The Jack Russell Terrier - Breed Contradictions and Negative Reinforcement


The main point of focus that any researcher should take away with with the Jack Russell is that although the descriptions of the Jack Russell personality may seem to contradict each other, in fact is signifies the duality in the breeds personality that is necessary for it to function as both a loyal companion and a fearless hunter. The Jack Russell is as dominant as a French dictator and as lovable as Lassie, that's just how it is. Many Jack Russell owners have learned to accept this personality and wouldn't have their beloved companion any other way. The assertiveness, the drama, the fearlessness, the arrogance and the loyalty are all a part of the Jack Russell experience, wrapped up in a muscular little bundle. The Jack Russell has a style of personality that many dog enthusiasts have come to admire. Good Jack Russell owners usually find it fairly easy to accept their Jack Russell's personalities because in the end, even with all of his quirks, there is a bond of unconditional love between the dog and its owner.

Again, owners have to understand and have a certain level of acceptance for the behavior of their pet, without allowing him to run wild and become a danger or a nuisance to others. Just remember that the Jack Russell is supposed to be the most stubborn, strong willed, defiant breed on the planet. It's highly cautioned that you do not attempt to use corporal punishment to correct your Jack's behavior. Aside from possibly creating aggressiveness issues towards people, it just won't work. You may be able to give him a slap once or twice, but that will be it. He's not stupid. Why would he come to you just to get hit? This type of punishment usually causes more problems than solutions, as the Jack will likely not come to you when you want him to in the future for training and commands

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Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

I don't know DKRainwater! I think my Jack may be perfect! LOL! She hardly does any wrong & minds better than my kids! LOL!

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thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

tear jerking hub great

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