe to sleep. Many of these cat towers also have toys attached, which can keep them distracted for hours at a time. Not a bad investment in anybody's language.

This article looks at some of the fantastic cat towers currently available for purchase online. To discover what is the best some criteria has been used in the selection. The cat tower must be durable and safe for your cat to use. It must be easy to assemble, as most of these cat towers come flatpacked. And then there's the most important criteria of all: they must be well-liked by the people who have purchased them. This is the best barometer of quality, after all.

Each and every one of the cat towers featured in this article are available for purchase online at Amazon, sometimes at significant discounts.

Armarkat Cat Tree

The Armarkat Cat Tree is available in three sizes, the 57 inch, the 62 inch and the 65 inch. Each of these are covered in a faux fleece material, and the overall dimensions of the base are 28 inch by 27 inch, and the height is dependant on the model you wish to buy.

The tower comes to you flat-packed with easy to read instructions. It is very easy to put together and you'll have it up and ready to use in under half an hour. It is sturdy once up, but does tend to rock back and forth slightly when your cat jumps onto it, or gets involved in fights. Perhaps the least sturdy part of the whole tower are the attached toys, which can be easily removed by your cat. If you have a cat who is chewer you might consider not attaching them, or finding something a bit robust than the elastic they are attached to.

Overall this cat tower is excellent value for money and will give your cat many hours of entertainment.

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber

If space is an issue, but you'd still like somewhere for your cats to climb and recline, the SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber might just fit the bill. It is specifically designed to fit on your door, and has sisal posts for scratching. It can be easily moved from room to room as it contains spring-loaded brackets which literally clip back into place when you hang it up.

It is easy to assemble, and easy to hang. If you have light or young cats it is an ideal introduction to cat trees. It does have one large design flaw and this is that it tends to bow in the middle, and can tend to creak when in use, partly to the spring-loaded brackets used in its construction. This would be easily overcome with a board on the back, but it is not part of the lightweight collapsible design. The other thing you will need to do is make certain your doors are well-oiled or they could end up creaking with the cat tower attached to them,

Overall, not a bad cat tower, but could be better with a few design tweaks. Buy this if you are short of space.

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