The Best Cat Window Perch

If you have an indoor cat you will know how much they love looking out the window. They'll push aside any covering you have on them, and then spend hours looking outside at the world. Needless to say, giving them a window perch so that they can look at the world in comfort is going to make your cat very happy!

The great news is that there are some really excellent cat window perches on the market today. Even better, is that the really good ones are easy to install, and you don't have to have the window perch permanently attached to your windowsill. Instead, they rest on the sill attached with either double sided tape, or Velcro, and are braced against the wall beneath the sill. This means you can move it with a minimum of hassle.

All of the cat window perches you see in this article are easily available online at Amazon, and are all highly regarded by the people who have purchased them, so you won't be disappointed.

LAZY PET Deluxe Cat Window Perch

The LAZY PET Deluxe Cat Window Perch has an extra plush Berber cover, and is crafted from orthopaedic foam, so it is supportive and comfortable for your cat. No tools are required for its installation, and when the cover gets dirty you can remove it easily, and wash it, before replacing it back on the window perch.

This perch is extremely easy to install, and once you have it, you will only need to put aside about five minutes to have it up. The platform itself is extremely stable, and you won't have to worry about it falling down when your cat jumps up on it. If you need to move it, this just as easy, but at the price, it may be just as easy to get a second one!

For the price you can't go past this window perch. It's a great starter perch if you are worried about whether or not your cat will want to use one.

Large Padded Cat Window Perch by CD Pets

The Large Padded Cat Window Perch by CD Pet is a larger cat perch, so if you have a bigger cat, or want your cat to have more room, then this perch is an excellent alternative. The perch itself is made of foam covered by carpet, in a sandy speckled shade. It has two carpeted supports which match the top of the shelf. You install the perch by attaching the two clips provided into the track of the window. When the supports are then rested against the wall it keeps the perch in place.

This window perch is a real snap to install, and there is no messing around with double tape or Velcro strips. Once the clips snap into place it stays where it is meant to, and this is perhaps, due to the installation design, even sturdier than the other cat window perches featured in this article. There's not too much you can say about this that is bad, unless you are unsure about the carpeted design.

This window perch is great if you want a larger one, or have a large cat.

K&H Thermo Kitty Sill

The K&H Thermo Kitty Sill is great if you want to give your cat extra warmth in the colder months or if your kitty is unwell, and the warmth will give him or her extra comfort. The window perch is made of orthopaedic foam, and is covered with a wonderfully soft faux lambskin in addition to the inbuilt heating pad. It will support more than 40 pounds of weight, so small and big cats can be accommodated.

This cat perch is installed by attaching double sided Velcro tape to the bottom of the bed, and then resting the bed against the wall. It's easy enough to install, but you will need to have some Velcro tape on hand. Some users have also commented that the tape can come off the sill depending on how well it seals, and most had to secure the Velcro more firmly with small nails. If you are worried about damaging your window sills, you might want to give this one a miss.

Once it is installed it does work well, and your cat will be off the floor and warm and cozy while looking at the outside world. This window cat perch does the job, and if you don't mind the fiddling with the installation, and you want your cat to be warm, then this is worth the purchase price.

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