The Best Cat Condos

If you have more than one cat and you want to give them a play space of their very own you can't go past a cat tree condo, and getting a large one will help with combating territorial issues. There are some truly excellent ones on the market today, and this article will show you some of the very best.

There are some things you need to consider, besides the amount of space you will need, when purchasing one of these condos. The first is that they need to be stable and robust, because once your cats discover the delights of having a cat tree, they are going to give it a work out. The second is that they must be easy to assemble. For the most part, these cat condos are delivered flat packed and you will be required to put them together.

There is one other consideration that has been added to the list for this article: they must be well liked by those who have purchased them. This will give you more peace of mind about your cat tree when you decide which one you want. All of the cat tree condos in this article are available online at Amazon, as well, sometimes at very good discounts, so you won't need to pay premium prices to buy one.

Cat Tree by Amarakat

The Cat Tree by Amarakat is made of plywood and has a faux fur covering to help entice your cats onto it. Once they are there you won't have to worry any more, because there is plenty of room for scratching, climbing, sleeping and exercising. Among is features are two ramps, two condo rooms, and multiple levels complete with cat toys attached. You'll have to put aside an area of roughly 50 inches long, and 26 inches wide at the base, and it is 74 inches at its highest point.

You will receive this cat tree flat packed and you will need to assemble it. The tools required, as well as the instructions are all in the box. It's easy to assemble, but do so in the location you intend to use it in, because it will be more difficult to move afterwards. It will take roughly 30 minutes to assemble, What you will end up with is a very sturdy unit which will take the weight of even your biggest cat without wobbling or tipping.

This cat tree condo is a great investment for the multi-cat household if you are on a budget.

New 80" Cat Tree Condo Pet Furniture Scratching Post Pet House Premium Quality by Best Choice Products

TheĀ  80" Cat Tree Condo by Best Choice Products has effectively three towers in one. It has two condos of various sizes, a hammock, scratching posts and multiple perches spread across five levels. It is covered with faux fur, with the wooden posts covered in sisal for the scratching surfaces. You will need to put aside an area of at least 49 inches in length, 24 inches in width and it is 80 inches high.

The cat tree condo comes to you flat packed and you will be required to assemble it, but this is relatively easy. It comes with very detailed instructions, and as long as you follow them, you will have a fully assembled cat tree in under half an hour. There have been some concerns from customers who have purchased this cat tree regarding the stability of the tree if you have a large cat or two. It does tend to rock a bit as the cats climb and jump on and off. Some have chosen to secure it to a wall to help with the stability. Despite this, the majority of people who have purchased this tree have given it the thumbs up.

If you have more than one cat then you will love this cat tree, but consider the size of your cats before purchasing it.

Tabby's Treehouse by Molly and Friends Treehouse

The Tabby's Treehouse by Molly and Friends Treehouse is the only cat tree condo featured in this article which does not have any customer reviews. The reason it makes the cut is because Molly and Friends Treehouse make the best cat furniture on the market, which is not only hand made and hand assembled at their factory, but comes to you fully assembled and ready to use. If you look at any other reviews for Molly and Friend products you will be hard-pressed to find an unhappy customer.

The Tabby's Treehouse has been designed to be a cat tree condo and a room feature at the same time. It has three levels, and at the top is a house in the shape of a house, complete with detailing. The cat tree itself is made of pine, secured with large bolts to keep the sections all in place, and the outer covering is high quality carpeting. The whole thing is extremely stable, and is designed to be topple-proof.

This cat tree condo is the rolls-royce of cat trees, and if you have the money to spend, it is well worth the investment. Just don't be surprised at the size of the package that turns up at your door!

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