The Life and Times of Bouncer the Magnificent

Bouncer the Magnificent
Bouncer the Magnificent

The Life and Times of Bouncer the Magnificent

I am Bouncer the Magnificent, lying here with my trusted friend ball, at my feet. I have no battles to win today. Today is for snoozing, although not like other days when I relished the thought of investigating the shrubbery, poking around the soil hoping to find a snail or two, or if I was lucky a cat to chase. Sometimes I would bark at strangers walking past the garden, always at the ready to pounce and lick them to death. Today is a hard day, a day I have to give in to this terrible illness cardio- myopathy that has struck me down.

Cardio-myopathy, it has a ring to it, don't you think? I wish I could make it my friend, but no matter how I try, my heart will not allow it. Lying here in the sunlight, feeling the comforting warmth for the sun spreading through my body, I wonder about the past where on such a glorious day I would be chasing butterflies. Those sun kissed meadows are kept fondly in my memory. and I would jump in the long grass, ears flapping at the side of my head, to catch a glimpse of the best person in my life, my mistress. I can see her looking at me now and I know she misses those days too.

Oh I mustn't complain I still have good days, but so few and far between and so very different. My mistress still takes me for walks, but no longer to the beach in case I would get over excited and suffer a heart attack. I miss the feeling of the sand shifting beneath my paws and the foam from the sea stinging my face. I would love to chase stones again, watching the master skim pebbles from the shore. I long to bound into that lovely refreshingly cold water again, sometimes out of my depth and I had to swim, but all of those beach days are gone now.

I long to play with the young master and chase my ball, playing rough and tumble in the grass and lick the salty taste of sweat from his face. I remember hearing him laughing at my tongue lolloping from the side of my mouth. Oh those where good days. Now I am allowed a short walk every day and the mistress only throws the ball once or twice. I am not allowed to chase stones or butterflies anymore and the mistress tells me I am an old man.

I look into her kindly eyes and want her to know I am still a pup inside. I want to live my life to the fullest and I know she understands. She tells me every day I am so precious and she wants more time to cuddle me, she is not ready to let me go just yet.

When I find it hard to breath and my heart bangs intensley in my chest, my mistress is there. When I cough up the fluid that invades my lungs, she rubs my throat gently in a reassuring way, soothingly telling me I am not alone. I have nothing to fear. But when she closes the front door and no longer takes me with her I die inside. I am allowed to sit on the sofa under the living room window and all I can do is watch the world go by, longing and waiting for my mistress to return. I try to tell her I am sad. I take my ball and place it by her side and I offer my paw in a gesture that she knows means I want to play. My eyes hold hers longing for her to recognise that I want to live again. I want to fight this terrible disease that makes my heart so large that my lungs struggle to take a breath, this disease that holds my life in its clutches and threatens to make me leave behind all that I love so dear.

I know I don't have long for this world as I know it, so mistress please bring on the ball, take me to the beach and for those lovely days in the countryside. My eyes tell you that I love and adore you and I ask you to be brave. I want to spend happy times with you again for as long as I have and when you join me in the next world we will chase butterflies together.

Written for my beautiful friend Bouncer, bravely knowing that our last times together are fast approaching when we next have to visit the vet. I love you Bouncer.

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Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

Netts: I am so sorry for your loss.... I just had to say my good byes to your Bouncer.... Crying... Good God... My heart aches for you!!!! 5 years ago

hello. i am sydneys friend. this story made all of us cry. sydney more than anyone else. okay i have to go because i have to pass the computer around.

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 6 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

Mrs J.B. thank you for stopping by, I always write from the heart which some people like and for others I am OTT. I am so pleased to have made you cry lol

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

I have 4 dogs of my own and your stories tear at my heart. More tears..... I know you are the only one that has made me cry this much...

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 6 years ago from Northern Ireland Author

thank you for your encouragement, this article was turned down from print because of the angle I wrote it from. I have to re-write it from my point of view and re-submitt

bulletproofchris profile image

bulletproofchris 6 years ago from hutchinson, ks

great hub...I think the point of view you wrote from endears the readers even more to the story...thanks for sharing, and keep writing!

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