The Ongoing Cruelty In Chaining Dogs

No More Chains!

I have never understood the chaining of dogs. Yes, I am an animal lover. But even stepping outside of that mold, I have never understood the use of a living creature as an ornament of sorts. To adopt an animal, to bring it into your world, and then to chain it to a tree, a tether, a fence, and leave it outside in cold weather, hot weather, rain and wind, just boggles my mind. Even if there is some sort of shelter erected, it just leaves me to wonder - why have this animal in the first place?

Dogs are social creatures. They like to be with their "pack", whether it be other dogs, or with people. All you have to do is look into the eyes of one of these poor chained souls to know where they would rather be. A dog's face normally reads of love, and loyalty, and happiness and freedom. These dog's eyes are empty, hollow, a shadow of what they should be. Imagine it put forth as it is on the website Go outside and chain yourself to a tree or porch or fence. Make sure that you can hear everything that is going on inside the house. Make sure that you can hear the laughter, and the conversation; ensure that you can smell all the smells and see all the sights of a busy household. But you cannot get near it. You strain further but are caught by the chains you are wearing; sometimes these chains have heavy bolts hanging from them to hamper your movement. Noone comes to see you, noone talks to you. You start to circle from boredom, carving a path in the dirt where you are, stepping in your own urine and feces. How long would it take you before you went completely mad? What if this happened to a human? Surely it would be seen as cruel and unjust? Why then, are we allowed to do it to our animals, to dogs, man's best friend indeed!

Chaining dogs also turns a potentially loving animal into an aggressive one. The dogs become very territorial of their space. Also, dogs normally have a "flight or fight" response when strangers come across their territory. If they cannot flee, then they will fight. This explains the hundreds of bites, serious injuries, and at times, deaths, suffered by men, women and mostly children across the country. But is the dog to blame? I think not. People are not the only ones who suffer. Many dogs accidentally kill themselves by hanging or by getting themselves into a place or situation that they cannot get out of. They can be crushed in bad weather by falling objects or killed in other ways simply because they had nowhere they could run to. They are also susceptible to attacks from other dogs or wild animals. Many times the chains and collars are too tight and become embedded in the animals throat, causing further pain and possibly death.

I have many people come up to me and say, "I really don't like animals. I suppose you don't like me now". My answer to this is simple - no, I don't dislike you. But please do not get an animal if you aren't going to take care of it the way it deserves to be taken care of. It is not enough to just feed and water an animal, or provide them shelter, no matter how crude it may be. Animals are on this earth to be loved and taken care of, and to be treated like one of the family, which is what they really are, at least to myself, and millions of other pet owners in this country. We need to change the laws in each state to outlaw tethering and chaining of dogs - please do not just pass by these dogs when you see them. How would you feel if someone passed you by and you were in need? Together we can help make better lives for these poor souls - we are their voices, and we must remember that.

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