The Jack Russell Terrier - No Self-Esteem Problems Here


If there's one personality complex that the Jack Russell does not suffer from, it would be low self-esteem. Jack Russell's are often confident in themselves to the point of ridiculousness. It's quite common for an adult Jack to display aggression towards cats as well. Because of their history Jack's usually recognize cats as prey that they are meant to chase and hunt down. Given the opportunity a Jack that is not used to cats will quickly chase down and kill it. It's not advised to bring an adult Jack who is not used to cats into a home with cats or any other fur bearing pets or animals. Things like gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs should be kept well out of site. No matter how safe it is; if a Jack Russell can see it, he will eventually figure out how to get it. Jack Russell's can learn to accept cats and live with them peacefully, but this usually has to be done by raising them from a puppy in a home with a dominant adult cat that will put the dog in his place and remind him of the household pecking order.

The comical personalities and curiosities of the Jack Russell can quickly designate them as the family clown. The energy that the dog possesses makes it always eager to entertain and take part in any active physical activity. The Jack Russell seems to never run out of new ways to amuse. Jack Russell's have been known to play for hours, until they collapse from exhaustion. With a little experimentation, the Jack Russell owner will find that their Jack is just as happy to chase a toy across the living room as it is chasing a fox in the field. They will be as happy to kill a funky old sock under the couch as killing a squirrel in the shed. The key is to keep them active. The Jack Russell does indeed have an intelligent, energetic, assertive personality that makes if an endearing character in any home.


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