The Best Small Cat Trees

Most cats have a few things in common: they love to play, and they love to have a comfortable place to rest after, the higher up the better! This is where a cat tree condo comes in very handy. It's a one stop toy, scratching post and resting place for your cat. They come in varying sizes, from very small, which are no more than a glorified cat scratching post, to medium, which can be a few levels, to large, elaborate almost cat villages. This article will look at some of the more moderate medium-sized ones available today.

There are a few things you need to look for when selecting a cat tree for your home. The first is the amount of space, or footprint, that they are going to take up. The second is that they are sturdy, and designed in a way which will distract your cat or cats. The third is that they are easy to assemble, and disassemble if you need to. All of the medium cat condos selected for this article have these features in common.

They also have two more things - they are highly regarded by the people who have previously purchased them, and they are all available for purchase online at Amazon, sometimes at greatly reduced prices.

GoPetClub Cat Furniture Tree Condo House Scratcher

The GoPetClub Cat Furniture Tree Condo House Scratcher is a multi storied cat tree taking up approx 32" wide, by 25 inches long, by 27.5 inches high. This will give your cat a lot of climbing space! The lower level has a ladder from which your cat can emerge through a hole onto the second platform, and either sleep there, enter the hidey hole, or climb up onto the higher platform the survey his domain. There are two toys attached at different levels to give even more distraction.

The construction of this cat condo is faux fur on all the flat surfaces, and sisal has been used on the poles, to give your cat a scratching post, or two, or three! It is very easy to put together, all you need to do is screw the poles into the flat platforms, and then attach the ladder. It should take no more than fifteen minutes, and you'll have a cat tree fit for a king, or a cat or more.

This cat tree condo is sturdy, easy to put together, and does not take up much room. It is well worth the small purchase price.

BestPet 42" Beige Cat Tree Condo Scratcher

If you've got a tighter budget and want a cat tree condo which doesn't take up quite as much room the BestPet 42" Beige Cat Tree Condo Scratcher might suit you and your cat's need nicely. It has three levels, starting with the hidey hole at the bottom, a perch below the second level, which is perfect for cats wanting to hide and bat at other passing cats, a second level above that and a tower level, with a mouse toy attached just below it.

The cat tree will take abut 10 minutes to put together, and you will need a phillips head screwdriver handy for some parts of it. The mouse toy is a great idea, but it is not very securely attached, and you are likely to find it somewhere else in your house in short notice. Also, due to the design of the highest post it tends to flex a bit as your cats are jumping from level to level, so bear this in mind.

Overall, this is a good cat tree condo for the price, and would be great as a starter or if you don't have much to spend.

Molly and Friends "Step Stool Sleeper" Premium Handmade 4-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 2323

If you don't mind spending a bit more money on your cat tree condo, the Molly and Friends "Step Stool Sleeper" Premium Handmade 4-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 2323 is worth the investment. This is definitely a premium product, and is meant to last the distance. It has four levels above the ground, packed into a very small space, each distinct from the last, to give your cat hours of fun and rest. It is 66 inches tall and resides on a 24 x 24 inch base. It is constructed of carpet and sisal rope on the posts.

With this cat tree condo there is no assembly required at all. The manufacturers have hand put together every tree, and so each part is screwed together with heavy duty screws, and all the other parts are pine. Where you find that the cheaper cat trees will flex when your cat or cats jump and play on them this one will not. It may rock at the impact of your cat jumping on it, but it will not move otherwise. There are some times when you really do get what you pay for, and this is one of those times!

This cat tree condo comes highly recommended by those who have purchased it. But do get ready for a really big box to turn up at your door when you order it. Your cats will thank you!

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