The Chihuahua as an Ancient Food Source

There is evidence that Chihuahuas and other canines where used as a food source in ancient Central American cultures. The wealthy and royals could afford the luxury of Chihuahuas as pets, but no so for the poor. It would unthinkable that a wealthy family would eat their beloved pets, but after the Spaniards destroyed the Aztec civilization, the defeated people were forced to eat their Chihuahuas and other domestic animals that they had previously used for work animals or house animals.


The dogs picked for food were raised like livestock. They were neutered and then fattened for the plate. The dogs were fed corn and other fattening materials until they were fat enough for the table.


The Spaniards were not below the Aztecs for during times of need, they would turn to their livestock and dogs for food. Not only were the Spaniards responsible for wiping out entire civilizations with disease and war, they were also responsible for raiding Indian villages in capturing  tens of thousands of dogs for their starving armies. The Spaniards wiped out entire breeds that were created by different tribes for work animals. The slaughter of human and canine life swept through the Mexican peninsula to the lower North America in the present states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina.


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