The Jack Russell and Mood Swings


A Jack who hasn't been allowed to run outside recently will often mope and appear to have "the blues". Jack's involved in an excited and energetic home will also find themselves becoming hyper to the point of being irritating. As rare as it is, a dog as excitable as the Jack will even find himself feeling lazy from time to time and decide to stretch out next to the fireplace for a nap. At times a frustrated Jack can even exhibit a preference for independence, even rebellion. It's all a part of a rich, exhausting tapestry.

With these things in mind, it's easy to see why the proper environment is important to maintain the famous traits of the Jack Russell temperament.

They need to run. They need to hunt. They need to play. And in down times, they need to be shown intimate affection. When enjoying downtime Jack Russell's love to snuggle. They enjoy nothing more than making you keep them warm in your own bed, and taking up as much space as possible while doing it. If a Jack Russell is in the mood for petting and isn't getting, it will let you know by forcefully ramming its head under your hand and making it run along his head. It's best to take the hint and give him some affection.

A prime example of the change in mood is the sudden switch that a Jack Russell can make from being your lovable cutie to a snarling beast when encountering a dangerous animal. This trait was highly desired by the hunters who created the breed, and necessary for them to do their job. It's this sudden toughness that has made them able to combat and defeat even the meanest fox in his own home.


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