The Best Heated Cat Beds

Cats love two things more than anything else, they like the heat, and they like to have somewhere comfortable to sleep. If you want your cat to be comfortable, especially in the colder months, then a heated cat bed will never go astray!

The best of these cat beds are, by far, the ones that the cats want to use. We all know that cats have their favorite spots and their favorite sleeping places. There are some beds which are a better design, overall, for cats. For example, a cat is not as likely to sleep on a heated mat when there's a nice, round bed available for them to curl up into.

The bed should also maintain a constant heat which is not too hot. And it should have enough padding. The best way to find out if a heated cat bed is worth purchasing is to really have a look at what people who've bought the bed have thought of them, and so this is what you'll here. All of the cats beds featured in this article are highly rated by the people who've purchased them. As an added bonus they are all available for purchase online at Amazon, at very competitive prices!

K&H 3193 Thermo-Kitty Indoor Heated Cat Bed

The K&H 3193 Thermo-Kitty Indoor Heated Cat Bed is a soft, round bed that your cat can curl into and feel safe and warm. To do this it uses an orthopaedic foam as the base and a dual thermostat unit which raises the temperature of the bed to around 15 degrees above the ambient air temperature. The heating unit is buried deep within the foam in order to heat it up evenly. It measures 16 inches in diameter. The cover comes off for easy washing.

If you have a very large cat they might find this bed a little small, but that depends on whether or not your cat likes curling up to go to sleep. The average sized cat will find this bed just the right size, and since having an enclose space makes most cats feel more secure, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting them to use it.

The bed is sturdy, and works well. If your cat likes a warm place to curl up to sleep, they'll love this bed!

PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper

The PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper is available in four sizes: mini, small, medium and large, so you'll be able to get exactly the size you'll need for your cat. The bed is lined with terry towelling to make it wonderful and cozy for your cat, and the outside is made of micro suede. The cover is removable for easy washing. The cat bed itself has an orthopaedic foam core for comfort. There is a pocket attachment for storing the cord while not in use.

It's hard to find something bad to say about this bed. It heats up and gives a constant heat. It is not overly warm, so that your cat is not uncomfortable. The foam inside the bed is much like the egg crate foam, and will mean your cat will have hours of sleep without harm. This bed, given its design, is really good for cats with health problems, as they don't have to climb to get into the bed, and the foam itself will keep them comfortable.

If you want a bigger or smaller bed, or have a pet with health problems this bed is worth the investment.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Cabin

This versatile cat bed is literally three heated cat beds in one. It can be used as a cat cave, a hammock or a single walled bed. The heating unit has two settings - the first is a standby setting which keeps the bed warm while your cat is not there, and a heater setting for when the cat is present, which keeps the heat at a constant 102F.

The bed itself is made of a soft plush material, and is not as thick as the other beds featured in this article. This means that it bends well, but if you have a heavy cat you might find it doesn't have sufficient cushioning. This doesn't mean it isn't durable, or reliable. The bed itself is warm, but not hot to the touch as it is meant for comfort not to bake your cat.

The K&H Thermo-Kitty Cabin is great if you have a cat who loves to sleep in a hidey hole, and is not too big. 

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