The Many Colors of Pomeranians

As a Pom owner for the past three years, I have truly come to love my sweet and energetic Pomeranian. If you are looking for a dog that is small, beautiful, energetic and fun, I highly recommend them as a pet you will come to cherish in your life. Pomeranians are certainly a "colorful" breed, in personality and in coat colors. Below I have briefly outlined the diferent AKC accepted colors of Pomeranians.

**As a side note, whenever it is mentioned that a dog must have a certain color "points" this means eye rims, nose, lips and the pads of their feet.

A Black Pomeranian
A Black Pomeranian
A Red Pomeranian
A Red Pomeranian

Solid Colors

  • Black - These poms will be totally coal black and will not have any white, red or brown in their coats. They also must have black points.
  • Blue - Blue pomeranians areactually more of a grey color, ranging from light to dark grey, with blue points. They often will look black until you get them next to a real coal black pom, but as puppies they often have silvery tones.
  • Brown (or Chocolate) - All chocolate shades from light to dark are accepted, but in order to be called brown, they must have brown points and not have any black points or black tips on their hairs.
  • Cream - Cream poms are generally pale orange or yellow in color. They must have black points.
  • Orange - Orange poms vary in color from ligher orange to a deep rich orange with black points.
  • Red - In order to distinguish red from orange, a red pomeranian's coat is described as a deep rusty red. They must have black points.
  • White - These poms have a bright solid white coat without any other color on their hair. They also have black points.

White Pomeranian
White Pomeranian
Snickerdoodle, my Chocolate Parti
Snickerdoodle, my Chocolate Parti
A Black & Tan
A Black & Tan
A Wolf Sable Pom
A Wolf Sable Pom

Patterns and Mixed Colors

  • Brindle - This means that the pom has stripe overlays on a solid base color. Rather than patches or a particular pattern, the color mix comes from stripes that can be broad or thin and may cover their entire body or only a portion of it.
  • Parti - This is what my sweet Snickerdoodle is, a Chocolate Parti. Parti basically just means that there is more than one coat color. An ideal parti, however, is white with color in patches, a white blaze on its head and has points in keeping with the patch color. A parti should also have symmetrical facial markings. I am going to post pictures here of my beloved Chocolate Parti, although you can tell from her non-symmetrical facial patterns and her mostly white coat that she is not an ideal Parti and would never make it in a dog show. I love her anyway!
  • & Tan Pattern - This is a specific pattern that consists of tan above the eyes, around their muzzle, fett and some underbelly as well as the tail. The three colors that can be found in combination with the tan pattern are black, brown and blue, primarily.
  • Wolf Sable - A wolf sable pom has a light grey undercoat with a deeper shade of steel grey guard hairs as well as black tippings. There is usually just this mix of colors and no cream or orange in their base coat, and they should have black points.
  • AOAC - This stands for "All Other Allowable Colors", which basically means that pomeranians can mix any of these patterns and colors. A "merle" specification in color usually denotes a dilution in the patterns, which is also allowed. One of the only things that is not allowed as far as color, is blue eyes.

Snickerdoodle's favorite Perch
Snickerdoodle's favorite Perch

No matter what color your pomeranian is, they are joyful dogs who will enrich any owner's life. I know that I could not imagine my life without my sweet Snickerdoodle!

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Banadux profile image

Banadux 8 years ago from Cary, NC

I hear pomeranians poo everywhere.

Abigail Cherry profile image

Abigail Cherry 8 years ago from Cary, NC Author

Haha! Well, they can be difficult to train at first, like a lot of toy breeds. At least their poo is small. :)

Krysta 8 years ago

I have a 4month old toy pom and i have tried everything to potty train him but he still messes in the house and his pen what can i do?

Kimberly 8 years ago

I had two poms -- a gorgeous 15 1/2 year old black male that recently died of renal failure. He was the sweetest but if I didn't get him outside quickly enough, he'd urinate on the wall near the back door. My baby girl pom is a 10 1/2 year old red sable. She's litter box trained and never "goes" in inappropriate places.

haley 7 years ago

i had a pom but my grandma took it!

Nancy 7 years ago

All I can say is consistency. I have a 3 year old pom that is completely trained, and a 5 month old pom that is more than halfway there. If he is inside the house or the back patio he goes on the pads, in the backyard wherever the grass is warmer. :) Good luck!!!

tina 7 years ago

Gotta tell you that Snickerdoodle is NOT a chocolate Parti.. I don't know who told you that.. She looks orange and white if that. but definetly not a chocolate parti.. trust me I just had a litter with an actual chocolate parti in it..

Carma 7 years ago

Hi Abigail! I was looking on the internet about Pomeranian colors and came across your page about this. I just had a litter of 5 and there is one puppy that is tan with a black muzzle and around is eyes, paws and tail, but underneath he has that grey coloring, plus a little white. What would he be? Would he be a tri parti or tan and sable or wolf sable?



Gail 7 years ago

I think snickerdoodle is a chocolate party because of her brown points. If she was an orange she would have black points.

dreaminstarrpoms 7 years ago

At four months of age a pup does not have control of his or hers bodys functions just like a child . At 7 to 8 months they begin to have soon control crate training is the best. Paper train them first we raise ours on papers so its natural for them to go to paper.

dcrisan profile image

dcrisan 6 years ago from Maryland

What does it mean when a pom pup has spots on her nose?

marie 6 years ago

I have a lot of experience in house breaking dogs and all I can say is to be patient and consistant. The small breeds take a long time to train because their bladder matures slowly. I find that by about 9 or 10 months they are completely trained, and it almost seems to happen overnight. They get a little better as time goes by and just when you think they will never be completely happens. One day you realize that you have accomplished your difficult task. It only gets better from there. With my pom, I had to watch him closely to notice when he went to the door, now by the age of 2, he goes to the door and barks if I don't notice it. Just be patient, kind, firm, and VERY consistent. If you cannot watch them, put them in the crate for short periods of time so they don't mess in the house un-noticed.

Lydia 5 years ago

Sniker doddle looks to be a beaver parti pomeranian they also have chocolate points

Jeanne Evensen 5 years ago

What is the difference between a parti and a tri ??????

Lizzy 5 years ago

Hi i wanted to know what is the difference between a Merle and a Parti?

Lydia 5 years ago

Merles have spots blended in all over them they look much different than a parti you could pull merle pictures up on line of a Pomeranian also the merles lots of times will have blue eyes they are very unique and beautiful

Amanda 5 years ago

Well, I don`t get it, I have a black Pomeranian, he was pure black when we got him ,then when he turened two he got red streakes when the sun hit it and he got a grey muzzle and grey in his ears and under his arms, and he`s now turning four this summer.....

Chelsea 5 years ago

My pomeranian's a puppy, and he's a milk chocolate brown, and snow white. I hear he's rare?

brenda lee arroyo 5 years ago

potty training pom is real easy all u got to do is feed them and take em out and let them go to the rr and don't leave them with food indoors and you shouldn't hav much problems

sam 5 years ago

Questions on color. Is a white stripe an indicator of the parti gene? Would the dog have a parti pup or have to be paired with a parti to get part pups? If both parents of pups are sables, would the pups be some sable and some black because its co-dominant or all sable pups?

Are sable and tan points on the same gene? Can dogs be both sable and tan pointed?

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